100+ Compelling Impromptu Speech Topics to Practice

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Sep 16, 2020

Preparing and delivering an excellent impromptu speech is one of the best ways to practice prompt thinking and deliberate speaking. These speeches are considered quite difficult to deliver in comparison to other speeches because students get less preparation time in preparing this speech. This is the reason why it is essential to master preparing this speech.

Though this is a short duration speech, you must ensure that it follows a basic structure and the message that you are trying to deliver must be clearly understood by others. If you struggle to speak in public, then you need to choose a good impromptu speech topic for practicing. This will help in boosting your confidence.

To get more ideas on impromptu speech topics, read out this blog thoroughly.

What is an Impromptu Speech?

An impromptu speech is a kind of short talk that should be prepared in a minimum time possible. Usually, to prepare an impromptu speech of about 5-7 minutes, you will get 1-3 minutes as preparation time. Even at some events, the speech preparation time is reduced down to 1 minute, where you have to prepare the speech in mind. 

Due to its quick nature, these speeches have become a popular medium of practicing and testing communication skills and public speaking. Most commonly, these types of speeches are delivered in debate competitions, public speaking courses, etc.

Tips to Consider While Choosing an Impromptu Speech Topic

Some quick tips and considerations that you should keep in mind while picking an impromptu speech topic:

  • Pick a topic that you are already familiar with or about which you have knowledge. You can also choose a topic that you are eager to talk about.
  • Choose an idea or a topic where the scope is limited to discuss so that you will be able to cover all its significant aspects
  • Choose a topic that seems engaging to the audience and that you can easily organize
  • The topic should fulfill the objective of the speech, i.e., to persuade your audience.

List of Some Excellent Impromptu Speech Topic Ideas

Check out some of the great impromptu speech topic ideas that will help you in improving your communication skills. You can choose any of the topics from the list given below as per your audience and focus on the manner you are delivering the speech.

Debate and Speech Impromptu Topics

  • Why humor is an important skill for life?
  • The use of the internet without any geographical restrictions
  • Why good grades matter so much?
  • State the difference between Intelligence ad Wisdom
  • Are self-driving cars the future of transportation?
  • How technology is saving or destroying the world?
  • Discuss peer to peer technology
  • Has social media done more harm than good?
  • Women are smarter than men
  • Should parents be allowed to pick a gender of their child?

Impromptu Persuasive Speech 

  • Why there is a need for cybersecurity protocols?
  • Why there is a need for calorie counts on the menu list of fast foods?
  • Immigration laws should be made less rigid
  • How social media is responsible for destroying the self-esteem of a person?
  • Does real learning occur inside or outside the classroom?
  • Is it possible to go back to living without technology?
  • Do thriller movies increase stress levels?
  • The use of painkillers should be limited
  • Does child abuse turn them into psychopaths?
  • How the working middle class is affected by the current tax system?

In case, these topics are not enough for you and you need some more to persuade and engage your audience, then take a look at our exclusive article on persuasive speech topics.

Impromptu Speech Topics for Middle School

  • Things you can’t learn at school
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • Online communication can never be as good as real-life friendship
  • How to enjoy your weekends at its best?
  • How do pets act as stress relievers?
  • A celebrity whom you would want to meet and why
  • How to lead a life like a celebrity?
  • People should live on Mars
  • Is it a good idea that everyone should become a vegetarian?
  • Role of CCTVs and their importance

Impromptu Speech Topics for High School

  • How to ace college interviews?
  • Initiatives that students should take to prevent bullying
  • Creativity is inborn and cannot be taught
  • How to become a professional singer?
  • What are the 5 things that you are best at doing
  • Why failure is considered as the greatest teacher?
  • How to deal with teenagers who are confused about what to do in life?
  • How to become a professional writer?
  • How to learn new skills sitting idly at home?
  • Is peer pressure a good motivator?

Impromptu Speech Topics for College Students

  • Smart strategies to avoid financial scams
  • Importance of dress code at a professional workplace
  • Why on-campus crimes are increasing at an alarming rate?
  • How to apply for good internships while you are studying?
  • Students should learn coding from a younger age
  • Should students at hostels be allowed to choose their own room partners?
  • Discuss some premium ways to decrease the production costs
  • How to make the internet a safer place?
  • Best business ideas that you can start without making much investment
  • Top management strategies to increase productivity

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Creative Informative Impromptu Speech Topics

  • How deaf people use emotion for communicating with others?
  • Describe the role of market research before starting a business
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in rehabilitation
  • Is global leadership an unrealistic dream?
  • Reliable strategies for making smart investments
  • How to handle dissatisfied customers?
  • Best ways to deal with money problems
  • Discuss in details about the history of currency
  • The media is biased toward the left-wing. Discuss your arguments for or against it
  • Progressive taxation in social services

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Discuss some of the things that cartoon characters teach us
  • How love differs in real life than those shown in romantic movies
  • Discuss different ways to overcome a phobia
  • Is procrastination beneficial for psychological health?
  • Does denying reality make you happier?
  • Why most of the people hate Mondays?
  • Discuss your favorite cartoon character and tell why you like it so much
  • Discuss about the most profitable mistake that you have ever made
  • What are the things that you are scared of and why?
  • Laughter is the best medicine

Entertaining Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Discuss about some strange New Year resolutions
  • How to escape from a troublesome situation?
  • Advantages of being a man
  • Some inappropriate gifts that you have received by far
  • The problems of being a short girl
  • Does the perfect husband exist?
  • Discuss some funny facts about men/women
  • 10 things better not to say in court
  • How to irritate your colleague in the office whom you don’t like at all
  • Some fun games that you can play at home in the lockdown

Impromptu Public Speaking Topics

  • How goals help in making the people successful?
  • Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
  • How you can prevent yourself from fraud people?
  • How conservation is related to survival?
  • Cities are for people, and not for cars
  • How art is essential to life?
  • How color affects the way people feel?
  • The most important lesson of my life
  • Plants too possess feelings just like humans
  • When do you feel that lying is a good idea?

Personal Impromptu Speech Topics

  • Share the memories of my best job ever
  • My biggest concern for the future is…..
  • The most difficult thing I have ever done in my life
  • If I could be a famous person, I would choose to be…….
  • What if I were invisible for a day
  • If I would have been the President, I would ……..
  • If I could time travel……..
  • If I ruled the world….
  • If I were in charge of school lunches
  • My future career choice is……

Impromptu Speech Topics for Kids

  • The actual meaning of the Christmas celebration
  • Why consulting a dentist two times a year is a must
  • Why one should know the main cities and capitals of the world
  • Difference between: how your morning routine should be and how it is actually
  • What you like and dislike on participating in a picnic
  • Describe how your ideal pet should be
  • Why mannerisms are important?
  • How to impress your teacher and parents?
  • Is reading fiction a waste of time?
  • Real wealth is not measured in money or possessions

Instructions to Follow while Working upon the Impromptu Speech Topics

While choosing a topic, keep the following factors in mind. This will help in developing your impromptu speech:

  • Analyze: Look closely at the topic or subject and try to determine the essence of its components in detail.
  • Assess: Choose a topic and consider both its positive as well as negative judgments to conclude.
  • Describe: Give a detailed account of the characteristics or features
  • Define: Make clear what is the meaning of the particular term, phrase or situation is and why defining it is necessary
  • Criticize: Criticize the merits and faults of a theory, statement or opinion and support it with relevant evidence
  • Evaluate: Formulate a personal judgment by explaining both strong and weak aspects of the opinion
  • Illustrate: Make your complex concept easier by using diagrams, examples, figures, and evidence
  • Explain: Explain clearly why something happens and its consequences.
  • Interpret: Figure out the meaning, significance, and implications of the information and disclose your personal judgment
  • Discuss: Contemplating both the pros and cons, you need to provide a concluding judgment on the value either for or against the argument
  • Prove: Reveal the truth or falsity of your arguments by supporting it with logical evidence
  • Justify: Defend your decisions by showing adequate grounds and reasons, and support the impromptu speech topics that you have chosen by evidence.
  • Summarize: Describe the chief points of a good impromptu speech topic concisely, without providing any detailed examples
  • Review: Report the main issues, theories, facts related to an event critically and explain their importance
  • Trace: Detect and provide an explanation of the phases, steps, processes, stages, or the historical events of some excellent impromptu speech topics.

Hopefully, some of the above-stated impromptu speech topics work as ice-breakers, while others are too serious. So, you can go through these topics and prepare some of the most likely ones in advance so that the next time when you need to deliver an impromptu speech, you will be all set ready. In case you have chosen the impromptu speech topic for your debate but don’t find relevant skills or enough time to structure it, then rely on our professionals at EduHelpHub. They will provide you with high-quality assignment writing services as per your demands. Not only that, our team of experts will be doing the entire research work and craft a top-notch speech based on your selected topic. So, get in touch with us and relax!