Amazon company has redefined shopping and transformed it to the next level. Among all the other players of the retail industry, Amazon has been able to stay competitive and retain its top-notch position in the market. The Amazon business model follows four key principles for adding value to the customers. These principles are customer satisfaction, invention, operational excellence and long-term vision. This article is focused on the Amazon mission statement vision statement, highlighting the short- and long-term goals of the company.


The corporate vision of Amazon

Amazon aims to win customer loyalty and satisfaction by focusing on their needs and demands. The vision of the company is to reach a place where customers can find and discover anything to buy at affordable prices. Amazon wants to create a one-stop shopping destination for the customers, where they can find anything, starting from basic amenities to luxurious products. As the company operates through its online stores, it wants to design a user-friendly website for the customers, where they can navigate seamlessly and find their products. The company aims to create a global reach. Amazon Mission Statement Vision Statement.

According to Forbes, Amazon is looking forward to transparency and sustainability in the business to march slowly towards corporate goals. The sustainability team of Amazon has set up ambitious goals on the effective utilization of renewable energy and the development of environmental policies for the business. Amazon wants to leverage its technological capabilities to drive innovation into the operations. In the segment of sustainability, the company wants to power the Amazon’s operations management through 100% renewable energy. In the section on baby products and vitamins, the company provides complete information on the ingredients. The customers should be well-informed of the products they are buying from Amazon. Amazon Mission Statement Vision Statement.

The company has acquired Whole Foods, which was a part of its retail strategy. The company continued expanding its customer base by enriching the online and offline shopping experiences. Amazon bookstores are physically located at various places, where customers can recall the shopping benefits of and purchase books of their choices. By opening grocery shopping, the company believes that groceries can be the most fundamental urgency in anybody’s life. Amazon launched the first physical store that is devoid of any cashier or checkout lines. Through this strategy, the company plans to offer ultimate convenience to the shoppers.

The corporate mission of Amazon

The mission statement of Amazon states that consumers must be served through both online and offline outlets in the best possible ways. Three factors come into play at this point, a wide collection of products, affordable prices and convenience. The core values outlined by the CEO are customer obsession, biasness of action, ownership, frugality, innovation and high talent bar. These values support the management in achieving the corporate objectives. Amazon seeks the best talents in the industry to be a part of its workforce, who can work flexibly and jointly with others and serve customers well.

Fortune has revealed one of the incidents that pushed Amazon to perform better in the future days. The workers voted against unionization in the workplace in response to a backdrop of incidents that occurred in the previous years. Many Amazon workers were mistreated by the members of the union and pressured to work under heavily tight schedules. For combatting this issue, the company has modified its human resource policies. The workers can take breaks and work flexibly as per their comfort. Amazon is also planning to increase the hygiene of the workplaces so that workers are free from musculoskeletal injuries.

The three major points derived from the mission statement of Amazon are the lowest prices, best selection and utmost convenience of the shoppers. The company promises to carry out superior quality services for satisfying the needs of the target customers. The lowest price guides the marketing mix of the company, where the products are made worthy of buying as per customer perceptions. Based on the SWOT analysis Amazon,  it has been found that to make prices affordable, the company tries to minimize operational costs. Diversification is another strategy by which the company offers a wide array of products to customers. Convenience signifies high accessibility and availability of products via websites. Amazon Mission Statement Vision Statement.

Goals and objectives of Amazon

Statista has published an article on the behavior of B2B buyers in Amazon markets of the US, the UK and Australia. The survey conducted in 2020 shows that 40% of buyers intend to purchase from marketplaces in the future days. Amazon has been the topmost choice of 41% US buyers and 28% UK buyers. Australian buyers are higher in number than US or UK buyers. Amazon has the future opportunity to create better versions of online websites so that the customers are attracted to the place. It plans to open new physical stores in these countries.

The primary goal of Amazon is to foster long-term growth and sustainability within the business. The company has implemented both generic and interactive strategies to increase the ease and convenience of the customers. Amazon aims to offer the finest quality products and services at pocket-friendly prices so that customers of all ages and backgrounds can purchase them. The safety and hygiene of the food products are never compromised and they contain mostly natural ingredients. Amazon is committed to investing heavily in the area of research and development so that innovative working procedures and product ideas are nurtured in the business.

As Amazon follows a cost leadership strategy, it can penetrate new markets through online shopping modes. It is irrelevant to open physical stores while targeting global market expansion. The company is devoted to adding new features and designs to the websites so that they capture the attention of people in different countries. The websites support multiple languages so that customers from all parts of the world can easily read product details. Additionally, the company intends to take care of the employees so that they share a positive word of mouth. Amazon desires to diversify its product portfolio by adding new items.


From the above article, it can be concluded that Amazon is a customer-centric company, which prioritizes the needs and requirements of customers above everything else. The vision and mission statements reveal that the company plans to enrich customer experience while they visit online and offline stores of Amazon. The company lowers its overall cost of production so that it can retain profit margins with lower costs. Innovation is vital for creating a distinguishing mark in the industry and Amazon works under this principle. A wide array of products attracts the attention of the target customers in various parts of the world.

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