Some Interesting Transition Words for Essays Used Frequently

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  • Oct 03, 2020

Writing an essay requires much more effort than simply filling your thoughts and scribbling it onto the paper. In the writing process, what the writer wishes to convey to its readers plays an important role. In fact, the essays are evaluated following specific criteria and it is your responsibility to meet the following criteria.

Apart from these aspects of essay writing, you must also be ensuring that your essay paper should consist of paragraphs that are logically connected to each other. This requirement is successfully met with the help of transition words for essays. With the help of transition words, coherent relationships are built within the text. It also assists the readers in progressing from one idea to the next one by linking phrases, words, or sentences together.

If you are new to essay writing, then this concept of transition words for essays will be quite helpful for you. Thus, to improve your essay writing skills, dive deeper into this article and reveal the secrets of connecting the different essay paragraphs.

What are Transition Words?

Being writers, it is our duty to impart our contemplations and thoughts in the clearest and consistent way. Particularly while introducing complex thoughts, we should guarantee that they are being passed on in the most reasonable manner. You can take a shot at the sequencing of thoughts to guarantee that your paper is straightforward. Separate your ideas and thoughts into various passages. At that point, utilize a transition word or expression to control them through these thoughts.

You can think about a transition as a combination or a joining word. It makes solid connections between thoughts, sections, or sentences. Altogether, they associate various thoughts ensuring that there’s a smooth composing flow. Notwithstanding integrating the whole paper, they help the author’s agreement, difference, conclusion, or differentiation, thus maintaining the proper essay format.

However, you should remember that simply utilizing transition words for essays isn’t sufficient to feature connections between thoughts. The content of your passages must help in supporting the relationship.

Exclusive List of Transition Words for Essays

Transition words are vital for writing essays and other types of literary papers, as these not only improve the transitions between paragraphs and sentences but also give a logical structure to the text. As referenced above, there are various classifications of transitions that serve a specific purpose. Understanding these various sorts of transitions will assist you in picking the most appropriate word or expression to convey your message.

In this section, we have provided some specific transition words for different types of essays. You can follow this section and use them appropriately as and when needed.

Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

Some transition words that you can use while writing compare and contrast essays are as follows:

On the other hand  AlsoStillIn a similar fashion  
Simultaneously  Similarly  ButOn the contrary  
In contrastYetDespite  As an illustration  
Nevertheless  At the same time  Conversely  Equally  
In spite of  Otherwise  Likewise  That is  

Transition Words for Argumentative Essays

Below we have provided a list of some of the most commonly used transition words in an argumentative essay.

Mainly  To put more simply  Another way to view this  As a result  
Afterall  Generally speaking  To show  With this in mind  
Yet another  That is to say  Chiefly  To clarify  
Another possibility is  To begin with  On the contrary  Even if ‘A’ is true
One alternative is  By contrast  All things considered  At the same time  

Transition Words for Cause and Effect Essays

The list of transition words stated hereunder are most frequently being used in composing cause and effect essays.

Accordingly  Due to  Because  As a  
Consequently  For  Otherwise  In effect  
In order to  Henceforth  Thus  Afterwards  
If…then  Under those circumstances  Thereupon  Hence  
As a result  So  Since  For this reason  

Transition Words to Start a Paragraph

Here in this section we have brought together a few transition words usage of which is commonly found in the essay introduction.

Assuredly  For now  Furthermore  To put it differently  
As you can see  Foundationally  In time  To be sure  
Basically  The next step  To begin with  Once and for all  
First… second… third…  In the first place  First of all  In the meantime  
Generally speaking  Besides  In addition  Earlier  

Transition Words for Conclusions

Some transition words that you can use while writing essay conclusions are as follows:

In short  As previously stated  To sum up  After all  
Finally  On the whole  In summary  In essence  
Taking everything into account  Given these points  Overall  In the final analysis  
All things considered  Everything considered  To summarize  By and large  
That is to say  Ultimately  All in all  Briefly  

All transition words and phrases are also often known as conjunctive verbs; and then they perform the same work as coordinating conjunctions. Hope that after going through these transition words for essay, there will be no more directionless or disjointed paragraphs in your essay; and you will be able to write a coherent essay. These transition words help in relating different ideas to one another in an essay.

Some Other Examples of Transition Words and Phrases

In order to make the relationship between the ideas clear in the essay for your reader, you can additionally take the help of some more essay transition words. These words are based on different situations; so depending on the situations, you can choose any of them and use them while writing your essay structure.

Our experts at EduHelpHub have provided you with some examples categorized according to the different situations. You can select any of them as per your essay topic and usage.

  • Illustration

Thus, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, in particular, specifically, such as.

  • Emphasis

Above all, indeed, truly, of course, certainly, surely, in fact, really, in truth, again, besides, also, furthermore, in addition.

  • Summary

Therefore, finally, consequently, thus, in short, in conclusion, in brief, as a result, accordingly.

  • Details

Specifically, especially, in particular, to explain, to list, to enumerate, in detail, namely, including.

  • Suggestion

For this purpose, to this end, with this in mind, with this purpose in mind, therefore.

  • Consequence or Result

So that, with the result that, thus, consequently, hence, accordingly, for this reason, therefore, so, because, since, due to, as a result, in other words, then.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Transition Words for Essays


  • Include transition words only when you are introducing any new ideas
  • Begin with creating an essay outline, so that you perfectly get an idea on what you need to share and how
  • Read on the entire paper to ensure that they make sense
  • Different transition words are used for individual ideas.


  • Use much of transition words and phrases
  • Keep adding more and more transition words in the same paragraph
  • For signaling relationships, rely completely upon transition words
  • Use these words and phrases in your content without understanding how to use it and when to use it.

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Recommendations to Follow While Using these Transition Words

Be careful in choosing the transition words for your essay and while using them to link two different ideas in your essay.

  • Always try to use these transition words strategically: Make sure that whatever transition words or phrases you are going to select and use in your essay, this must match the logic of the relationship that you are trying to make or emphasize. Different transition words and phrases possess different nuances, connotations, and meanings. So, before you make use of any of them particularly in your essay or paper, ensure that you are properly aware of its meanings and how to use it properly and appropriately. Furthermore, ensure that it should be the correct choice for your paper’s logic.
  • Infrequent use of Transition words and phrases: Avoid making use of these transitional words and phrases very frequently in your essay. If the readers find the overuse of these words and phrases, then they might possess a feeling that the author is trying to over-explain an idea or concept that is crystal clear in the essay.


Still, if you are facing any problems in using transition words in your essay or failing to create an engaging introduction or satisfactory conclusion, then don’t be upset. Creating a powerful and compelling essay needs patience and time.

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