The GavelGap in the US: A Serious Concern

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Nov 23, 2021

As per the essay writer, diversity has long been a significant part of the judicial system of the US. Here you will get the details of demographics as well as the methodology on the diversity in the courts of the US. Upon judging them, troubling differences were found in the composition related to the gender and the race of the people in there. This particular disparity is known as the GavelGap.

  • Women in the US take up about 46% of the total population but only 37% of women form the state judges. #Gavelgap needs to be stopped.
  • People of color form 33% of the total population but only 28% of the state judges. Stop the  #GavelGap
  • This diversity comes into play as more than 90% of the cases are first tried in the various state courts

Download The GavelGap Data and The Entire Reports to Know More

In order to get the immediate resolve for various matters related to justice and law, people approach the state courts at the first level. But hardly a lot is known about the state court judges bereft of their powerful and central role. You can get these data from any good essay writing services, who will provide you with various literature on this topic. Unlike the federal court judges, most of the information that is relevant is non-public and also not being collected, in many states, in a systematic manner. The significance of this lack of information is that there exists important implications about the background of the judges regarding their conduct in the court and the decisions they make in a case.


This is a serious concern that needs to be understood properly by all and sundry and to ease this out we have made a report on the diversity in the American courts. Separate judicial biographies on each of the states have been created and piled up in one dataset. This dataset includes the details about 10,000 presently sitting state judges, having the jurisdiction over all the 50 states. This data is mostly being used to examine the ethic composition, racial composition and the gender of the state court and then it being compared with the entire population in each of the states. The thing that was remarkably observed after this dataset was observed well is that the courts do not act as the representatives of the population they serve. This disparity is called the GavelGap. To know more you can get the expert essay help to get the proper details about the subject and draft a good report on this.

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