Our terms and conditions have been designed to maintain a sustainable business model, which also meets the interest of all of our stakeholders. They have also helped us to further improve the quality of our services and generate more value for our customers. The terms and conditions of Edu Help Hub should be fully read by its customers before making any transactions, which can be helpful in making the right purchase decision and to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion in the future regarding our services.

In order to avail our services, our customers are required to place an order. The order is only considered to be completely placed when the entire amount of the said order has been paid in full. We only work on an upfront payment basis. Our expert writers will only start working on an order only after all the due payments have been cleared. Kindly note that every transaction can be made by using a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. However, please keep in mind that regardless the mode of payment, each one of them is processes through the secured gateway of PayPal. Therefore, in order to avail our services, it is extremely crucial to ensure that PayPal is fully functional in your region.

We often provide discounts to our customers by offering them discount codes, which are subject to availability. The discount offer can be discontinued or modified without any prior notice to our customers. Please talk to our support executives, regarding the availability of any discount while placing your order.

Fair Use of Service

Our service encompasses offering custom written assignments based on the instructions provided by our customers. We provide you the final file within the deadline of the order and you are free to use the file and its content in whichever way as you please. When we hand you over the file, we also provide you its sole ownership. Please note that Edu Help Hub or any of its stakeholders are not liable in anyway, or can be held responsible for any unethical use of the file or its content. It is expected that the customers understand the implication of unethical use and should take full responsibility for the same.

Usage Policy for Source Material

We are dedicated to offer our customers the most authentic and best possible quality of custom written papers. However, please note that we prepare the assignments by using data which are publicly available. If any particular order demands specific data which are not available publicly, then we may ask our customers to provide it for us. The order will e kept on hold, until the customer provides us with the data or offers any alternative resolution.

Our experts prepare the assignments based on the instructions provided by the customers. They are not liable for any issues that may arise from incorrect or incomplete instructions. It is responsibility of the customer to send us all the required instructions that are needed to be followed in the assignment.