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A Comprehensive Essay Structure Guide: Tips and Formats

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  • Aug 15, 2020

An essay provides you an in-depth knowledge about the topic and at the same time, it enhances your thinking skills for a better understanding of the topic. Essay writing is an essential key component to get success at any academic level. It is a fundamental way of communication used by academic communities for exchanging their views, ideas, opinions and arguments.

Essays are substantially linear in nature, that is to say, it demonstrates a single idea at a time, but it presents the idea in such a way that the reader finds it logical and sensible. Thus, while writing an academic essay, we should primarily focus upon the essay structure. Every essay should be uniquely framed so that it brings together a set of ideas and form it into an argument, while satisfying to a reader’s logic.

Key Elements that an Ideal Essay Structure Must Include

A typical essay generally furnishes the information that the reader wants to know in the same way that they require. Often it is a response to the question that is answered through an argument formed on critical reasoning and evidences. Thus, a well-defined essay structure must include following key elements, like:

  • An explicit essay introduction with a thesis statement.
  • A logically and comprehensively structured body with different paragraphs, each of which includes favorable evidences from reliable academic sources.
  • A clear-cut conclusion which will summarize your thesis and redefine it with appropriate information.

By following this essay format, you can organize your essay in the best way possible, irrespective of the topic of your essay. But if are absolutely new to essay writing and don’t know how to write an essay, then get in touch with our team of EduHelpHub. They will help you with every types of essays assignments.

How to Write an Appropriate Essay Structure?

Before you begin to write an essay, you must be aware of what type of essay you are going to write. There are various types of essay and each one has its appropriate and unique style of writing and structuring (some of which have been discussed in the later part).

As essays are useful tools to promote critical thinking, you must analyze various academic resources t develop an argument and support it.

Some Common Essay Structure Examples:

1. Argumentative Essay

An Argumentative essay dictates the arguments from both sides of the issue. Sometimes, one side is presented more impactful than the other and sometimes both sides are equally focused upon. These Argumentative essays topics include questions related to a particular decision and arguments as well as counterarguments with stronger evidences.


In the introductory part, you have to provide the background details of the topic. Moreover, you should also state your position on the topic and present a generalized overview of the arguments that are going to be discussed in the later part.


  • First Paragraph : Begin with a sentence that will outline the first argument related to the topic. Try to use supporting sentences and explanations in this paragraph that will validate your topic. Conclude your paragraph with a sentence that can be easily linked to the next paragraph.
  • Second Paragraph : Start your paragraph in such a way that it frames the second argument of the topic. Use informative sentences that act as evidences to support the topic. Make sure to end up with a sentence that the readers find relatable to the upcoming section.
  • Following Paragraphs : These paragraphs will follow the usual structure and puts forward the supporting sentences for the topic.


This is, in short, a brief rendition of the essay. So while writing this part, you need to summarize all the important points discussed earlier and then come with a satisfactory ending.

2. Analytical Essay

Among other essay structures, this is one of the commonest one. Its examples include any sort of discussion, investigation, review or analyzing. While writing any analytical or critical essay, what you need to do is break the topic into various components and then discuss each of them in separate sections. Also, try to strike a balance wherever its needed or is possible.


You should introduce the topic by discussing its background and your overall view on the topic. On top of that you need to present a complete overview of different components that are to be discussed later in this essay.


  • First Paragraph : Start with a sentence that is interlinked with the introduction of your essay. Make sure that the sentences also outline the first component of the topic. Apart from this, the sentences should be evident enough to explain as well as support the topic. Then conclude it in such a way that the readers could relate the later section.
  • Second Paragraph : In this paragraph, the beginning should highlight the second component of the topic and then move on to elaborate it with supporting sentences that validates your topic. At last, wrap it up with associated sentences to the following paragraphs.
  • Following Paragraphs : Similar to the previous segments, these paragraphs will follow the usual structure of highlighting other components.


Here you have to write a synopsis of the main ideas discussed in the essay body. Not only you have to restate the core ideas and opinions but also you need to evaluate it as per the requirement of the essay.

3. Comparative Essay

This essay structure consists of compare and contrast between two or more items. For example, the similarities and differences between any two or more than two theories or models. Also, you are required to recommend regarding the suitability of the items being compared together.


While writing the compare and contrast essay, begin with introducing your topic by providing short information about it on his background. Then proceed with providing a general essay outline of the different things that are being compared on this essay. Make sure to discuss the purpose of making comparison and mention the specific points that are required while comparing.


  • First Paragraph : Commence with a sentence that focus upon the first difference or similarity between the things that are being compared. Then continue with giving explanatory sentences that will prove your topic and support it. End it with a line that well connects the next line.
  • Second Paragraph : Write sentences that enhance the second difference or similarity between the things that are contrasted. Continue it with sentences that provide evidences relating to the topic and explain it well. Then conclude it in such a way that readers find it easy to interact with the next section.
  • Following Paragraph : Whatever aspects you are comparing, ensure to discuss about all of them and that too following the same format that you have discussed earlier.


In the essay conclusion paragraph, redefine the ultimate purpose of comparison and summarize the main differences as well as similarities. Further, you need to present the recommendations regarding the suitability of compared items, if required. And at last, conclude it on the basis of overall essay structure.

After going through these popular essay structure examples, hope that you have a solid grasp of how exactly a typical essay structure should be. So, now you can proceed to structure your essay according to the reader’s logic.

Struggling to Map your Essay Structures?

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