In just a decade, Uber has been able to exponentially grow its presence across the wide global business landscape and has certainly revolutionised the entire schematics of the transportation industry. Moreover, it has been able to strategically extend its unwavering growth into a globally recognised transportation network from just a localised transportation organisation. In addition to this, the firm has been able to maintain its upward trajectory over the last decade as it has been able to penetrate the majority of the markets with the help of its idea and unique technology. More importantly, the unswerving success of Uber over the years can be attributed to its strong culture that is established within the peripherals of the company and Uber’s mission statement.

In this article we have thoroughly discussed about Uber’s mission statement, highlighting the short and long term goals of the company that defines its operational activities.

Mission statement

The mission statement of an organisation essentially outlines and coherently designs the strategic approaches that an entire team of the management looks to exploit to take the organizations towards great heights and successes by attaining the vision and the set goals of the concerned establishment.

Uber’s mission statement dictates a profound message and an insight that is embedded into the company’s culture and is further reflected amongst the people who are involved directly or indirectly with the company. Uber’s mission statement is essentially to emphasize making the process of public transportation as simple as possible by providing the people an easy accessibility to avail a vehicle during any time of the day, which also defines Uber business model. In addition to this, the core goal of the organization is to offer potential customers safe, reliable, and affordable transportion that also has the propensity to not only create an adequate amount of job opportunities, but also a reliable income for the drivers who will be involved with the entire process of the business as they are the key stakeholders who are defining the organization’s image and reputation to the outside world. Moreover, Uber’s mission statement also focuses on the limitless service and the experiences that the strategic model of the company has on the customer it desires to serve. At the same time, the organization also takes into consideration the inseparable relationship between the core values and its accomplishments that essentially define the company’s origins and what it strives for the years to come.


The following elements can be linked back to Uber’s mission statement and are as follows:

Improvement in the lives of every people

The company has identified the unprecedented challenges encountered by the contemporary communities as preserved in this constituent of Uber’s mission statement. Moreover, to leave a trail of a substantial impact, the organisation is making rampant strives to promote and encourage the right implementation of the technology along stable partnership to create an environment that would essentially promote not only individual success but also communal thriving. For instance, the organizations allow their potential clients to administer and utilise a team-based application via which they will have the ability to enjoy affordable prices.

Exceeding expectations

Although, transportion being the core objective of the company as highlighted in Uber’s mission statement, it has certainly surpassed the mandate the associate other convenience-based services and value for its customers. For example, the organisation has integrated several delivery elements like that of assisting people to order as well as deliver foods more quickly and at immensely appealing rates. As a part of Uber’s mission statement, the company has also forayed into the healthcare service business where it has introduced health care rides, known as Uber health, with the core intention to provide its potential customers with the fastest and safety support to availing the healthcare-related service that they require or need immediately. As suggested from Uber SWOT analysis, it is also one of its core strengths. Furthermore, through the integration of such services, Uber has been able to showcase its strength and has been able to attain more than what was expected out of them coupled with the fact that it has been able to positive itself as a dependable partner for all. This has also helped in facing strong Uber competitor.

Vision statement

The vision statement of an organisation is considered to be essentially a declaration of specific goals attainable within a limited timeframe that the management would desire to influence on the operations as well as the decision making of the organisation.

Uber’s vision statement is to ignite the sense of opportunity by setting the world in due motion. Moreover, Uber’s vision statement is essentially all about defining the degree of influence the organisation has in the transportation sector as well as the other kinds of processes of life that relies on what it does. In addition to this, Uber’s vision statement also includes that the company aim to make its a reliable enterprise by giving access to everyone who wants to travel to every other place that the world has in store for him/her. At the same time, Uber’s vision statement is illustrated by the increasing desire to not only conquer the arena of comfort-based transportation but, also grasp onto the aspect of convenience. This proves that the organisation has ambitious plans under its hood and is set to inject the same into the industry.


The following elements can be linked back to the mission statement as follows:

Ignite opportunities

Uber, an organisation whose core activities tie people with others. Moreover, the convenience that is related to the services that are provided by Uber has a varied range of benefits which encompass aspects like ensuring that people can arrive at their set destination within the requisite timeframe so that the customers can hold onto the opportunities that are waiting for them. At the same time, as a part of Uber’s vision statement, it provides its customers a substantial opportunity to access the application and set the rides as per their convenience from the comfort of their respective locations.

Setting the world in motion

Uber has always been able to maintain the expectations of the satisfaction levels of the customers. The organisation offers a plethora of services with a set notion that no destination is outside the reach of its majestic enterprise.

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