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100+ Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Sep 14, 2020

Argumentative essays are usually assigned by colleges and educational institutions to check the critical thinking ability of the student. Through these essays, the students learn how to present their views through arguments and also learn to conduct in-depth research work for finding arguments in favor of or against a specific topic with their supporting evidence. In simple words to say, here a discussion on a debatable topic is presented in a written form.

While writing an argumentative essay, all you need to do is choose an interesting topic on which you can write the essay, investigate the topic, collect all the valuable information on it and categorize them into separate arguments and evidence groups. Finally, present it before the readers.

Criteria to Follow While Choosing a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Before you are planning to write an argumentative essay, all you need to do is pick a good essay topic, which is not that easy. But here, we are providing some key tips that will help you in choosing the best argumentative essay topic for you.

Well, sometimes the professor/instructor provides the topic, but in case, you have the option to choose the topic then make the best use of it. Speaking from the theoretical point of view, while choosing a topic, the sky is the limit. However, there are certain guidelines following which it will be easier to decide the topic.

  • It should be Debatable : The most important thing that you should consider while choosing a topic is that it should be debatable. So that you can perform necessary research work and find out the different arguments to the topic. Also, the topic must be interesting for you as well as the readers. This is because if you find the topic boring, you will not be able to write about it. Thus, choose a niche in which you can excel.

  • Avoid Using Exact Facts : Being an argumentative essay, you should use facts and evidence to support your arguments in the essay outline but keep in mind that your essay should be controversial. The main purpose of writing will be to express an opinion, so don’t rely on exact facts. Of course, you should do research work properly to come with appropriate arguments and do some brainstorm to include relevant evidence in your essay.

  • It Should not be Biased : Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing a topic is that your arguments should not be biased. Keep in mind not to choose such a subject that is too sensitive for you, especially on a personal level. The purpose of your writing should not be exactly to persuade the readers with your opinions but to pick up the right subject and present arguments with evidence so that the audience can decide themselves. So present both sides of the arguments before the readers.

  • The Topic Should Not be Too Wide : Which choosing a controversial topic for your argumentative essay, make sure to choose the subject that is not too broad in the discussion, as this can be problematic. If you choose a very broad topic, then you as well as the audience might get confused in dealing with it.

  • Use Relevant Evidence : Always prove your viewpoint or arguments valid by backing it up with adequate pieces of evidence. So, spent your time doing enough research work and finding reliable information to support your arguments. This is because the audience will never believe in your opinion if it is not supported by evidence.

Some Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics That You Can Choose to Write

Here we have presented before you a list of some winning topics for your argumentative essays that will not only help you in getting good grades but also help you in creating a true masterpiece. To ease your task, we have sub-divided it into several categories.

So, you just need to choose any one topic from the list and then prepare an essay with reasonable arguments and evidence.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

  • E-books vs Traditional Books: Benefits and Shortcomings
  • Should the contents on the Internet be made more restricted?
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence: Positive and Negative Consequences
  • Does the robot make human life easier or more difficult?
  • Should Cellphones and Tablet Computers be Used as Educational Tools?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Science

  • Are nuclear weapons helping or preventing in making the world safe?
  • Cloning: Is it ethical or unethical?
  • Should animals be used for testing new products?
  • Should our country invest in space travel?
  • Are the chemicals used in the packaging of food harmful to individual health?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

  • Should religious organizations pay taxes?
  • Do all religions have a right to exist?
  • Does religious movement cause war?
  • God- A well-elaborated myth or reality?
  • Is atheism a burning issue of the 21st century?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Our Privacy or National Security: Which is more important?
  • Does a person with native ability can only become a great politician?
  • Everywhere is politics and it is always a dirty game.
  • Should the government invest more funds in alternative energy research and development or nuclear energy?
  • Do the existing technologies prove more useful or harmful for human beings?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Media and Video Games

  • Music or Acting: Which Can Bring More Fame?
  • Does Modern Cinemas promote more Truth or Fiction?
  • Does playing Video games make people more violent in real life?
  • Does modern cinematograph is doing better for the people or harming them?
  • Is there any bias in various forms of media?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Teachers vs. Parents: Who plays a bigger role in shaping a child’s future?
  • Does there any difference between the Realities that the TV shows us and the Reality that we face in life?
  • Is the current academic grading system fair enough?
  • Should music be banned due to violent lyrics?
  • Should kids watch horror films?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Mental intelligence or Emotional Intelligence? Which is more needed?
  • Homosexual couples and their Influence on Public
  • Should the school offer healthier food options?
  • Should creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Studying in a highly competitive environment: Pros and Cons

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • Do the investments that you made in getting a college degree is worthy enough?
  • Students face greater social pressure nowadays than they used to face earlier
  • Photoshopping models should be banned for beauty magazines
  • Does gender play any role in military service?
  • Should environmental crimes be made punishable?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society

  • Should sexual maniacs be sentenced to death?
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism: Which would be more beneficial for society?
  • Do social minorities get equal rights compared to other citizens?
  • Should people be allowed to live together before marriage?
  • Should working mothers be provided some privileges?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Economy

  • Should the minimum wages of the workers be increased?
  • Unpaid Internships: Should it be banned?
  • Should countries adopt free-trade policies or protectionist?
  • An Economy oriented towards exporting commodities: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Is universal basic income a good idea?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts/Culture

  • Does the censorship level of a country influence the development of art?
  • Concept of Cultural Shock: Why it is so hard to accept other cultures?
  • Are beauty contents socially constructive or destructive?
  • Should the online sharing of music and art be allowed?
  • Should graffiti be considered as an art or vandalism?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Government/Politics

  • Should the voting age be raised or lowered?
  • Should the government charge more taxes to wealthier citizens?
  • Should the government provide more public schools free of cost?
  • Should all politicians have term limits?
  • Should social security be privatized?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  • Should the betting on sports be banned?
  • Do sports have any effect on the academic level of the students?
  • Does sports competition help in proving your competence?
  • Should professional sports have cheerleaders?
  • Do athletes possess a responsibility to be role models?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Is Social Media a Good Platform to Trade your E-books?
  • Is Social Media a Danger to your Privacy?
  • Should People Be Allowed to Conceal their Identities Online?
  • Does Virtual Relationships on Social Media have any future?
  • Should social media sites be considered as earning platforms?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Gender Issues

  • Equal Rights for Women and Men: How much it’s justified?
  • Do parents have different hopes and expectations from their sons and daughters?
  • Boys or Girls: Who Feel More Pressurized to have the ‘Perfect’ Body?
  • Men or Women: Who is better at Collaborating and Compromising?
  • Challenges that Women Face in the Workplace.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Environment

  • Should plastic bags and straws be banned worldwide?
  • Should recycling be made mandatory?
  • Should there be limits on the usage of water?
  • Should people start eating vegan for saving the environment?
  • Should tax amount be utilized for saving endangered species?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Laws/Policies

  • Should the drinking age be raised or lowered?
  • Is the consumption of marijuana legal?
  • Should gay marriage be encouraged?
  • Should abortion be made legal?
  • Are there any circumstances when breaking the law is acceptable?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Family

  • Are parents at all responsible for the crimes of their children?
  • Should children provide financial help to their elderly parents?
  • Do the same gender people have the right to adopt a child?
  • Influence of Child Stars on Common Boys and Girls: Pros and Cons
  • Are parents pushing their children to achieve something?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

  • Smoking: Should it be Legal or Illegal?
  • Pros and Cons of Being Vegan
  • Should unhealthy foods and beverages tax higher?
  • Physical Education: Should it be mandatory in every school?
  • Fast Foods: To Eat or Not to Eat?
  • Whether energy drinks should be banned or not?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  • Should sex education make compulsory for all students?
  • Should every school teach a foreign language?
  • Will it be fair enough to reduce the school and college fees?
  • Should homework be made compulsory for students or not?
  • Pros and Cons of Free College Education

Argumentative Essay Topics on Ethics

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Do the ends justify the means of any action?
  • Should drug possession be decriminalized?
  • Do moral rules enslave people?
  • Is it ethical to deny treatment to a patient who can’t afford it?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Foreign Policy

  • Does terrorism affect the foreign policies of Russia and the United States?
  • Does Great Britain justify leaving the European Union?
  • North and South Korea: Should they unify or remain as separate countries?
  • Should the United States engage in rapprochement with Russia?
  • NATO and EU to expand in Eastern Europe: Is it a good policy?

Hope that with so many categories, you will be able to choose any of them for writing a winning argumentative essay for your college/school/university. Each of these topics has a wide scope of research, so you just need to invest some time and dedicate some efforts to write a successful argumentative essay. If you still face issues, then come in contact with our professionals at EduHelpHub for reliable college essay writer.

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100+ Compelling Impromptu Speech Topics to Practice

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Sep 14, 2020

Preparing and delivering an excellent impromptu speech is one of the best ways to practice prompt thinking and deliberate speaking. These speeches are considered quite difficult to deliver in comparison to other speeches because students get less preparation time in preparing this speech. This is the reason why it is essential to master preparing this speech.

Though this is a short duration speech, you must ensure that it follows a basic structure and the message that you are trying to deliver must be clearly understood by others. If you struggle to speak in public, then you need to choose a good impromptu speech topic for practicing. This will help in boosting your confidence.

To get more ideas on impromptu speech topics, read out this blog thoroughly.

What is an Impromptu Speech?

An impromptu speech is a kind of short talk that should be prepared in a minimum time possible. Usually, to prepare an impromptu speech of about 5-7 minutes, you will get 1-3 minutes as preparation time. Even at some events, the speech preparation time is reduced down to 1 minute, where you have to prepare the speech in mind. 

Due to its quick nature, these speeches have become a popular medium of practicing and testing communication skills and public speaking. Most commonly, these types of speeches are delivered in debate competitions, public speaking courses, etc.

Tips to Consider While Choosing an Impromptu Speech Topic

Some quick tips and considerations that you should keep in mind while picking an impromptu speech topic:

  • Pick a topic that you are already familiar with or about which you have knowledge. You can also choose a topic that you are eager to talk about.
  • Choose an idea or a topic where the scope is limited to discuss so that you will be able to cover all its significant aspects
  • Choose a topic that seems engaging to the audience and that you can easily organize
  • The topic should fulfill the objective of the speech, i.e., to persuade your audience.

List of Some Excellent Impromptu Speech Topic Ideas

Check out some of the great impromptu speech topic ideas that will help you in improving your communication skills. You can choose any of the topics from the list given below as per your audience and focus on the manner you are delivering the speech.

Debate and Speech Impromptu Topics

  • Why humor is an important skill for life?
  • The use of the internet without any geographical restrictions
  • Why good grades matter so much?
  • State the difference between Intelligence ad Wisdom
  • Are self-driving cars the future of transportation?
  • How technology is saving or destroying the world?
  • Discuss peer to peer technology
  • Has social media done more harm than good?
  • Women are smarter than men
  • Should parents be allowed to pick a gender of their child?

Impromptu Persuasive Speech 

  • Why there is a need for cybersecurity protocols?
  • Why there is a need for calorie counts on the menu list of fast foods?
  • Immigration laws should be made less rigid
  • How social media is responsible for destroying the self-esteem of a person?
  • Does real learning occur inside or outside the classroom?
  • Is it possible to go back to living without technology?
  • Do thriller movies increase stress levels?
  • The use of painkillers should be limited
  • Does child abuse turn them into psychopaths?
  • How the working middle class is affected by the current tax system?

In case, these topics are not enough for you and you need some more to persuade and engage your audience, then take a look at our exclusive article on persuasive speech topics.

Impromptu Speech Topics for Middle School

  • Things you can’t learn at school
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • Online communication can never be as good as real-life friendship
  • How to enjoy your weekends at its best?
  • How do pets act as stress relievers?
  • A celebrity whom you would want to meet and why
  • How to lead a life like a celebrity?
  • People should live on Mars
  • Is it a good idea that everyone should become a vegetarian?
  • Role of CCTVs and their importance

Impromptu Speech Topics for High School

  • How to ace college interviews?
  • Initiatives that students should take to prevent bullying
  • Creativity is inborn and cannot be taught
  • How to become a professional singer?
  • What are the 5 things that you are best at doing
  • Why failure is considered as the greatest teacher?
  • How to deal with teenagers who are confused about what to do in life?
  • How to become a professional writer?
  • How to learn new skills sitting idly at home?
  • Is peer pressure a good motivator?

Impromptu Speech Topics for College Students

  • Smart strategies to avoid financial scams
  • Importance of dress code at a professional workplace
  • Why on-campus crimes are increasing at an alarming rate?
  • How to apply for good internships while you are studying?
  • Students should learn coding from a younger age
  • Should students at hostels be allowed to choose their own room partners?
  • Discuss some premium ways to decrease the production costs
  • How to make the internet a safer place?
  • Best business ideas that you can start without making much investment
  • Top management strategies to increase productivity

If you need help with exploring any of these topics, then you can rely on our team of EduHelpHub. They will provide you with all sorts of assignment help that you need.

Creative Informative Impromptu Speech Topics

  • How deaf people use emotion for communicating with others?
  • Describe the role of market research before starting a business
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in rehabilitation
  • Is global leadership an unrealistic dream?
  • Reliable strategies for making smart investments
  • How to handle dissatisfied customers?
  • Best ways to deal with money problems
  • Discuss in details about the history of currency
  • The media is biased toward the left-wing. Discuss your arguments for or against it
  • Progressive taxation in social services

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Discuss some of the things that cartoon characters teach us
  • How love differs in real life than those shown in romantic movies
  • Discuss different ways to overcome a phobia
  • Is procrastination beneficial for psychological health?
  • Does denying reality make you happier?
  • Why most of the people hate Mondays?
  • Discuss your favorite cartoon character and tell why you like it so much
  • Discuss about the most profitable mistake that you have ever made
  • What are the things that you are scared of and why?
  • Laughter is the best medicine

Entertaining Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Discuss about some strange New Year resolutions
  • How to escape from a troublesome situation?
  • Advantages of being a man
  • Some inappropriate gifts that you have received by far
  • The problems of being a short girl
  • Does the perfect husband exist?
  • Discuss some funny facts about men/women
  • 10 things better not to say in court
  • How to irritate your colleague in the office whom you don’t like at all
  • Some fun games that you can play at home in the lockdown

Impromptu Public Speaking Topics

  • How goals help in making the people successful?
  • Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
  • How you can prevent yourself from fraud people?
  • How conservation is related to survival?
  • Cities are for people, and not for cars
  • How art is essential to life?
  • How color affects the way people feel?
  • The most important lesson of my life
  • Plants too possess feelings just like humans
  • When do you feel that lying is a good idea?

Personal Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Share the memories of my best job ever
  • My biggest concern for the future is…..
  • The most difficult thing I have ever done in my life
  • If I could be a famous person, I would choose to be…….
  • What if I were invisible for a day
  • If I would have been the President, I would ……..
  • If I could time travel……..
  • If I ruled the world….
  • If I were in charge of school lunches
  • My future career choice is……

Impromptu Speech Topics for Kids

  • The actual meaning of the Christmas celebration
  • Why consulting a dentist two times a year is a must
  • Why one should know the main cities and capitals of the world
  • Difference between: how your morning routine should be and how it is actually
  • What you like and dislike on participating in a picnic
  • Describe how your ideal pet should be
  • Why mannerisms are important?
  • How to impress your teacher and parents?
  • Is reading fiction a waste of time?
  • Real wealth is not measured in money or possessions

Instructions to Follow while Working upon the Impromptu Speech Topics

While choosing a topic, keep the following factors in mind. This will help in developing your impromptu speech:

  • Analyze: Look closely at the topic or subject and try to determine the essence of its components in detail.
  • Assess: Choose a topic and consider both its positive as well as negative judgments to conclude.
  • Describe: Give a detailed account of the characteristics or features
  • Define: Make clear what is the meaning of the particular term, phrase or situation is and why defining it is necessary
  • Criticize: Criticize the merits and faults of a theory, statement or opinion and support it with relevant evidence
  • Evaluate: Formulate a personal judgment by explaining both strong and weak aspects of the opinion
  • Illustrate: Make your complex concept easier by using diagrams, examples, figures, and evidence
  • Explain: Explain clearly why something happens and its consequences.
  • Interpret: Figure out the meaning, significance, and implications of the information and disclose your personal judgment
  • Discuss: Contemplating both the pros and cons, you need to provide a concluding judgment on the value either for or against the argument
  • Prove: Reveal the truth or falsity of your arguments by supporting it with logical evidence
  • Justify: Defend your decisions by showing adequate grounds and reasons, and support the impromptu speech topics that you have chosen by evidence.
  • Summarize: Describe the chief points of a good impromptu speech topic concisely, without providing any detailed examples
  • Review: Report the main issues, theories, facts related to an event critically and explain their importance
  • Trace: Detect and provide an explanation of the phases, steps, processes, stages, or the historical events of some excellent impromptu speech topics.

Hopefully, some of the above-stated impromptu speech topics work as ice-breakers, while others are too serious. So, you can go through these topics and prepare some of the most likely ones in advance so that the next time when you need to deliver an impromptu speech, you will be all set ready. In case you have chosen the impromptu speech topic for your debate but don’t find relevant skills or enough time to structure it, then rely on our professionals at EduHelpHub. They will provide you with high-quality assignment writing services as per your demands. Not only that, our team of experts will be doing the entire research work and craft a top-notch speech based on your selected topic. So, get in touch with us and relax!

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3 Exclusive Argumentative Essay Examples and Their In-Depth Analysis

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Sep 12, 2020

Whenever you discuss any controversial issue, you need to convince the audience about your idea or opinion. Argumentative essays are the best in doing so. Here you discuss an issue, by doing fact-based research work, present your arguments both in favor of it and against it, take a position and try to present evidence supporting your position or argument. Another best thing about writing an argumentative essay is that here you can select a high-profile topic and also go for a common or generalized topic.

When you have been assigned an argumentative essay, then before start writing it, it will be helpful if you read some argumentative essay examples. Doing this will provide you an insight on how to write an essay and about its structure properly.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing where you claim your opinion and then defend it using supporting facts and evidence. The main aim of writing this type of writings is to persuade the readers with your opinion. Here you do not use your personal thoughts and opinions to convince the audience; rather you use relevant facts and evidence to prove the argument.

What makes this different from persuasive essays is that in persuasive essays, you just discuss the topic based on your viewpoint and then support it with evidence, whereas in the argumentative essay, you discuss the topic and present both opinions for and against it and leave it to the audience to decide.

These essays generally follow the two formats: the Toulmin model and the Rogerian model. Through argumentative essay examples mentioned below, we will learn about each of them in detail.

3 Strong Argumentative Essay Examples Properly Analyzed

Below our pool of professionals at EduHelpHub have presented three argumentative essays with examples and analyzed them well to get a better understanding of it. So, it will be even effective for those who don’t know how to write an essay.

Argumentative Essay Example 1: 

Beauty Magazines Should Stop Photoshopping Models

Nowadays, the increasing use of Photoshop has become a norm, as you will find its existence in the majority of the photos, also in magazines or advertisements. In the beauty, fashion and modeling industry, Photoshop is so widely used that “photoshopping” has become a verb in the modern vernacular. Today, it is casting a negative impact upon others as it promotes flawless images and physique through digitally altered photos and as a result, conforms to the unrealistic expectations.

Ann Shoket, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, in his magazine once shared his opinions against the photoshopping of women models and promised to ‘celebrate every kind of beauty’ by using pictures of real girl models who are healthy, without editing their body shape or shape of the face. Earlier when Photoshop was developed by Thomas and John Knoll, their prime goal was to recreate the images that their eyes can visualize but the camera was unable to capture. But now it is displaying much more grayscale images, from hiding blemishes to adding curves and altering the overall figure of a model.

The magazines who are photoshopping their models to display a perfect version of them exhibit a lack of reality. The negative connotation that this excessive use of Photoshop sends out causes body shaming issues and lowers self-esteem, especially to those who already struggling with their body image. With the use of Photoshop, every imperfection in the photos is completely erased, that is merely impossible to achieve in reality. In addition to this, we as an impressionable audience instead of focusing upon what actual reality is, praises these sorts of fake and highly edited images.

At present, there are increasing numbers of countries where there are laws against featuring impossibly perfect models. In those countries, if a picture is found with photoshopping women’s bodies, then those images are slapped with a warning label. The legislators and regulators from around the world have started to take legal actions against such things, different laws have already been passed and many more too. Like the Photoshop Law in Israel and the truth-in-advertising laws in the US.

In order to achieve the flawless figure that these magazine displays, young women and ladies conforms to eating disorders like anorexia and various other diseases. To overcome this widespread issue, various non-profit organizations like NEDIC launched a campaign to help women feel empowered. Thus, Photoshop should be used for editing away some little attributes like acne, scratches, blemishes, etc. not to undermine the women’s confidence by presenting an unrealistic version of beauty.


This argumentative essay clearly follows the Toulmin model. It begins with an introduction that how the increasing use of Photoshop is casting a negative impact upon others by conforming to unrealistic expectations. Then it is followed by a strong thesis statement and in the later part, it provides evidence to support the claim being made as to why the photoshopping of women models should be banned. This style of essay also typically includes the refutation of counterarguments, i.e., why magazines should not display the unrealistic version of beauty.

What Makes This Argumentative Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • The thesis is clearly stated in the essay introduction and is well-explained throughout the essay with supporting evidence.
  • Relevant facts have been provided by the author that basically supports the argument made by the author. Generally, readers rely on specific data and it tends them to agree upon the claim made in the essay.
  • The counter-argument is well-stated in the first body paragraph and throughout the rest of the essay, the author has refuted it to prove his opinion stronger. Make sure to dismantle the opposing argument while writing such essays as it makes the appeal of the author look stronger and more reliable to convince.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay

  • Being short in length, the essay can be expanded to a length so that the readers could be convinced of what you want them to, and also it meets the essay length requirements.
  • More research work could be done in order to present the readers with more facts.
  • Very less statistical data is included in the essay so there could be added some more relevant data in order to persuade the readers with your opinion
  • Some more examples could be added to convince your audience.

Argumentative Essay Example 2: 

Are College Fees Too High to Afford?

Today, college prices are rising at alarming rates even more than that of inflation. The skyrocketing college expenses have made the education out of reach of the middle-class family. According to a study report, it has been found that the fees at U.S. colleges and universities rose about 1,120 percent from the year 1978 to 2012. But we all are convinced of the fact that education should be a human right and thus education at colleges should be made more affordable.

Contrary to that, if seen from the economic point of view, then there are many reasons for increasing the college fees. In New York Times Magazine, Adam Davidson expressed his concern regarding the increase in college fees. According to him, the rise in the college fees permits colleges to shape their student’s groups. In other words, by increasing the college fees, it becomes easier for the universities to choose the type of students they want to take admission by providing them college tuition discounts.

Though some claim that the college fees should be lowered so that the students can claim for the college of their choice, without applying for scholarships or being forced to take loans. A lot of countries, including Europe have made this possible. The huge amount of debt forced the students to enter into a workforce where they fail to make savings for a long time due to pay back the loan. Also, it will help in leading a more educated population, thus there will be more opportunities to earn money.

But the question arises, “How the colleges and universities will meet their financial needs?” Though some people suggest cutting military spending or increase taxes as the solution, still the question remains who will bear the burden? Another concerning factor is that if everyone gets college degrees then that will make the hiring process quite difficult and the degree might lose its importance as its value gradually decreases. There is a high risk that if the demand for college rises, then the quality of education might have to suffer which will ultimately decrease the enrollment of students in colleges in the long run.

Thus, college affordability has become a burning issue nowadays that needs to be solved as earlier as possible. On one hand, students are trying out alternative options like studying online, opting for tuition-free colleges, on the other hand, it would be an absolutely fair decision if everyone gets equal access to take admission in the college or university of their choice.


Particularly this argumentative essay obeys the Rogerian model. Here the author discusses in the introduction of how college fees are rising too high and also that it should be made affordable. In the different essay body paragraphs, different claims have been made analyzing both sides of the arguments as to why the college authorities are making the college fees higher and also that why it should be made affordable for the students with supporting facts and evidence.

Furthermore, in the latter part of the essay, after comparing both the strengths and weaknesses of each of the arguments, it reaches a conclusion stating that college affordability is important so that everyone gets equal access to educate themselves.

What Makes This Argumentative Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • At the very beginning of the essay, the main idea or thesis is stated and is supported by relevant research facts, which makes the argument quite clear to the readers.
  • Throughout the body paragraph, both arguments and counterarguments have been discussed simultaneously along with specific data and evidence.
  • As the strengths and weaknesses of both sides are clearly evident in this essay, it will give the readers a more sophisticated and complete look.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay:

  • More statistical data can be provided in order to support the claim made by you so that the readers find the essay more trustworthy.
  • The length of the essay can be expanded so that it fulfills the requirements of the essay. More examples can be provided in support of the claim made.

Argumentative Essay Example 3:

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Mobile phones are amazing devices that can be used as a source of information, for correspondence, and documentation. With the advancement in technology and recent development, these cell phones have become much more than just a device for communication. It is a platform for video games, flashlights, alarm clocks, calendars, and much more. According to a recent study, it has been found that over 70% of the smartphone owners admitted that they cannot live without their phones.

Despite its innumerable advantages, there are some drawbacks to the use of cell phones. One of the most obvious examples is automobile crashes due to distraction while driving. Apart from this, the cell phone bursts due to excessive charging, and there are also other concerns too like the risk of cancer, neck pain or back pain, etc. That is the reason why mobile phones ought to have warning labels to utilize them responsibly.

As per the reports by the National Cancer Institute, cell phones emit radio waves, a form of radiation that can be easily absorbed by the skin tissue where the phone is held. In today’s world, with the world becoming digitalized, people are using their cell phones to a great extent, almost for every purpose, for communicating, social media sharing, learning online, and doing business, and so on. This excessive use of cell phones has become an addiction to youngsters and their obsession with this gadget is a matter of concern.

Over the last two decades, huge research works and studies have been performed to ascertain whether using cell phones pose a potential risk to the health of individuals. But according to the World Health Organization, no adverse health effects have been determined due to the usage of cell phones. However, in a 2008 study by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, evidence has been found that radiation of a cell phone might affect an individual’s state of being. It stated that those who were exposed to 884 MHz GSM radiation displayed a higher risk of headaches and a delay in going through deep sleep.

Thus, it is recommended to set the telephone aside while driving, running, walking, or doing whatever requires your consideration regarding keep away from injury. Also, while you are going to bed, avoid keeping it next to you. But of course, due to the extended features of smartphones, it is undoubtedly one of the essential things a person needs to lead your life comfortably in this modern generation.


This essay follows the Toulmin model. It begins with an introduction on how cell phones have become an essential component of our day-to-day life and then follows with a thesis that it might be dangerous to overuse it and later in the body part supports that claim through various facts and evidence to support your argument, like how it poses a potential risk to the health of individuals, causes accidents and so on.

This type of essay also typically includes the refutation of counterarguments.

What Makes This Argumentative Essay Example Worthy Enough?

  • Here the thesis appears fairly far in the essay, which is a bit unusual, but then it works. This is because once the thesis statement is presented; it is supported by arguments as well as counterarguments throughout the essay.
  • The different research reports and facts mentioned in this essay prove that a lot of solid research work has been conducted before writing this essay outline and this makes the essay a successful one.
  • In the essay conclusion, the writer once again presents both the arguments and opposing arguments and in short, supports both of them by showing their evidence. This makes the readers think upon which claim they agree with.

Improvements That Can Be Made in The Essay

  • In the introductory paragraph, the central idea is not clear. The fact that cell phones can often be dangerous is nowhere mentioned in the first paragraph. It is in the second paragraph that the main issue is introduced in the essay.
  • The author could have added some more examples to prove his opinion stronger.
  • The body paragraphs are not organized following a proper structure.
  • This essay is a bit shorter in length so there is a possibility that writers might not be convinced of what you want them to understand.

3 Excellent Tips on How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

Before crafting your own argumentative essay, you must know what matters the most while writing such essays. To help you out in this matter, our research experts at EduHelpHub have provided some tips and tricks that you can follow while writing argumentative essays. So, you must go through these points in order to write a good argumentative essay.

  • The Thesis Statement Should Be Clear and Consistent: The thesis is one of the most vital parts of an argumentative essay, so make sure that you locate in that part of the essay where the readers could easily find out. If you are unsure about where to place it, then either put it in the first sentence of the introduction paragraph or just at the first and last sentence of the following paragraph.

Make sure that it is clear enough to describe what point you are trying to make or what side of the argument you are going to present in the rest of your essay. It should be consistent throughout the essay.

  • Don’t Ignore the Other Side of The Argument: While writing argumentative essays, ensure not to just focus on your side and ignore the other side of the argument. Many writers tempt to avoid discussing the opposing side of the argument but never do this. Always display the other side and prove it to the audience that you shouldn’t believe in it. Do proper researches work on the topic of your essay and use the proper evidence to explain why the argument that you are making and correct and strong, while the other is weak and incorrect. This will make your essay much more effective than simply focusing on the other side of the argument.
  • Support Your Argument Using Proper Evidence: Make sure that whatever argument you place in an argumentative essay; you should support it using relevant pieces of evidence. The facts you can back it up might be either a survey of a large group of people, data collected from different resources, previous studies or research work conducted on the topic, and so on.

Remember that the side of the argument that you are going to support in your argumentative essay should have relevant numbers of evidence. So, choose your argumentative essay topics accordingly. This will make your essay quite stronger compared to other essays.


Unlike persuasive essays, argumentative essays use facts and evidence to support their claim, not your personal opinions. Hope that the argumentative essay examples that have been provided here will be of great help in developing your essay, as here our experts have properly analyzed each and every example to make every point clear and understandable to you. Not finding enough evidence to support your argument or convince your readers? Don’t worry; we have a proper solution for you! You can easily claim your customized essay assignments from EduHelpHub without putting any extra effort. Our knowledgeable experts are experienced in providing quality college essay help for years. So, you can rely upon us, just talk to our experts via online chat facility at our website and place your order online.

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3 Compelling Compare and Contrast Essay Examples + Analysis

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  • Sep 12, 2020

In comparison writing, elements that are discussed are usually similar; while in contrast writing, the elements that are discussed are different. Thus, in a compare and contrast essay, two subjects are analyzed either through comparing or though contrasting or both of them.

These types of essays are very common among university and college students. While writing these essays, the students need to pay close attention to the subjects that they are going to explore and also use their comparative as well as analytical skills. A good compare and contrast essay focus on the central theme of the paper, analyze the implications being made, and explain its importance.

Therefore, in short, a compare and contrast essay discusses both the similarities as well as dissimilarities of two or more concepts, ideas, places, or items. If you are writing a compare and contrast essay for the first time, then you are going to appreciate this detailed guide on compare and contrast essay examples as it will help you to deal with the assignment.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

You can follow this step-by-step guide suggested by our pool of professionals at EduHelpHub to draft a great compare and contrast essay.

  • Choose Your Subject of Comparison: In order to create a meaningful compare and contrast essay, remember to choose two subjects that are indifferent to each other but have some points of similarity between them.
  • Brainstorm Similarities and Dissimilarities: On a blank sheet of paper, jot down two lists, one of the similarities and another of differences. You can also facilitate this process using the Venn diagram. This will help you in constructing a good argument.
  • Focus on Your Main Argument: Make a striking as well as a meaningful statement. The main argument of the essay will describe both the similarities and dissimilarities about the topic.
  • Decide Your Essay Structure: While deciding how you will organize your essay structure, you must keep in mind that select a structure, either point-to-point or block structure that makes sense for your argument.
  • Create an Outline: Make sure that you craft an essay outline that well fits the structure of the essay that you have chosen. Remember to include that many body paragraphs where you can balance two of your subjects.
  • Back It Up with Supporting Evidence: While writing your essay, make sure that the assertions that you make are backed up with evidence from reading, researching, or persona experience. Whatever information that you will be including in your essay must be taken from credible sources and it should matter in the context of the main argument.
  • Craft Your Essay with Strong Transitional Words: The different paragraphs in your essay must be interlinked with one another using transitional words like similarly, likewise, etc. This will offer your essay a nice flow, moving from one statement to another.
  • Proofread and Revise Your Essay Carefully: Revise your essay several times to check that there is no punctuation, spelling, or grammatical mistakes.

If you follow these steps while writing the outline for compare and contrast essay, it will never fail to impress your readers.

A Detailed Analysis of Some Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Now as you are aware of what is compare and contrast essay and how to write it, let’s take a glance at some examples that will help you to understand better.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 1

Compare and Contrast between the Traditional and Online Learning Environment

With the increasing use of internet resources, online classes have gained immense popularity. Now, more and more students are shifting towards online learning rather than a traditional classroom. Both these types of learning require specified instructions from teachers and both of them have their own methods of assessments. But they both differ from each other in terms of communication, learning process, and scheduling.

Whether it’s an online learning environment or face-to-face traditional learning, both have their point of similarities between them. Both these learning environments require a huge amount of effort and giving as well as receiving feedback is equally important in both cases. Moreover, for both the environments, students need to manage their time wisely and the challenges that they face or the rewards that they get are the same. Also, for both learning, assignments play a vital role. According to the American Sociology Association, it has been found that students studying online are slightly excelling than those studying in traditional classrooms.

Now, let’s take a look at their differences. Unlike traditional learning environments, there is no face-to-face interaction in online learning which makes every student equal and is quite advantageous for vocal students. The social, as well as networking interactions, varies to a great extent between these two learning environments. Apart from these, the online learning environment requires more discipline and self-direction; it includes both synchronous as well as asynchronous learning.

Keeping aside the similarities as well as dissimilarities between these learning environments, it depends upon the students and their choice of learning. Like, if a student is more familiar with different forms of technology, then he would be comfortable in an online learning environment.


This compare and contrast essay follows the point-to-point structure. The essay begins very well by introducing both learning environments. From the very introduction, we come to know that both are different in terms of their learning process, communication, and methods of assessments.

In the next body paragraphs, it has been explained clearly how they both are similar and indifferent to each other. Evidence from a credible source is also mentioned here. At last, the essay concludes with a generic point of view that it depends upon the students that which learning environment they are comfortable in.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 2

Similarities and Differences between the American and British English

The English language has a variety of dialects, particularly consists of three major segments, and there is a slight difference in the way each of them is spoken or written. Here we will be comparing the two of the most popular segments- American and British English. Though these languages are quite similar to each other, yet there is a noticeable difference between the way it is being pronounced and spelled.

British English is a formal form of English language, while American English is the informal form. There is a slight variation in the accents as well as the spelling of the same words in both these English language forms. For instance, in the UK, we spell words like favourite and colour, while the Americans spell these words as favorite and color. Thus, in British or formal English, the words are pronounced with generally a ‘u’ syllables, while we find the absence of this in the American English, as they tried to simplify some traditionally spelled words.

Apart from this, there are differences in the meaning of the words between these two varieties of English languages. Like, the word ‘Football’ in British English indicates what we call soccer, while in American English, the word “Football’ refers to a common sport where teams play a football match. Similarly, there are controversial differences between other terms also like fag, etc. in British English, the word ‘fag’ is quite common and is meant as a cigarette, while in American English, this word is used as an offensive or slang word.

Thus, it can be concluded that though we find lots of similarities between British and American English, they are quite indifferent forms of English language. In fact, there is a lot of difference between the dialects of these two versions of the language.


The point-to-point essay structure is followed by this compare and contrast essay. Here the thesis and the central theme of the essay are very clearly explained in the introduction part. Proceeding towards the body part of the essay, the contrasting factors between the British and American English are well-explained with proper evidence and examples to provide you a better understanding of the differences.

Now, moving to the improvement part- the essay can be expanded to a certain length so that the readers get a more clarified idea on the topic. Some more points should be included in the essay to make it an informative source of information. The conclusion is vague somehow, so make sure that your essay conclusion should be strong enough to validate your point.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 3

Reading Books or Watching Movies: Which One is Better?

Watching movies or reading books have lots of similarities as they both narrate a story and give information about it through incidents. Doing any of these can make a person feel emotional or gloomy, as they both generate emotions in an individual being. But one thing is for sure that for completing a book, people need to be focused as well as determined. Alternatively, watching a movie saves a lot of time and is quite easy.

While both reading books and watching movies are tactile experiences, it largely depends upon the personality of the people and their choice of preference. Though the purpose of both is the same, yet reasons for choosing one over the other might be different. Some are die-hard fans of books and they don’t want to miss any details out of the story, for them, reading books will always be a top choice.

On the other hand, there are some people who want imagination served on a platter, for them, nothing is better than that of watching a quick film. Both activities are indifferent in a way that one involves strenuous work and a lot of mind space while the other one is for lazy or busy persons who don’t have that much time to invest.

To many, reading an interesting and enthralling book, no matter how long it takes, seems to be an invigorating experience and it always captivates the imagination. However, to some, it’s a wasting of valuable time. A movie can only introduce you to the gist of the story but the scenery and the characters that it describes will be more of the director’s imagination than of yours.

Furthermore, watching movies only provides you entertainment, while reading books not only enhances your creativity and vocabulary, but it also enriches your writing and reading skills. Thus, both books and movies have their own importance and both provide you an insight into the events, either related to a story or any historical, through visual as well as intellectual learning.


The choice of the topic of this compare and contrast essay is quite interesting. The very essay introduction clearly states the fact that both reading books and watching movies have comparing and contrasting elements in it, that are being further explained in the body paragraphs. The author put more focus on contrasting factors. The thesis statement appears late in the essay but holds a significant position and value.

The essay is concluded with a strong point that both of these hold its individual importance. These compare and contrast essay follows a point-to-point essay format and is well divided into five paragraphs.

Once you check out this excellent compare and contrast essay examples for college, you will feel motivated and inspired to write your own essay assignment. Feeling confused about which topic to choose? Well, then you can follow the suggestions stated below or if you want a customized essay assignment, then look for our assignment help at EduHelpHub.

Some Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Write About

While choosing the topic for compare and contrast essay, you must be careful enough to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Never choose topics that seem uninspiring or dull; otherwise, it might boredom your process of writing. Always choose subjects that possess similarities and that are not drastically different. You can find two different categories, some random surprising facts, any movies or books to compare and contrast.

For your sake of convenience, our research experts at EduHelpHub have suggested some topics that you can look into for writing a compare and contrast essay.

List of Exclusive Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Eastern and Western Religious Ideas: Similarities and Differences
  • Is Living in a House is Better than Living in an Apartment?
  • Compare and Contrast between the 19th and 20th century American Literature
  • Point out the Similarities and Differences between Roman and Greek Philosophers
  • Compare and Contrast between Personal and Argumentative Essays
  • Compare and Contrast between Writing a Research Paper and Writing an Internship Report
  • Similarities and Differences between the UK and US Education Systems
  • Similarities and Differences between Attending Regular College Course and Distance-based Learning.

Are you still dealing with the complexities of writing compare and contrast essay? Feel free to get in touch with us at EduHelpHub for professional college essay writing services. Our team of experts will provide you with quality writings at a reasonable price. Get connected with our executives via online chat facility to receive hassle-free services.

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