A Comprehensive Guide to Develop A Strong Thesis Statement

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  • Aug 17, 2020

While writing any academic course assignments, especially in the case of persuasive essay writing, you need to convince the readers’ your point of view. This form of persuasion goes along with a predictable pattern in writing and often known as an academic argument. Here you should directly state your point of view, most probably in one sentence. This sentence is often regarded as a thesis statement. It is generally written as a brief note at the end part of your introduction where you have already introduced your topics. Also, it can be looked upon as a summary of the argumentative essay that you will be discussing in the rest of the assignment.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Whenever you write an academic paper or assignment, there is a central message or main idea that revolves around. A thesis statement is actually a summarization of that central idea/argument of your paper and it reflects the core ideas and opinions. It is usually about one or two sentences.

The form and pattern of your thesis statement solely depend upon the types of essays that you are writing. But make sure that it states the central idea of your paper directly. It can be stated in many forms, like, by outlining the key information, by making a powerful argumentative claim or by summarizing your individual perspective on a particular essay topics.

More likely, you need to develop a thesis whenever your assignment involves any interpretation, analyzing, comparing, and contrasting or demonstrating any cause and its effect.

Importance of Writing Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a significant section of your academic paper or assignment. Before you write one, you must be aware of its role and importance in an academic assignment.

  • Interpret the readers the seriousness of the subject matter that is under discussion
  • Serves as a road map to the paper, thus establish the main purpose of the paper
  • Make a claim that can often disagree with others
  • It is a direct response to the question that has been asked in the paper.
  • It keeps guiding the reader through your argument.
  • Make your assignment more focused on the readers.

Thus, throughout the writing process, you should keep this thesis statement in mind. Moreover, in the main body paragraphs, you need to expand this thesis statement and support it with relevant arguments and evidence to create a valid impact upon the readers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Thesis Statement

Formulating a thesis is quite a lengthy process and it’s not that easy that it seems. This is because a thesis should present before its readers’ central idea or main argument of the paper, depending upon which the body of the academic paper will be written along with supporting pieces of evidence.

So, here is a step-by-step process that you should follow while writing a thesis statement:

Step 1: Develop a research question

When it comes to formulating a research question, you can opt to extract it even from your assignment. While doing so, make sure to come up with one such research question that will be favorable for you to answer.

Step 2: Find an appropriate answer to the question and take a position

After you complete the initial process of researching your academic paper, you can easily find a suitable answer to your research question. Try to keep it simple for an explanation.

The form of your tentative answer again depends upon the type of research paper that you are analyzing and writing. Suppose, if you are preparing an argumentative paper, then your answer will be declined towards a particular side of the issue and it should undertake a strong position.

Step 3: Assist your answer with relevant and supporting evidence

The more you go through the research process, the more sources and evidence you will be able to discover. So, there is a possibility that after coming across more pieces of evidence, your answer to the question might change. Thus, it is recommended to keep progressing and make relevant changes in your thesis statement as and when required to give it a refined look.

Writers use different researching methodologies and techniques to develop their creative thinking process and comprehend the importance of the subject/topic to a broader level in order to reach an ultimate thesis statement. You can also take help of some thesis statement templates to write it in the easiest and most effective way.

List of Some Popular Thesis Statement Examples

As already being discussed, the form of your thesis statement depends entirely upon the aim, objectives, and topic of your academic paper. Thus, here we have provided some thesis statement examples of different papers and in the meantime, we will see how its form changes with the objectives of your paper.

Analytical Paper

While writing the thesis statement of an analytical paper, you might not have any desire to make a solid powerful contention. But you need to focus on the different parts of a subject in order to evaluate, interpret, and analyze various aspects of it. Under this situation, your thesis statement should include the key purposes of your analyzed assignment paper and come up with a solid conclusion you can draw from it.

For example,

  • The UK has consistently been unfriendly to the EU. (Incorrect)
  • The historical backdrop of the UK’s relationship to the EU is convoluted; from the earliest starting point, Britain has been hesitant to completely incorporate into Europe, both monetarily and socially, yet the legislative issues of EU participation have changed all through the previous 50 years. (Correct)

In the first analytical essay example, the statement made is concise but generalized. This means there is a lack of clarity and explanation as to what should be analyzed and why. On the other hand, the subsequent example is much more explicit as it specifically guides the reader towards the historical background of the topic that will be discussed in your paper.

Argumentative Paper

In case the objective of your argumentative essay or paper is to convince your readers of a specific claim, then the thesis statement should include the rational thinking that you can use for arguing purposes. Moreover, it should be specifically positioned and clear enough to persuade the audience.

  • The Brexit submission result was driven by political dissatisfaction. (Incorrect)
  • The Brexit submission result was driven by regular workers’ disappointment with the political first class, brought about by starkness approaches that have dissolved open administrations and divided networks; the choice offered an option in contrast to business as usual. (Correct)

For example, if you consider the first statement, here the statement successfully takes a position but fails to notify its readers about how to strengthen your argument. On the other hand, the second statement will consolidate crucial evidence and vital thoughts using which you will be able to easily persuade your readers of what you think.

Expository Paper

While writing an expository essay paper, your main objective is to discuss and clarify the idea and thoughts of a topic. So, for writing a thesis statement, make sure that it is a sum-up of the main ideas and points that the paper covers.

  • Numerous segment factors influenced how individuals cast a ballot in the Brexit submission. (Incorrect)
  • Surveying and studies shed light on the socioeconomic of the Brexit vote, which can be separated as far as age, ethnicity, locale, and instructive level. (Correct)

Here if the primary statement is considered, then it is more likely seems to be self-evident and dubious. However, if a secondary statement is considered, then it displays every source of information that your academic paper will prospect.

Key Elements of The Best Thesis Statement:

Take a look at some of the key elements that will make your thesis statement prove best:

  • Concise: Your thesis statement should be concise enough that it should explain to the readers the central idea of your essay or research paper in a sentence or two.
  • Coherent: There is a possibility that the nature of your thesis statement is fragmented, but it should be considered as a coherent whole. Ensure that the central points of it appear in the sectional headings of the topic and the entire thesis statement is related to the different parts and paragraphs of your academic paper.
  • Debatable: A good thesis statement should not be simple, rather debatable. It is a claim that needs further analysis, evidence, and argument for a backup. If the reader or audience disagrees with your thesis statement, then that’s a good sign of a thesis statement, especially in the case of an argumentative paper.

So, before you start writing a thesis statement, make these points clear in your mind, and then proceed.

How to Verify That Your Thesis Statement Is Strong?

If there is an academic instructor then he/she can evaluate your thesis statement and provide you feedback. But if there is not, then you can evaluate and verify on your own whether it is strong enough or not.

  • Revise the research question prompt and check whether you have answered it on your statement or not.
  • Make sure that your thesis statement has taken a debatable position and not that simple. So, it is advised to make an argument that others might disagree with or might find challenging.
  • Ensure that your thesis statement clearly states the central idea and does not seem too open-ended.
  • Take a look at the body of your academic essay or paper and make sure that it must specifically support your thesis statement. If it does not support, then one of them must change.
  • Make sure that your thesis statement is specific to the topic and possess a strong argument, it must never look vague.
  • Your statement should possess enough clarification so that when the readers go through your thesis statement, they cannot come up with a question “So what?”

If your thesis statement possesses all these features, then undoubtedly it is a strong one.

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