How to Write A Top-Notch Persuasive Essay?

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  • Sep 10, 2020

A persuasive essay, as the name suggests, is written for persuading the readers to adopt a certain viewpoint or to take any action. While writing persuasive essays, the writer employs all sorts of convincing techniques like reason or logic to convince the readers of their specific point of view. Here the writer presents a situation, takes a stand either for or against it, and tries to win over the reader by forming the strongest possible argument.

Writing persuasive essays need excellent research work, a proper understanding of the issues both in favor of and against it, and full awareness of the biases of the readers. The arguments used to prove that one idea is much more legitimate than the other must be backed up by solid pieces of evidence and sound reasoning. You can use logical reasoning, quotations from experts, examples, and also state facts to convince the readers.

To know more about what it is, how to convince the readers, and its pattern of writing, go through this post.

What is Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing where you use arguments and logic to convince the readers from your point of view. The sole purpose of writing these types of essays is to persuade the readers with logical arguments either in favor of it or against it. However, a well-written persuasive essay not only illustrates why the opinion of the writer is correct but at the same time, it also demonstrates why the opposing opinion is incorrect.

In modern-day, you can find persuasive writings in newspaper editorials, blogs, political speeches, advertising, and so on. You can also expect these types of writings in debates where you need to prove your point of view with logical reasons and convincing facts.

Persuasive Essay vs. Argumentative Essay

Persuasive essays are often referred to as argumentative essays, but there is a slight difference between these two types of essays. A persuasive essay presents before the readers only a single aspect of the issue and represents arguments in favor of it to convince the readers.

However, in argumentative essays, you present before the readers both the arguments and counterarguments. As here you reveal both sides of the coin to the readers, it’s upon them to decide which one they will get convinced of.

A Complete Overview on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

For writing an effective persuasive essay it is important to keep in mind its integral components, it’s structure, and proper organization.

If you want to learn the step-by-step process of writing persuasive essays, then follow the steps provided hereunder.

  • In the very beginning, choose your position and try to maintain it in the overall essay. For instance, if you are writing a persuasive essay on the rights of women to abort and you decided to be supportive towards the pro-choice movement, then you should make this position clear right from the essay introduction. Further, you should keep this position strong throughout the essay.
  • Do proper research work and find relevant data in the form of statistics, quotations, and facts to support your stated arguments.
  • Arrange the sequence of arguments in progression, starting from the least important to the most important. It will gain the attention of the readers as they will be convinced that you stood on your grounds till the essay conclusion.
  • Write your essay in a straightforward language and assume that your readers are completely unaware of this issue. You must defend your viewpoint throughout the essay body and also provide information on the opposing viewpoint.
  • Search for resources to disprove or refute the opposing claim. This is one of the most effective approaches used widely for proving your point of view.
  • Realistic and relevant examples help specifically in proving your point of view and ultimately making your position stronger.
  • Make use of convincing techniques like logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade your readers.

You should keep in mind these points before you proceed with how to write an essay.

Structural Pattern of Writing Persuasive Essays

In order to convince your readers of persuasive essays, you should properly consider the essay structure. Here we are mentioning some structural parts of the persuasive essay that you should maintain while writing it.

  • Introduction: In the introductory paragraph, you should introduce your controversial topic; provide a hook related to the topic to capture the reader’s attention. In this section, you can also provide some background information on the topic and express your own opinion in brief in the thesis statement.

  • Body Paragraphs: In this section, the number of paragraphs depends upon the number of arguments that the writer uses for supporting his/her opinion. If you are a newbie, then three paragraphs are sufficient to coordinate. However, if you are an advanced student, then the number of paragraphs increases depending upon the complexity of the arguments.

It is to be noted that whatever be the case, the overall structure of writing a persuasive essay will remain intact. The body paragraphs should also contain a topic sentence, discussion of arguments, and counterarguments with their supporting evidence. The final paragraph should link back to the initial topic statement so that all paragraphs of the essay connect together to form a cohesive whole.

  • Conclusion:The conclusion generally restates the thesis statement and sums up already introduced arguments and evidence altogether. Here the goal of the essay lies in convincing readers with your point of view.

Five Main Elements of Persuasive Essay Writing

In persuasive essay writing, the number of paragraphs doesn’t matter much but what matters is it must sound argumentative and reliable. It should possess the five elements of persuasion:

  • Your Position Should Be Clear Enough: Whatever your thesis statement may be, it can be a fact, a claim, a judgment statement, or a solution; you should make the thesis more focused and narrower. Thus, the position of introducing the main idea of the topic in your essay must be clear.
  • Hook the Attention of Your Readers: It is important to grab the reader’s attention. You can do it by providing some background information on the topic, by asking them for their opinions, beginning the essay with a question, and so on. Make sure that your language should be straightforward, not vague and the writing style should be effective enough to persuade the readers.
  • Arguments Should Be Logical and Credible: Make sure that the arguments should be fact-based and consistent enough to address the interest of the readers. To make your arguments look more evident, you can support it with statistics, proven facts, quotes, examples to illustrate, etc.
  • Proper Structural Organization: The structure of your persuasive essay should be organized in such a way that the arguments and their supporting evidence directly connect to the thesis. Also, ensure to use proper transitional words in connecting the paragraphs to make it easier to follow.
  • Strong Conclusion: In conclusion, you should not only restate your thesis but also make it strong by proving your arguments logically through evidence.

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How to Support Your Arguments in Persuasive Essays?

First and foremost, if you want to use arguments rationally in your persuasive essays, then you must understand the five basic elements of persuasion. Your arguments should be credible and reasonable enough that the readers could accept your viewpoint. Moreover, your persuasive essay should be a perfect combination of rational and emotional elements.

There are three popular elements of rhetoric (as described by Aristotle) that you can use in your persuasive essays to support your argument. These are:

  1. Ethos: It appeals to ethics and credibility. Here you should convince your readers by proving your arguments and using authoritative and credible resources.

  2. Pathos: It appeals to emotions. Here you should focus upon the beliefs and morals of the readers and gain their sympathy and other emotions so that they can convince with your main argument.

  3. Logos: It appeals to logic and reason. Here facts and evidence are expressed in a logical manner to persuade the readers.

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List of Some Familiar Topics for Persuasive Essay

While choosing topics for persuasive essays, make sure that it should not be like expository essays, rather it should be critical. This is because you cannot argue about generalized topics. Often the professor or the instructor assigns you the topics, but if you are to choose one, then opt for the topic of your interest.

The topics for persuasive essays might include different spheres, like, gender issues, climate changes, politics, culture, religion, etc. But it is recommended to choose the one where you can persuade the readers of your position with enough arguments and logical reasoning.

Our pool of research experts at EduHelpHub provides you with a list of topics for persuasive essays so that you can practice writing your essays by doing proper research work and putting straightforward opinions.

  • Should all people become vegetarians?
  • Is it necessary to ban experiments on animals?
  • Should marijuana be legalized throughout the country?
  • Should freedom of speech be restricted?
  • Can YouTube replace the popularity of books?
  • Are nuclear weapons effective in preventing foreign attacks?
  • Can human behavior be determined by genetics?
  • Should every family have a survival plan for fighting natural-disaster situations?
  • Should the government use cyber-attacks for spying on other countries?
  • Gambling should be banned in the USA
  • Should the government allow or ban same-sex marriages in the USA?
  • Should aggressive dogs be socialized or euthanized?

A Fantastic Persuasive Essay Example:

 “And what do we the people say? Do we rise up and say, “I categorically refuse to buy an article of clothing unless the person prompting it weighs more than she did when she wore knee socks?’ Or at least, ‘Where do I send the check for the chicken nuggets?’ Actually, not so much. Mostly, our responses range from ‘I wonder if that would look good on me?’ to ‘I don’t know who that skinny-ass cow is, but I hate her already.’ – The Real Skinny by Belinda Luscombe.

Here you can have a look at the strength of the argument of Belinda. What makes this writing an interesting one is that she bound her readers to think through the use of rhetorical questions and tries to answer them. This is one of the fantastic examples of persuasive essay.


Persuasive essays are one of the most common types of college assignments. Writing these essays not only strengthens your persuasive thinking skills but also improves your persuasive speaking as well as writing skills. Mastering these skills will not only help in your academic field but also in your profession.

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