120+ Unique and Good Informative Speech Topics and Ideas

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  • Sep 29, 2020

Preparing an informative speech is a significant part of academic life. However, it also plays an integral part in professional life too. These speeches are written with the intent of informing the audience about a particular subject or topic. The main objective behind delivering a good informative speech is to provide the information to the audience in such a way that it helps in easily understanding them.

In this article, we have presented a collection of some interesting and good informative speech topics that surround the themes presenting adequate factual data to back them up. But before diving deep into the list of topics at hand, let’s know a bit about what an informative speech is all about.

What is an Informative Speech?

In simple terms, an informative speech refers to any anecdote, address, speech, or monologue that is quite rich in data. Unlike other forms of speech presentation where one’s ideas and opinions matter, an informative speech is backed with relevant and reliable information.

The main aim of delivering an informative speech is to communicate to the audience with interesting and original information. Most probably, it is a perfect balance between statistics, research, data; all accumulate together for enriching the audience’s knowledge.

How to Choose Good Informative Speech Topics?

While selecting a good informative speech topic, make sure to choose one which keeps your audience engaged. Try to choose a topic that the audience finds interesting and they find something useful to learn. In fact, doing this makes the writing as well as delivering the informative speech process quite exciting and fun for you.

Let’s take a look at some effective points suggested by our experts of EduHelpHub that will help you in choosing some good informative speech topics:

  • Know Your Audience: Whenever you will be delivering a presentation or speech and writing something, you must keep in mind your audience. Your primary focus should be upon your targeted audience; you must consider their knowledge level, age, and interests while choosing a topic for your speech. Choose a topic that they are familiar with and then present some exciting and new information to them related to the topic. This will engage your audience.

  • Always Consider Your Interests: Since you have to write and prepare the speech topic, choose a topic that you are passionate to write about. Choose your area of expertise so that you can present the audience with such information that they are not aware of and find useful. It will also keep you motivated and exciting throughout your writing journey. It is your passion that will keep you engaged and curious to learn.

  • Keep in Mind the Length Requirements: While choosing your informative speech topic, it is essentially important to focus on the recommended length of the speech. Also, you must be aware of how much time is being allotted for delivering your informative speech. The length requirement of the speech is directly related to the amount of relevant material that you have on the topic.

List of Some Good Informative Speech Topics:

Here we have presented a list of some interesting informative speech topics that you can customize as per the situation. You can customize them however you like or as the situation demands.

Informative Speech Topics for College Students

  • How to improve your communication skills?
  • Is practical knowledge more useful than theory?
  • What psychological tactics can be used in marketing and advertising?
  • How to convince yourself to take a big step in life?
  • Is changing your fate possible?
  • Ways to control temper in difficult situations
  • How to prevent yourself from college dropout?
  • Discuss some advantages of getting a college degree.
  • Ways to prepare yourself for a college or job interview
  • Is single life better than being in a relationship?
  • Journalism is the key to fight corruption
  • Role of incentives on employee motivation
  • The popularity of the English language in the entire world
  • What is the truth about foster care in America
  • Tolerance is equivalent to love- Discuss

Informative Speech Topics for High School

  • How sympathy is indifferent to empathy?
  • Discuss the existence of the Bermuda Triangle
  • Do boys procrastinate more than the girls do?
  • What is the relationship between physical work and slavery?
  • Homeschooling is a better option for students. Arguments for and against it
  • How to set goals for yourself and achieve them?
  • Discuss some effective ways to concentrate on your studies
  • How to identify toxic friends?
  • Discuss the most effective way to resolve conflicts
  • How technology helps you in becoming creative?
  • What are some of the fastest-growing careers?
  • What are things that make your life meaningful?
  • How anyone can direct a movie?
  • Is it possible to ace your way through school life?
  • Do you think that parents should have a better understanding of their children?

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Informative Speech Topics for Technology

  • How technology has ruined human communication?
  • The negative impact of brutal video games on kids
  • Discuss the present and future developments in Robotics
  • Discuss the groundbreaking technological discoveries of 2020
  • How human interaction is deteriorated as a result of technology?
  • It is dangerous to include a lot of your personal information on social media
  • Discuss some amazing ways to prevent computer viruses
  • Ways in which satellite aids in communication
  • How social media affects our everyday existence?
  • Ways in which satellites aid in communication

Informative Speech Topics for Science

  • Charles Darwin’s contribution to science
  • Transhumanism and the history of humanity
  • How to isolate nicotine from tobacco?
  • The evolution of genetic mutations
  • Discuss the most recent findings in astronomy
  • What are the most effective techniques for catching butterflies?
  • Humanity is still undergoing evolution
  • Discuss some fascinating information regarding our brain
  • Why hunting whales ought to be prohibited?
  • Achievements of Albert Einstein

Informative Speech Topics for Sports

  • Role of sports in developing positive self-esteem in children
  • Hunting should not be considered as a sport
  • Is sponsoring too important for sports events to take place?
  • Is cheerleading an actual sport?
  • How sports help in improving our mental well-being?
  • What are the differences between Canadian and American football?
  • Hockey or Netball: Which is more dangerous?
  • Discuss some benefits of indulging in sports for all age groups
  • Is it unhealthy to participate in competitive sports as a child?
  • Sports obsession is unhealthy

Informative Speech Topics for Self-Assistance

  • Ways to enhance your conversational abilities
  • Discuss the significance of being yourself
  • How to develop a strong determination and enhance them?
  • Ways to make your first impression a great one
  • How to establish a target and establish them?
  • How do your activities decide your future?
  • How to overcome your bad habits?
  • How to become more passionate about your goals?
  • Ways to improve your oratorical abilities
  • How to present yourself confidently in a job interview?

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Fun Informative Speech Topics

  • Robots are making humans lazier than ever before
  • Mid-life crisis is a common excuse used by different people nowadays
  • Why men should stop wearing skinny jeans?
  • Is French the sexiest accent?
  • Why some people find offensive jokes quite funny?
  • Lying without getting caught is a talent
  • Are fathers cooler than moms?
  • Why most of the rich people are miserable?
  • Some excellent ways to skip class
  • What women really mean when they say “I don’t know?”

Informative Speech Topics for Animals

  • Why stray dogs should be eliminated from the face of the world?
  • Are dogs better pets than cats?
  • Using animals in a circus should be banned
  • Should animals be used to test beauty products?
  • Animal fighting games should be banned worldwide
  • Does having pets make children more responsible?
  • Why horses should be used for transportation purposes?
  • Is it ethical to keep birds in cages?
  • How eating pork is dangerous for an individual’s health?
  • Marine animals should not be kept in captivity

Unique Informative Speech Topics

  • Pros and Cons of colonizing Mars
  • Can video blogs be compared to new age diaries?
  • Does the movies based on true stories not actually true?
  • Why learning computer languages are quite useful nowadays?
  • How should you effectively deal with a bullied child?
  • What are some of the best online jobs for students?
  • How to smartly pay off student loans in 10 years?
  • Legalization of assisted suicide
  • Why men enjoy action movies while women lean towards romantic comedies?
  • How to develop a positive relationship in life?

Informative Speech Topics for History

  • The beginning and end of the Second World War
  • Discuss the impact of American colonialism
  • What are the most splendid paintings ever created and discuss about it
  • The role of Jawaharlal Nehru in the autonomy of India
  • The history of the Industrial Revolution
  • The evolution of Indian civilization
  • The historical evolution of miniature trains
  • The historical evolution of the Native American populations
  • The history of the Extremists
  • The most insane regulations in history

Controversial Informative Speech Topics

  • Why the crime rates are increasing on college campuses?
  • Physician-Assisted suicide for terminally ill patients
  • What are the reasons for cryptocurrency becoming more and more popular nowadays?
  • Do the existence of ghosts is real?
  • Discuss some near-death experiences
  • Discuss the corruption in the police force
  • What are the benefits of Unemployment Insurance
  • How college students can get good internships?
  • What is the need of creating nuclear weapons if they can destroy human lives?
  • How to keep your closet organized all the time?
  • What advantages do you get from pleading guilty?

Informative Speech Topics for Society

  • How changing fashion trends are destroying the youth of our time?
  • Effects of prejudices on our society
  • How segregated aboriginal populations live?
  • The feminist movements and its misunderstandings
  • Ways of protecting LGBT young people
  • How to deal with natural calamities?
  • Is it a good idea to judge people on the basis of their looks?
  • Money does not represent an indicator of fortune
  • Why dogs are often regarded as our best friends?
  • Discuss the adverse effects of not speaking against aggression

Informative Speech Topics for Environment

  • How recycling process helps in diminishing the greenhouse effect?
  • Why it has become essential to reduce, reutilize, and recycle?
  • Is the rain forest on the verge of extinction?
  • What are the negative impacts of water contamination?
  • The outcome of inadequate use of our limited natural resources
  • Advantages of organic agriculture in modern times
  • Why is it essential to preserve energy?
  • The impact of domestic as well as commercial garbage on our environment
  • Why the shortage of water constitutes to be a grave issue?
  • What are the reasons behind producing genetically transformed harvests?

Informative Speech Topics Related to Health

  • Importance of doing adequate stretching before a physical workout
  • The consequence of consuming fast foods on people
  • What are the beneficial effects of transplanting organs from animals to people?
  • Why it is essentially important to ingest vitamins and minerals?
  • Discuss some tactics for having a healthy alimentation
  • The importance of childhood cancer acknowledgment

  • Xenophobia as a universal problem
  • How to avert toxic substances in ailments?
  • How working out helps in fighting against several health issues?
  • Discuss the problems that might occur in high-risk gravidity

Hope that by going through this list of good informative speech topics, you will be able to find a topic of your interest. Once you have chosen the topic, now start putting all your efforts into doing research work and writing the speech.

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