How Long Is an Essay and Does Size Matter?

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Aug 19, 2020

In the world of academic writing, it is often easy to be entangled with queries and no sooner than you start with actually drafting the outline of an essay, you find yourself trying to determine how long should an essay be. The length of an essay and its appropriation has been a long-standing issue in the process of an essay-writing venture. Let us put this issue under a magnifying glass and try to determine what factors consist of and contribute to answering how long is an essay, under optimum circumstances

The length of an essay is inherently defined by a string of variables such as format of the essay, type of essay, academic level, among other factors. The average size of an essay also dictates the level of depth and analyses implemented and sometimes needs to be adjusted to frame a distinct idea, a glimpse of such variables follow in the section ahead-

How Does Length Vary with Type and Format of An Essay?

At college level, an essay is usually a shortened form of a dissertation or thesis. On the basis of the academic level, and requirement, the length of an essay fluctuates from a core range of 200-6000 words. To answer the question, ‘how long is an essay?’ it is essential to determine the level and format required. 

Middle-school/High-school level : In primary education, it is typical for schools to assign essays to its students that range from a minimum of 300 words and can stretch as far as 1000 words in terms of the upper limit in this academic level.

College admission essays : This generally demands a short precise essay denominating the values and psyche of a potential applicant. The institution considers an admission essay a significant determinant of the admission process, thus it should be no more than 200-650 words.

Under-Graduate school essay : Wondering how long an essay should be at college level? The level of academics is a notch higher at this stage, the gravity of the subject matter is more streamlined and specialized at this level, thus, an essay would typically be of 1500-5000 words providing details where necessary and outlining excerpts otherwise.

Graduate-school admission essay : The authorities at a graduate school specifically look for flair and attributes such as skill for lucidity and concisely encapsulating the core idea in a nutshell in student-written essays, thus it should not exceed  the mark of 500-1000 words.

Graduate school essay : At this level, the academics is determinately more focused and specialized and exclusive attributes consist of academic writing. Thus, to answer, ‘how long should an essay be for a scholar?’, an essay extends to dissertations and thesis papers which usually consist of content worth 2500-6000 words on an average, depending on the syllabus, course and of course, the faculty and institution.

How Does Length Determine the Complexity of Essays?

We have to always pre-plan while writing an essay, and one of the imperious purviews of pre-planning is deciding the complexity of the essay depending upon the length of the essay and vice-versa. The approximate length of an essay is usually pre-determined by the institution and the pupils have to abide by the limit assigned to their assignment or essay. Thus, it is to be essentially considered that depending upon how long an essay is supposed to be, it should contemplate or analyse in-depth concepts or just touch upon the basic segments in minimal detail. The instructed length determines the finalisation of the thesis statement of an essay and dictates the flow and typical essay format revolving around the discussion of the central topic.

How to Maintain Within the Upper Limit and Lower Limit?

Crossing the upper limit : In almost all cases, it is not advisable to cross the upper limit of the word count of an essay that is usually set by the faculty or the institution itself. There might still be some inconveniences as certain topics or thesis statements are difficult to assess under a certain limit of phrasing, and thus, it is generally acceptable to exceed the word limit by 10% of the total word count effectively for the sake of the argument constructed to support the thesis statement of the essay.

Falling Short Of The Lower Limit: In case of particularly specific essay topics and nice subject-matter, there is a need to extend arguments and discussions unnecessarily 0for the sake of reaching the lower limit of the word count. Although maintaining the strict limitation is necessary, it is not advisable to stretch and meander on a topic rather unassumingly just to reach the lower limit of the desired word count. It should, on the contrary be to-the-point and focussed on a central idea even if it means falling short of the desired word count, but not more than by 10%.   

The Goal of The Essay Is to Make Sense!

Whether it is a descriptive essay, or a narrative essay, no matter how much you abide by the word limit and write calculatedly to precisely fit your essay within the stipulated word count, you might end up scoring poor marks due to inefficiency in research or unconvincing argument to support your thesis statement. It is not only enough to prepare the essay and execute it within the desired word range, but the core-competence of the essay should lie in what it explores and how successful it is in simply but effectively putting across its central idea to the audience, in this case not only does the length of the essay matter but also how to write an essay matters equally. Thus, you should not compromise the qualitative values of an essay like in-depth research, or novel analyses and verification of facts in order to forcefully fit it within a frame. Package the whole content with impeccable formatting and proofreading, and voila! A perfect essay is ready for you to submit to your faculty. Essay writing seems easy now, does it not?

What Should Be the Length of Each Part?

Allocation of resources (i.e. word count) should be carefully performed while maintaining the total length of an essay.

The Essay Introduction Should Consist of Approximately 25-30% Of the Total Word Count: It should introduce the core concepts of the essay and follow through with opening up each factor and aspect concisely before cementing the ideas with details in the body of the essay. An essay introduction part should raise the interest without giving away too much information.

The Body Of The Essay Should Contain The Bulk Of The Information : Statistical analyses, opinions, literature review, facts and interviews/ analyses conducted to support the research topic and its peripherals should all combine to create the crux of the body. In-depth information should be presented in a lucid, interesting manner with highlights and key points to curate the subjectivity of the desired notion, thus answering the question how long should be an effective essay body?

The Conclusion Should Be Concise And Definitive : It should act as the climax of the essay, culminating in tying-up the focus points together into a bundle of logic-driven, presentable and comprehensible ideas. The essay conclusion should neither explain already mentioned facts nor should it introduce new concepts, keeping the premise structured and profound.

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