Starbucks is an American multinational organization engaged in providing coffee and roaster services to its customers all over the globe. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chains in the world having more than 32660 stores in more than 100 countries. The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle, Washington. The organization was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker in the year 1971 and since then has thrived to become the leaders of coffeehouse chains all over the world. The main products serve by Starbucks include hot coffee, smoothies, tea products, baked products, sandwiches, etc. As per the annual reports of Starbucks, the company has attained overall revenue of $26.50 billion as of 2019. In this article we have discussed about Starbucks mission statement and vision statement, which highlights the short- and long-term goals of the company.

Mission Statement of Starbucks

Starbucks has attained success mainly due to the strategic objectives and policies adopted by the organization. Moreover, working effectively towards the Starbucks mission, vision and goals has further allowed the firm to gain a competitive edge over its rivals in the market and create strong brand equity for the firm. The mission statement of Starbucks is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”.

The above Starbucks mission statement highlights that organization puts adequate emphasis towards product quality and satisfying the experience of the consumers. The employees of Starbucks are provided with adequate training to welcome the customers, serve them properly and attain necessary feedback, resulting in their satisfaction towards the brand. Moreover, the organization focuses on ensuring the cleanliness of the outlets, proper sanitization, and adequate Wi-Fi services within the outlets to improve the experience of the customers.

From the mission statement of Starbucks, it is also revealed that apart from improving customer experience, the authority of Starbucks insists on emphasizing on product quality to drive the interests of the customers towards the brand, which is also reflected in the promotion of Starbucks. Since a majority population of the target customers of Starbucks belong from the middle and higher-income groups of the society, therefore, maintaining the quality of its beverages and food products is an optimum responsibility for the company in the competitive market. The company mainly sources its coffee beans from quality suppliers in Latin America. Moreover, Starbucks mission is to insist on maintaining loyalty towards its suppliers in an attempt to attain the best resources to manufacture its coffee products. Finally, the Starbucks mission is to attain the loyalty of customers to achieve its mission of gaining a competitive advantage over rival firms.


The Starbucks vision statement is “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining uncompromising principles towards maintaining the ethics of the organization”. Moreover, Starbucks vision statement also highlights the ethical guidelines and principles to achieve its objectives while providing coffee and food products of optimum quality to the consumers. The success attained by Starbucks in the competitive market indicates that the company has successfully achieved its vision to become the largest coffeehouse firms in the globe. However, the organization intends on ensuring the continuation of its position as market leaders of the industry and further attains the loyalty of customers through innovation and providing quality offerings. This also forms the foundation of Starbucks organizational structure. Based on Starbucks vision statement, the company further aims at expansion of its business in foreign regions in an attempt to take advantage of the target customers within the areas and ensure the growth of its brand.

The company primarily targets the high-end customers of the society as the organization provides premium coffee products to its customers. However, various middle-income groups, business class people, etc. are also attracted towards the offerings of the brand. Also, proper cleanliness of the outlets and providing effective facilities such as Wi-Fi services allowed the organization to gain a strong hold over its customers in the market. Furthermore, attaining a competitive advantage is vital for Starbucks to establish a stronghold in the market. The company constantly identifies the strategies and tactics adopted by its rival firms and competes with them to attain the loyalty of the customers. All these strategies and tactics are performed by Starbucks by considering the ethical and legal guidelines of the community. Henceforth, it has allowed the company in achieving its vision of becoming the leading coffeehouse chains all over the globe.

Achieving Starbucks Mission Statement and Vision Statement

In order to achieve the mission Starbucks mission and vision, the company insists on innovating its food and beverage products driving the interests and needs of the consumers in the society. The customers are motivated towards visiting the outlets over and over again in an attempt to consume the new beverages and baked products introduced by the company using a product diversification strategy. Henceforth, the tactics allow Starbucks to achieve its mission of inspiring human spirit towards consumption of coffee and ultimately generate revenue from the overall growth of its business. The primary goal of Starbucks to achieve its mission and vision is to ensure continuous innovation of its products and services. The company has adopted a product diversification strategy in an attempt to attract customers with new offerings. Moreover, the company has ensured proper cleanliness and safety of the outlets post the coronavirus pandemic. The stores are properly sanitized while maintaining the COVID protocols allowing the company to gain a positive image in front of the customers.

Moreover, the company insists on achieving its mission by attracting customers with attractive offers and discounts. Also, loyalty bonuses are another strategy that is used by the company in order to successfully attract interests in the minds of the consumers. Starbucks mission also intends on attracting the loyalty of the customers and achieving its goals by maintaining the taste and quality of the coffee products. As a part of the Starbucks mission, the employees of the brand take adequate suggestions and feedback from the customers in order to improve its offerings ultimately allowing the brand to gain considerable success and competitive advantage over its rivals. Finally, the social media presence of the company and innovating its offering through customer reviews allow the brand to achieve its goal in being the premier coffeehouse chain of the globe.

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