Our privacy policies provide the detailed measures of how we manage, store and use the personal information of our customers. It is assumed that our customers are aware of these policies before placing their service order with Edu Help Hub.


We collect certain personal information about our customers, while they are asked to create a new account with us, such as name, email id, phone number, location, etc. This information is collected to help us provide our services in the most seamless way possible. The customer may also share more information about themselves regarding their personal experiences, lifestyle, institutional affiliations, etc. in order to assist us on particular assignments. Please note that any information provided to us is never shared to any third parties or sold for advertisements. The collected information is only used to improve our service quality and for communicating with the customer.

Also note that in order to protect the privacy of the customers; we do not share their personal contact information or any data that can lead to their identification with the writers. We also urge you to not share any personal information while you are communicating with them. A retain certain account related information such as email id, name and phone number, in order to help our customers regain access to their account.

Online Transaction Safety

In order to safeguard our customers, we have taken every measure possible. We understand that the internet is full of prying eyes, constantly trying to steal sensitive information of the users or perform malicious acts of cyber crime. In order to keep our customers safe we have encrypted our entire website using 128-bit SSL encryption, which keeps your activities and any form of interactions hidden from cyber criminals. Moreover, we also make sure that the online transactions are also as secured as possible, which is why every transaction is processes through the most secured gateway of PayPal. As a result, the banking credentials or your credit card details are never disclosed to anyone, not even us.

Sharing Customer Feedback

We may, at times, share the feedback of our customers on our website. Sharing feedback helps our visitors to make informed decision regarding a service purchase. In order to protect the privacy of the customers we never share information in the feedback, which can be used to identify them in any way.