How to Write A Top-Quality Academic Research Paper?

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Aug 16, 2020

A research paper is a kind of academic writing that does not require only in-depth independent research work but also requires analytics as well as interpretative skills. While writing a research paper, all you need to do is demonstrate and analyze overall knowledge of the topic, research using a variety of resources, and then make your contribution to the debate.

Moreover, a research paper is a kind of expanded essay where the writer needs to present their own arguments, interpretations as well as evaluations. Here the writer needs to survey a particular field of knowledge by engaging various sources and focus on how to approach it.So, this guide will help you in writing a well-crafted research paper.

To begin, we start by choosing a good topic for your research paper. Make sure that while writing outstanding dissertations, the selection of good research paper topics plays a pivotal role.

Thus, it is recommended to go through a list of some popular research paper topics that are trending in 2020 and choose the best among them.

Fundamental Things to Keep in Mind before Writing a Successful Research Paper:

A research paper is successful only if it fulfills the objective of improving the knowledge of readers regarding a given topic. Thus, the information that is present here should be accurate, comprehensive, and should rely upon unbiased information regarding the topic and must have some valid pieces of evidence in support of them.

A better way to remember the fundamentals of a research paper is by following up the list given below:

  • Specific : A research paper should never be inconsistent, it should be specific. It must focus on the given research topic and answer the specific research question. However, it should not make any such claims or convey any such information that is not related to the topic.
  • Realistic : It must be realistic while presenting arguments, interpretations, and evaluations. Moreover, it should also be based on valid evidence from trustworthy sources.
  • Attainable : A research paper must include a thesis statement that will not only answer your research question but also impart knowledge on the topic. Also, ensure that it cannot answer any question that is not related to real-life or propose any info that is based on an existing body of knowledge.
  • Measurable : The research done must be proven and it must cite all sources from where research has been made and its related literature.
  • Time : While writing the research paper, you must know the timeframes and limits of required work. You must state the scope and limitations of the research paper.

How to Write a High-grade Research Paper?

Though the process of research paper writing seems to be simple and linear but actually its process is quite a recursive one. It is from the introduction of the research paper that you have to use various research techniques to expand it well.

Go through the subsequent section to know about various tips and tricks that you can perform in different transitional phases of writing a research paper.

1. Understand your Assignment and then Conduct a Thorough Research

Before you start writing a research paper, it is important for you to understand the assignment task sheet completely. Try to be realistic and carefully manage your timeframe for researching, writing, and editing. Once you consider that, now you can perform extensive research on the topic using different research methodologies.

Make sure that you use primary as well as secondary credible sources like books, journals, reliable websites, etc. to find some relevant facts and pieces of evidence that support your thesis. Further, you need to evaluate your sources, verify it, and then proceed with documenting it as per the citation style provided by your instructor.

Now, as you move further, don’t forget to narrow down your research area as it will help you in gaining more traffic.

2. Organize all your Collected Data

After you have collected all your important data, the next most vital thing that you should do is to organize them well. Once you have successfully organized your jumbled thoughts and ideas, then it will help you in making an impressive presentation.

By arranging arguments and counter-arguments as well as evidence in support of them, you can smoothen your writing process beforehand. In the meantime, you should develop a thesis statement that will be the ultimate answer to your research question.

Further, formulate your research questions and make a note of your references, this might help in preparing a bibliography. Also, ensure to cite all sources that you might have used either for paraphrasing or quoting.

3. Create a Research Paper Outline

Once you have organized all your ideas and arguments, then you have to create a research paper outline in order to finalize your thesis. It will essentially include key topics, arguments both in favor of it and against it and their supporting pieces of evidence. It will act as a roadmap for you in writing an efficient research paper.

When you are preparing an outline, keep in mind that it must include all the essential elements that a typical research paper must have: an abstract, a title page, an introduction, a methodology section, results, discussion, and conclusion.

4. Cite the References and Sources

For every research paper assignment, the rule of citation style must be followed. It is an integral section of writing research papers. Whenever you are writing a research paper assignment, it is necessary to follow a specific referencing style. Suppose, if your instructor has instructed you to write your research paper in APA format style, then you must follow its regulations and should never violate it.

5. Revise, Edit and Proofread the Paper

Another significant phase of writing a research paper is proofreading and editing your paper before final submission. You need to check the transition, logic flow, and structure/order of your paragraphs. Also, ensure that the ideas are developed fully and supported by evidence. If you find any typos or minor mistakes then eliminate it to make your research paper flawless. So, by following all these steps, you will be able to write an amazing research paper.

Key Elements of a Good Research Paper:

For every writer, it is essential that one must have prior knowledge of the key elements of a research paper before structuring it. You can checklist the elements given below:

1. Abstract

The abstract of the research paper is the most important thing while preparing a research paper. It is the abstract where the reader forms their view on what they can expect in the paper. It presents before the readers an overview of the topic that they have selected for research work.

Thus, if the readers find this section relatable, then they will decide to go through the rest of your paper. However, here no research techniques are introduced.

2. Introduction

The introduction of the research paper is quite different from that of the abstract. It is more likely to be a summarization of the entire thoughts and opinions that you have investigated so far regarding the topic. Here, you need to explain your goals, notify a bit about the background information, and set up your plans to approach the topic of your research paper.

As the introductory paragraph garbs the attention of the readers, make sure that it possesses a provocative question, an anecdote, etc.

3. Thesis

The introduction ends with the commencement of a valid thesis statement. Not only it introduces the main argument of the research paper proposal but also comes up with a discussion that is related in one way or another. Make sure to prepare your thesis in the most engaging and impressive way so that readers could have a better understanding of what they can expect from this research paper.

4. Body

The body segment is the most vital section of a research paper as it entails every peculiar detail, argument, and supporting evidence. The key point that involves here is that you should focus upon your thesis and layout points that assist the main idea. You can include as many body paragraphs in it but ensure that it should be precise and crisp.

Be cautious that there should not be any clustering of data while including any pieces of evidence and statistics. Also, in order to make the composition of the research paper looks professional, you can include well-formed transition statements.

5. Conclusion

In the conclusion of the research paper, a writer puts his/her own recommendations as well as opinions. Here you can restate your thesis statement or even summarize the key points of the paper. It is the epitome of your complete research work as it emphasizes the importance of your findings.

The best way to end your concluding paragraph is to suggest some ideas for future research or provide some recommendations based upon the result of research work.

6. Bibliography

Adding in-text citations and references make your research paper more credible and disciplined. Make sure to record every source of information from where you have quoted directly, add statistics, testimonials, etc. Also, ensure to include all references that your research paper necessitates.

Hope that after following the above guide, you will be able to write a successful, top-quality research paper. To create a high-grade research paper, you can also follow some examples of research paper from where you can take some ideas and opinions that you can implement later on.

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