Cause and Effect Essay Examples: A General Outline

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A cause and effect essay are one where one event (cause) leads to another event (effect). It is a type of expository essay where one or more paragraphs explain the different causes and effects that took place. These essays are often termed as reason and result essays as here you discuss the reasons as to why a certain event takes place and its outcome or result.

Cause and effect essays are often assigned in colleges, universities, and schools to test the problem-solving as well as the analytical skills of an individual. So, it is essential for you to master writing this type of essay.

In this article, we will cover different types of cause and effect essays, some popular essay topics along with cause and effect essay examples.

Different Types of Cause and Effect Essays:

A cause and effect essay is generally classified into three categories, all of which have been discussed here with appropriate examples:

1. Cause-Focused

The approach applied here is to analyze various causes that jointly lead to a single outcome. For example,

“You use to like Business Studies in your high school; the remuneration in this field is also high. You are also good with numbers and have an aunt who is an accountant. As a result, you choose to pursue Bachelors in Commerce.”

Here there are numerous causes that all together lead to a single effect.

The structure of a cause-focused essay looks like:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Cause 1
  4. Cause 2
  5. Cause 3 (and so on)
  6. Effect
  7. Conclusion

2. Effect-Focused

As the name suggests, the approach applied here is how a single event or cause can lead to many effects. Here you need to briefly analyze the effects that will be the outcome of a single action. For example, 

“Cigarette smoking causes various health hazards including pneumonia, lung cancer, cold, cough, asthma, coronary heart diseases, etc.”

In this essay example, you will see that a single cause can lead to several effects.

The effect-focused essay follows this essay format

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Cause 1
  4. Effect 1
  5. Effect 2
  6. Effect 3 (and so on)
  7. Conclusion

3. Causes and Effects-Focused

These types of essays can be characterized by a chain of causes and effects, that is to say, multiple causes will lead to multiple effects. For example,

“Petroleum products lead to the release of harmful gases and synthetic substances into the environment. A portion of these gases, including methane (Marsh gas) and carbon dioxide, intensify the temperature of the Earth. A sudden increase in the temperature of the Earth leads to the smog formation, eventually leading to amplify the ultraviolet radiation.”

Here you will get to see a cluster of causes and effects.

The structure of this type of essay will look like:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cause 1
  3. Effect 1 ——> Cause 2
  4. Effect 2 ——> Cause 3
  5. Effect 3 ——> Cause 4
  6. Conclusion

Some Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Examples

If you are confused about how to write an essay, then take a look at these cause and effect examples. It will provide you an insight into different formats of writing essays.

A Cause and Effect Essay Outline: Sample Analyzed in Detail

Below we have presented an example of cause and effect essay by properly outlining each and every section so that the readers get a clear idea on how to structure your essay. The example stated here is cause-focused, i.e., it has many causes and one effect.


Hook: The United States is the nation with the maximum number of homeless people, where about 700,000 people are suffering from homelessness.

Thesis Statement: Many people suffer from homelessness because of several factors that include joblessness, absence of adequate social assistance, and faulty legislative policies. 


Paragraph 1 (Cause 1) 

As per the Merriam Webster dictionary, a homeless individual is someone who neither has a home nor a persistent place of residence. These people search for a temporary place to live in buildings under construction, garages, or in void trucks on the city streets. 

However, if some lodgings at a reasonable cost or adequate shelters can be possibly made accessible for them, then these individuals might have a place to stay. These individuals who have undergone troublesome circumstances would finally have a spot to call home.

Paragraph 2 (Cause 2) 

If private or public firms and agencies provide sufficient funding as social support to these homeless individuals, then they would have been able to handle numerous difficulties and challenges that they had to face for seeking a home.

Paragraph 3 (Cause 3) 

Different people who are inhibited by these hazardous and critical circumstances have their individual stories as to what caused their homelessness. This could possibly be an after-effect of any particular event or a sequence of events. An individual may lose his/her position unpredictably, that might lead to emotional insecurity and might also prompt to family issues.

Paragraph 4 (Effect 1) 

Homelessness comes with numerous unfavorable effects and it can be identical representations for some generic causes. An individual suffering from homelessness feels somewhat emotionally or psychologically unstable, and this may prompt them to find a way of discovering comfort from this torment by taking part in the assault, drug intake, rape, etc. 

Paragraph 5 (Effect 2) 

The negative effects influence the person as well as society and country on the run. A homeless individual might often take part in blue-collar crimes, burglary, or a group of social brutality because they do not have adequate cash to cater to their essential needs. This gradually influences the general public as well as the society to such an extent that organizations decide to close their businesses because of ongoing robbery.


Many communities confront the challenge of homelessness, which could be a consequence of unfitting social services or an aftereffect of an individual’s helpless decisions. However, with great legislative policies and satisfactory provision of social services, homelessness might become a historical event.

This essay depicts how deficient social services, poor legislative approaches, and joblessness can prompt homelessness and how these issues should be handled.

Cause and Effect Essay Example 1

Effects of Professional Sports on Children

A professional sport is a worthwhile profession chosen by many children nowadays. Like every coin has two sides, this has too positive as well as negative impacts. Generally, many kids take participation in sports just for fun or for experiencing positive health benefits. But it has been found that when they engaged themselves in professional sports, they face competition and pressurize themselves to win the match.

According to the University of Florida, children who involve themselves in sports are less likely to consume drugs and alcohol and smoke than those who are not involved in sports. Playing sports also releases endorphins in the brain that helps in relieving depression and anxiety. Those children who are active in sports not only provide them a healthier body image but also boost their mental health with improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

However, when children take up sports as a profession, they often get frustrated with their competitive nature. But sometimes it serves as an unnatural dread of disappointment due to the implementation of adverse strategies or by pitching adolescents on a serious level from such a youthful age. Apart from this, all sports carry a risk of injury and danger.

So, before choosing it professionally as a career, it is important to evaluate your requirements and then accordingly choose the type of sports you want to engage in. Discouragement and uneasiness issues should be kept under control and a feeling of health should overrun.


This cause and effect essay is written following the Effect-focused method. In the essay introduction, the concept or main idea is clear which is thoroughly described throughout the body of the essay. The concluding note is far more suggestive.

What Makes This Cause and Effect Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • In the body paragraph, the first paragraph discusses the positive effects while the second paragraph discusses the negative effects.
  • The essay outline is based upon a research fact that makes it more evident and successful.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay

  • The body paragraphs are not organized following a proper essay structure.
  • The essay should be written in a broader context, keeping professionalism in mind.

Cause and Effect Essay Example 2:

Cause and Effects of Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

In current society, fast food restaurants are expanding to a great extent. Though on the one hand, it has managed to gain the attraction of the food-lovers and added delicious tastes to their life, on the other hand, it has its potential impacts too.

The main cause that leads to an increase in these junk food restaurants is the popularity among the customers and enhancements in its products and services. Nowadays, in most of the families, both a couple is engaged in work, so they hardly get time to cook for themselves or for their kids. And that is when; they opt for any prepared feast food at KFC or Mc’s Donald or any other brand of junk food providers.

To add more attraction to it, what these fast food restaurants do is they build up their food quality of various tastes that cannot be easily found anywhere else and also offers free conveyance online for customers. But side by side, it comes with negative impacts. It promotes health issues and leads to an inactive way of life. The different additives and calories from refined sugar and fats that it contains might effortlessly prompt you to eat more, thus leading to obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and much more.

Thus, the individuals also felt no need to cook fresh food for themselves, without the intake of which can cause severe health issues. So, fast foods should be consumed in lesser quantity.


Particularly, this cause and effect essay is written following the Cause Effect-focused method. Here in the introduction part, the thesis statement is very clear. The body paragraphs deal with the causes as well as the effects of increasing fast-food restaurants and ultimately lead to a concise and strong concluding line.

What Makes This Cause and Effect Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • The thesis is clearly stated in the essay introduction and is well-explained throughout the essay.
  • The essay is more specifically written focused upon the central idea, which makes it interesting for the readers.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay

  • Some statistical data and information can be added to make this essay look more relevant.
  • The essay is too short to discuss both the causes and effects, so it should be extended to a considerable length.

Cause and Effect Essay Example 3:

The Influence of the Internet on Kids

Being living in an era of IT revolution, the imperativeness of PCs and the internet cannot be ignored. Internet and PCs have assumed control over every single field, so kids and youngsters left with no other alternatives.

Whether it’s a field of education, telecom, finance, teaching, medicine, entertainment, media accounting, defense, learning, it has dominated almost every field. Not only the introduction of PC and internet has made this world advanced but these are so skillfully proficient in handling information and data storage. While the use of PC and the internet makes the instructions and learning information efficient, gazing at the screen for a longer time might affect their eyesight. Thus, it has made a significant contribution to making the life of humans more deliberate, bright, and awesome.

But, the uncontrolled working of PCs and the internet can often be destructive. Youngsters sitting before PC screens for a considerable length of time watching improper contents and sites, playing vicious computer games with no reason can unfavorably impact their receptive minds. This squanders the most precious TIME and also affects their physical and emotional well-being. Sitting before PCs for a long time also prompts medical problems in kids.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to stay alert while the kids use the internet. The parents and teachers must show their kids how to use the internet wisely. Neglecting to do so is without a doubt going to have its negative consequences.


This essay again obeys the Effect-focused method. The introduction of the essay begins with a hook statement and then proceeds to discuss the different positive and negative influences of the internet on kids in the body of the essay. At last, the essay is concluded with an impactful suggestion to use the internet wisely.

What Makes This Cause and Effect Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • Logical bridges seem to found between the introduction, body paragraphs, and the essay conclusion.
  • Though the essay is concise, it well discusses both the positive and negatives influences of the internet on the kids.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay

  • The essay can be expanded to a certain length so the ideas can be more explicitly discussed here.
  • In the introduction paragraph, the central theme of the essay is not clear, neither the thesis statement justifies.

List of Some Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Are you having a tough time choosing a perfect topic for your cause and effect essay? Well, you can check out some good cause and effect essay topics shared below. Feel free to pick a topic of your choice from the list and explore it.

  • Big Bang Theory: Causes and Outcomes
  • Effects of Social Media Addiction on a Student’s life
  • Impact of school bullying upon its victims
  • How domestic violence affects the life of an individual?
  • Forced marriages and their consequences.
  • Effect of junk foods on children
  • How divorce influences a child’s mental health?
  • Impact of natural disasters on the wildlife population
  • How modern-day movies are influencing teens’ behaviors?
  • How playing video games can result in an increased IQ level?
  • Making YouTube videos for gaining popularity: Causes and Consequences
  • Effects of sleep deprivation.

Key Points to Remember

While writing a cause and effect essay, there are some key points that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure to state all ideas (both causes and effects) in chronological order.
  • Try that ideas never overlap each other.
  • Ensure to use transitional words and phrases
  • Use vocabulary that is purpose-specific
  • Use supporting pieces of evidence to strengthen your essay
  • Focus upon your purpose of writing

After following all these points, don’t forget to evaluate the efficiency of the essay.

Hope that the cause and effect examples and its related information have helped you in writing a unique and interesting essay with ease.

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Everything You Need To Know About Writing Argumentative Essay

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  • Aug 30, 2020

Argumentative essays are popular types of essays using which you can defend your opinion on an issue through arguments. These types of essays are often assigned to the school and college-level students. As these essays are a perfect combination of fact-based research and persuasive arguments, it can be used as a powerful tool for convincing someone with your point of view.

If you need help with writing argumentative essays, then this is the right place you have come. Here you will get an overview of what argumentative essay is, how to write it perfectly, some topics related to it, and other important information.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a genre of writing that uses facts and evidence to support the claim that the writer is making. To write an argumentative essay, the topic is investigated, sufficient information is collected, arguments are formed, supporting evidence is evaluated and then wrapped up together in a concise form.

Moreover, it’s a kind of research paper that establishes a position on a controversial issue and provides evidence in favor of that. Here you just can’t state your opinions; you need relevant facts and proven evidence to back up your point of view. Unlike expository essays, these essays are lengthy and require detailed research work.

Writing argumentative essay assignments often need extensive research of any previously published material or literature, or empirical research that is based upon surveys, interviews, and observations.

Three Models of Arguments Used in Structuring an Argumentative Essay

Generally, there are three models of arguments that can be used in constructing a good argumentative essay. These are as follows:

  • Classical: This is the most popularly used strategy for making an argument because of its simplicity. Here you need to propose your main argument, express your opinion, and then try your best to persuade the reader as to why your opinion is right. This model is also termed as Aristotelian and is most effective when your target audience does not have a strong opinion on the topic. This is because here the facts are concisely and clearly outlined.
  • Rogerian: Here you introduce the main argument, acknowledge the contrasting side of the argument state your claim, and then discuss to prove how it is better to the readers. This type of argument serves as the middle ground as it presents before the audience both sides of the argument. Moreover, it is best for polarizing topics.
  • Toulmin: In this type of argument, you propose your claim before the audience, present supporting evidence to back up your claim, and at last justify your grounds. This is also effective for writing polarized topics, but the only difference lies is that here you have to present only one side of the argument.

If you are concerned about essay structure like how to structure your arguments, claims, and evidence in your argumentative essay, then trust our writing experts at EduHelpHub. They are proficient in dealing with all these models of arguments and will construct your essay excellently so that you can score high grades in your college assignment.

Key Elements of an Argumentative Essay

While writing effective argumentative essay writing, these essential elements must be present:

  • Position: It is that side of the argument that the writer will be supporting in his/her essay.
  • Justification: A position is baseless until it is justified by proper reasoning and specified facts. So make sure to validate your point with proper justification.
  • Evidence: It serves as an opportunity for the writers to prove their position or claim by providing relevant facts and evidence using different resources. Also, here the writers need to prove that whatever evidence they are providing that is factual, otherwise, their evidence will not be considered. For that reason, they have to provide references and citations.
  • Counterarguments: Stating counterarguments is one of the significant elements of an effective argumentative essay. Once you state the counterarguments, you should prove it with evidence as to why it is ineffective or false.

Our experts at EduHelpHub are committed to providing our students with well-written essays that have all the elements included in it. So you can trust them to write an A+ grade essay on behalf of you that too without any complications.

How to Write an Effective Argumentative Essay?

Writing an argumentative essay is not that tough as here you need to state your reasoning, point of view, and evidence clearly. But these follow a straightforward essay format so you need to maintain that. You can check out the steps given below to construct a good argumentative essay.

  • Review All Your Reading Materials: You Can Start with Reading All Your Research materials on the topic provided and highlight important points or take down notes.
  • Separate Your Arguments: After you have collected all important information, you can divide your arguments into two parts- one with those for your issue and the second with one against it.
  • Form an Outline: Create an outline that seems logical as well as convincing. It must focus upon your main idea that supports your position and one or two contradicting arguments.
  • Write the Introduction Part: In the essay introduction, you can provide some background information. Make sure to include the main points and also state your opposition view.
  • Write a Strong Thesis Statement: Proceed with writing a thesis statement that will identify both the issue and your position. Draw an essay map that will outline its main points that are in support of the thesis.
  • Start Writing Your Body Draft: The essay body should be written based on the outline that you have constructed. While writing, don’t forget to use transitions in between and within paragraphs. Ensure that the contradictory arguments at refuted often to make the readers realize that you are not supporting it.
  • Write the Conclusion Part: It should restate your thesis statement and a concise summarization of all the arguments made in the body paragraphs. The essay conclusion should be written in such a way that it appeals to the emotion of the readers. Sometimes, in the conclusion part, writers use a personal anecdote to explain how they personally get affected by the topic.

Some Argumentative Essay Topics that You Can Choose to Write

Argumentative essays have become a common piece of writing for school and college students nowadays. Argumentative essay topics can be related to any issues pertaining to politics, technology, science, health care, religion, academics, etc. But the best one can recommend choosing a topic is to select the one which you are passionate about. This will not only make your research work easier but at the same time, you will find interest in writing about it too. So, overall, it will help you in crafting a winning argument.

For your convenience, some argumentative essay topics suggestions have provided by our research experts of EduHelpHub. You can practice your skills using these topics.

  • Does professional wrestling promote violence?
  • Advantages of eating organic foods
  • Should prisoners have the right to vote? Ideas for and against it
  • Social media: A mode of destruction or social interaction?
  • Gay Marriage: Ideas for and against it
  • Death Penalty: Ideas for and against it
  • Does online video game promote violence?

Apart from these, also you can go through some argumentative essay examples to get a better idea.

Best Tips to Craft a Good Argumentative Essay

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to write an essay, then this section will help you a lot. Before you begin to write an argumentative essay, make sure to follow three important tips presented here. This will help in crafting a good argumentative essay.

Craft Your Thesis Clearly

The thesis is the key element of an argumentative essay, so make it crystal clear enough because if the readers could not find it or if it isn’t clear to them, then your essay will be considered as a failure. Therefore, it is recommended to place the thesis in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. If in any case, it does not seem to fit in there, then at least put it in the first sentence of the next paragraph so that the readers get a clear idea of your argument. Keep in mind that the rest of the essay depends upon how clear your thesis statement is.

Persuade the Readers with Your Point of View

While writing the argumentative essay what really tears apart is when you just focus upon proving your point of view and ignoring the other side of the argument. Never do this. Before writing, do proper research work and mention each of the strongest points of both sides of the argument and use supporting evidence to prove why your viewpoint is correct and the other one is weak or incorrect. This will make your essay look more effective.

Support your Side Using Evidence

When it’s an argumentative essay, you just cannot rely upon your own opinions, you need to back up your arguments with relevant evidence. You can collect your facts and evidence from a survey including a large group of people, previous studies were done on the topic, etc. Remember what makes your argumentative essay stronger is that when your arguments are supported by relevant evidence.

Questions that will Improve your Argumentative Essay

Once you finish writing your argumentative essay, you must give it a critical look to identify what improvements you can make in your writings to prove your point to the readers. Here we have presented you with 5 questions that will help you in determining whether your essay needs any sort of improvements or it does not need any at all.

  • Are the topic sentences and arguments in your essay outline clear enough?
  • Have you chosen the appropriate structure and words for your essay?
  • Does your flow of writing seem easy for the readers or confusing?
  • How likely the readers can be convinced from your point of view?
  • Have you provided enough evidence to support your argument in an essay?

Not feeling confident enough to present your essay in a coherent manner? Fearing to get low grades in your college assignment? Check out our online college essay help services from EduHelpHub to get a convincing essay on time, irrespective of the subject, and the complexity of the topic. Our talented and skilled research experts are 24*7 ready to provide you with the help that you seek. So, don’t be late, get in touch with our support executives via online chat facility and place your order.

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An Informative Guide on Narrative Essay

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  • Aug 29, 2020

A narrative essay is one such kind of essay that you might have written in your school or college level. Writing a narrative essay does not require immense writing talent but you must have a creative mind to share your personal experiences or sensory details in an expressive way to gain the interest of the readers.

These essays are termed as ‘narrative’ because it is written in a way that looks like you are narrating a story. It has probably all the elements of storytelling. To know more about narrative essays, its elements, structure, and other details, go through this post.

What is a Narrative Essay?

Though there is no universal definition of narrative essay because of its all-encompassing and broad genre of writing, yet different universities and academic experts define it in their own way. Narrative essays come with a more creative approach as here the writers need to think and write about their memories, experiences, and events.

A narrative essay is not itself a story, but a mere representation of your story where you can arrange the sequence of events in your own way and provide specific details to influence your readers. 

These essays are commonly being confused with the descriptive essays, but the distinction lies between these pieces of writings. Narrative essays always have a vivid plot, whereas the plot of descriptive essays is quite vague.

Characteristics of Narrative Essays:

A narrative essay possesses all the elements of a story, but its quite different from that of a story writing. Writing a narrative essay is quite dissimilar in comparison to writing a fictional short story.

For a better understanding, we have discussed some essential characteristics of a narrative essay:

  • It follows the structure of an essay though possess all the elements of a story
  • Usually written in an informal tone, i.e., in the first person
  • It is non-fictional writing as it narrates the actual experiences
  • Describe an event or a scene in chronological order.
  • Written with a purpose to narrate and inform, not open to arguments.

How to Write the Structure of a Narrative Essay?

As per the rules of academic writing, the narrative essay structure, in general, can be written by following a standard essay format of 5 paragraphs. These are as follows

  • Introduction (the Exposition): In the narrative essay introduction paragraph, don’t forget to add a hook as it will set the tone for your essay. Then in the remaining part of the introduction, description of the topic and end it with a strong thesis statement.

  • Body of the Essay (the Rising Action, Climax, and Falling Action): The body part is one of the most significant sections of the narrative essay. Each paragraph of the body highlights the main idea of the narrative and they are closely connected to one another.

    Here you can discuss the settings, characters, events, results, etc, in an interesting way so that it seems appealing to the readers. In addition to this, you can also add some unexpected moments or twist to spice up your essay.

  • Conclusion (the Resolution): In the narrative essay conclusion, you can summarize the overall events of an essay. Also, end it by suggesting one final thought to the readers that can be a reflection of your perspective on the essay. 

At EduHelpHub, we ensure our clients that the essay assignments we deliver will be written in proper structure. Whether it’s a narrative essay or any other types of essays, our writers write essays as per the academic writing rules and they also follow the guidelines provided by the instructor.

A Short Description of the Format of Narrative Essay:

A well-written narrative essay follows the format of Gustav Freytag’s narrative arc pyramid. Thus, the plot should be constructed chronologically by following its five components:

  • Exposition: It is the introduction part where you need to provide the background information on the setting and main characters of the plot.
  • Rising Action: At this moment, the conflict occurs. From here, the situation progresses towards the main part of the essay. Thus, by going through this part, the readers get an idea of what the essay is all about. 
  • Climax: It is the principal event of the essay where emotion is at its highest position. Here the protagonist faces complexity and needs to make a choice.
  • Falling Action: It is the moment of conflict resolution, which describes the result of the choice being made by the protagonist in the climax.
  • Resolution: It is the conclusion part, where you can share your point of view. Often it also states the moral of the story.

Our team of experts at EduHelpHub makes sure that the essays are written in their respective format, following all its components.

What Sort of Language Should be Used in Narrative Essays?

As narrative essays are all about description of some personal thoughts and experiences, it needs to be expressive so that the readers find interest in it and believe your writing. Thus, in narrative writing, language patterns, the tone of writing, and the potential of drawing images through words matter the most. The sentence structures should be formed such that when the readers go through the lines, they can imagine themselves in the given situation.

Here is how you can draw the attention of the readers through your language and words:

  • Try to Use Descriptive Language: It is advised not to repeat the same word in each sentence, instead use synonyms. Also, you can use modifiers in your sentences to describe the events, but don’t use an excess of it. Try to avoid dangling modifiers in your texts.
  • Make Use of Sensory Words: Sensory words are basically powerful modifiers with the help of which the readers will be able to feel the events occurring in the narrative essay. Appropriate use of these words works like magic for your writing.
  • Try to Use Power Words: Sometimes, a strong verb or noun expresses your feelings in the best way, rather than any vague modifiers. Try to avoid the usage of weak adverbs and passive voice.

In order to influence readability in your narrative essay, try to use both simple and complex sentences. This will also get the readers emotionally involved in the essay. If you don’t know how to write an essay, then it’s better to ask a professional help from us. At EduHelpHub, we have experts who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to use language in the essay that suits the best. They are well aware of using proper tone and sensory words in the essay.

How to Choose Topics for Narrative Essay?

For writing an outstanding narrative essay, it is essential for you to pick a good narrative essay topic. If the topic that you choose is close to your personal experience, then you could relate to it and express it in an astonishing manner. Make sure that the topic should fit your own interest as well as the interest of your audience.

A well-chosen topic for a narrative essay is one about which you rarely find any information on the internet. This is because your narrative essay will then be 100% original and unique. Thus, the readers will find your essay to be appealing as well as interesting. Before writing any topic, it is better if you create a general essay outline, it will help you in overall process of writing.

Here we have also provided some topics for narrative essay to make the process of essay topic choosing easier for you.

  • A memorable day of my life
  • A friendship breakup that cost me a year of life
  • The hardest decision I have ever taken in my life
  • A personality who is an inspiration for me
  • The most embarrassing moment of my life
  • The most life-threatening moment I have experienced
  • What if I were a politician
  • The movie character I associate myself with
  • The only thing that I miss from my childhood
  • Most regretful moment of my life
  • The best place for an outing with family.

Some Final Considerations Before Writing a Narrative Essay:

Here we are summarizing some of the key points that you should keep in mind while writing a narrative essay.

  • These essays are in general written in the first person, but sometimes it can be even written in the third person.
  • It completely relies upon sensory details to prove their point and to create a dominant impression on readers.
  • The essay should adhere to the standard narrative arc, i.e., it works as a foundation for your narrative essay.
  • The formal elements of the narrative should be carefully considered and properly handled.
  • It should always be written from an authorial perspective.
  • Use specific languages throughout the essay in order to evoke specific emotions in the reader
  • Use excellent vocabulary ( words and modifiers) and part of speech
  • You can follow some additional resources that are topic-specific. 

Hope that this write-up has provided you with an idea of what a narrative essay is all about and how to come up with one such.

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Expert Tips on How to Write a Flawless Cause and Effect Essay

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Aug 28, 2020

It is a universal truth that everything in this universe is inter-connected. Whatever happens in this world is the effect of the cause that takes place. As a result, we are well aware of these cause and effect relationships even from our day-to-day life; like, a chocolate bar can make a kid happy, a promotion in the post can make an employee happy, etc.

Writing a cause and effect essay needs a better understanding of the way things are related to each other. Also, you should be clear about the purpose of writing such essays and must have an effective plan of action in mind that you can implement to write a successful cause and effect essay.

In this article, we will dive into the step-by-step process of writing a flawless cause and effect essay. But before that, let’s know what a cause and effect essay is.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A cause and effect essay are a type of expository essay that not only illustrates why a certain situation arises but also examines and states the consequences of those events or situations.

Writing a cause and effect essay is one of the most popular ways of discussing and organizing ideas. In these types of essays, the topic is mainly concerned with why an action/event take place and what will be its consequences. Here the cause refers to any action or event due to which something happens while the effect is the final outcome of it.

The main aim of these essay types is to develop the analytical skills of the students so that they can deeply analyze the events that impact our lives and societies before taking any action. Moreover, these essays also test the problem-solving skills of an individual.

Types of Cause and Effect Essay:

Generally, the cause and effect essays are of three types:

  • Effect-Focused Method: Here the analysis is focused upon one or more effects resulting from a particular cause.
  • Cause-Focused Method: Here the analysis is focused upon one or more causes that lead to a particular effect.
  • Causes and Effects-Focused Method: This particular analysis is simultaneously focused upon both the causes as well as the effects.

A cause and effect essay can be written by following any of the approaches discussed above. Whatever approach you follow, you can easily discuss the relationship between the two events. But your focus should be clear enough while writing these essays, so it is always recommended not to mix several causes and effects in an essay.

Often schools, colleges, and universities assign these types of essays to students, so in order to keep up a good academic performance, you need to master the art of writing cause and effect essays.

How to Write an Effective Cause and Effect Essay?

Wondering how to write an essay as you are not accustomed to write so? Well, we are there to help you out. In order to write an impressive cause and effect essay, first, you need to pick a topic of your choice. Then proceed with the following steps:

1. Research and Analyze the Topic

After selecting a good topic for your essay, the first thing that you need to do is start your research work on the topic. In the meantime, try to analyze all its aspects, like, how it is happening, why it is happening, how it might influence the future, etc.

You can use different sources, like; books, scholarly articles, online materials, and journals to get some idea on how to write it in a better way. Once you investigate all these areas, you will become more familiar with the topic. Also, it will help you with a better understanding of the essay structure and an insight into the topic.

2. Write a Catchy Introductory Paragraph

Once you have properly analyzed the essay topic, the next important thing that you need to do is write the introduction of your cause and effect essay. Make sure that the opening lines should be powerful enough that the readers find it interesting. You can prefer to start your essay with a compelling hook.

The main objective of writing an essay introduction in the interesting way is to attract your target audience. Here you can choose to share the background information of the topic as well as introduce the causes that you are dealing with in the rest part of the essay.

3. Develop a Powerful Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the heart of an essay or a research paper. So, at the end of the introductory paragraph, you should craft a good thesis statement. In order to develop a catchy thesis statement, you should condense the causes and its consequences in a single concise sentence. Moreover, it should focus upon the main idea that the writer is willing to emphasize upon in an essay.

4. Organize the Cause and Effect Body Paragraphs

The essay body is the main part of the cause and effect essay so you should organize it well. Ensure to discuss all the ideas of cause and effect essay along with their supporting pieces of evidence in your essay. You can organize your significant ideas in any of the following manners:

  1. Chronological: Here the details are arranged in the order of events that have taken place.
  2. Order of Significance: Here the details are arranged in order from least significant to most.
  3. Categorical: The arrangement of the details is made by dividing the subject into separate categories or sections.

5. Conclude the Essay with Relevant Points

Just like any other type of essay, the essay conclusion of this should begin with a sentence that perfectly restates the thesis statement. It should briefly summarize the main points of an essay and you should present your relevant arguments in an organized way.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use transition words and phrases in forming logical bridges between the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion of the cause and effect essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Essential Tips to Follow

Choosing a good cause and effect essay topic is a key challenge for the writers. It must represent a scenario where a particular event leads to another. That is to say, you must look in for a cause and effect chain in the topic that you have chosen.

With an unlimited choice of topics, it has become difficult to choose a topic that seems important as well as engaging to the readers. Here we have presented some characteristics of well-written cause and effect essay topics.

  • It must be significant and relevant
  • It should possess clarity and accuracy
  • The topic must be interesting and engaging.

Easy Steps to Find a Perfect Essay Topic:

  • Start with jotting down the ideas that commonly pop up in your mind.
  • Then try to pick one of those ideas that you find interest in.
  • Narrow down your ideas to something that seems more specific, accurate, and manageable.
  • Now, create a title that is engaging, clear-cut, and concise too.

By going through these steps, you can easily select the right topic for your cause and effect essay. But still, if you do not find any fresh ideas, then we can provide you with some amazing topics that you can start with. Also, it is recommended to go through some cause and effect essay examples to get a better idea on how to start with it.

Some Outstanding Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

The cause and effect essay topics can be written on these subjects: medical, political, social science, gender studies, technology, environment, and so on. Some popular topics are as follows:

  • Impact of social anxiety on teenagers
  • Impact of social media on modern society
  • The influence of digital learning on young minds
  • Impact of technological evolution in the history of mankind
  • Cause and effect of Global Warming
  • Consequences of illegal cutting of the trees
  • Social media addiction and its consequences
  • Impact of financial independence in a romantic relationship
  • Effect of the internet on upcoming businesses.

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