EduHelpHub comes with extremely convenient and feasible refund policy for our clients so that they can avail it with subject to specific guidelines.

Being reputed and reliable, we do not want our clients to get confused with diplomatic quotations like “Conditions Apply” as these causes ambiguity in the policy that generally doesn't offer what they proclaim. The regulations or guidelines that are illustrated in this policy are simple and straightforward. These are mentioned hereunder:

In case if there is any disparity in an undertaking from our end, like disobedience with the provided instructions, copyright infringement in the substance, indecent revisions, inappropriate formatting, major syntactic errors and postponed submission of an order without any legitimate purposes for the deferral, then the customer can claim us for a refund through our website.

The refund claim can only be taken into consideration if the client can offer us explicit evidence in favor of their claims being made, the validity of which will be further checked by our research team to consider them substantial.

A client is confined to claim a refund only within 50 days from the time the order was allocated to us. By any chance, if the client tries to initiate the claim after this mentioned timeframe, then it will be strictly not accepted by us.