Tips from Experts on How to Write A Great Expository Essay

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  • Sep 13, 2020

When compared to other essays, a good expository essay is a bit challenging to write because writing these essays require a well-organized work and a proper understanding of the purpose of doing so. As the name literally suggests, here you need to expose the facts to the readers about the work that is being asked to. What matters here is that you need to gather the facts on a certain topic and present it to the readers in an exposition. In expository writing, there is no place for considering your opinion and this makes this writing simpler.

It is best to use third-person narrative at the time of writing expository essays, but in some instances, the second person narrative is also acceptable.

What is Expository Essay?

An expository essay is a popular genre of writing where you need to illustrate or clarify something through investigation and proper evaluation. These essays investigate an idea, expand it, offer arguments, and make the concept clear for everyone by presenting every idea and opinion in a very simple language. This is one of the most frequent types of academic writings that are assigned to colleges and universities.

The main aim of writing these types of essays is to provide an explanation of the topic to the readers in a straightforward or logical manner. Though the term sounds unfamiliar to you, yet you are very much familiar with expository writings as you might have found it in the how-to manuals, newspaper articles, and instructional guides.

While writing an expository essay, you need to support the topic with the help of examples, explanations, plenty of facts, details, etc, and that too in a logical and organized manner. Some details that can help you out in writing expository essays include:

  • Comparisons
  • Descriptive details
  • Definitions
  • Charts and graphs
  • Quotations
  • Anecdotes
  • Statistics

5 Major Types of Expository Essays

Expository essays cover the major part among other types of essays as it comes with multiple variations. During the different phases of academic careers and different academic levels, students used to write different types of expository essays. Here we are discussing the 5 most popular types of expository essays.

  1. Definition or Descriptive Essays: These descriptive essays generally provide us information that explains the meaning of any concept, a term or a word. The topic can be either related to an abstract term or to a concrete subject. This definition essay not only discusses the literary definition of the word or term but also tell about its associations or connotations that the word usually suggests.
  2. Cause and Effect Essays: This cause and effect essay identifies and discusses the relation between two or more subjects. However, it focuses on why things happened and tells us what happens as an effect of that. It clearly explains the concept of how things depend upon each other and how do they affect each other.
  3. Classification Essays: In these types of essays, a broad topic is chosen and broken down into different categories. Here the writer systematically organizes the essay by starting with the most general subject and then proceeds further by defining and providing instances of each specific classification in the different essay body paragraphs.
  4. Process Essays: The process analysis essays describe the step-by-step procedure of doing something. For this reason, it is also known as problem/solution essay or “how-to” essays. In these types of essays, generally, the writer describes a problem and then instructs the readers with probable steps to solve it.
  5. Compare and Contrast Essays: These compare and contrast essays allow you to analyze any two or more subjects, concepts, findings critically and explains the similarities as well as differences between them.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Writing Expository Essays

Writing an expository essay requires good research and organizational skills. It’s not that easy to develop a well-written expository essay, it requires lots of effort. You need to check the statistics and facts, edit the language to make it clear and concise, redraft, and edit the text throughout several times. Here a five-step process has been provided by our professionals at EduHelpHub that will help to master this type of essay writing.

  1. Prewriting: This is one of the most crucial phases for students as here they brainstorm about the main concept and the topic. After that, you need to do proper research work, take down relevant notes, and create an outline that will show the representation of information arranged in sequential order.

  2. Drafting: Now proceed to create an initial draft that requires much attention. Creating an essay outline includes writing an essay introduction, a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Since it is an expository composition, try to avoid “I” or “you” in the sentences. As in these types of essays, students discuss any particular situation or event, it should be written in the third person, like, He, She or It.

  3. Revising: In this phase, students use to revise and review their own work in order to make it the best. They reorganize their work and make modifications as and when necessary. So, while revising, you should consider these points:
  • Is your essay analysis is unbiased using relevant examples?
  • Does the information been effectively and clearly conveyed to the reader?
  • Are proper transitions have been made between paragraphs and sentences that will help the reader in better understanding?
  • Do key supporting ideas have been properly discussed in the body paragraph?

Once you have verified your work, now you can proceed to proofread it and find where you have made mistakes unknowingly.

  1. Editing: Once you have completed proofreading your essay, you should make relevant corrections in grammar and syntax. Also, you should edit your essay for improving its clarity and style. Make sure that your essay should be written in a clear and concise manner so that the readers feel engaging. Also, if you want to edit it using a different perspective, then all you need to do is ask suggestions from your tutor.

  2. Publishing: After you have an edited and error-free version of your essay, now it’s ready to publish. It is quite obvious that a writer will feel sensitive towards his/her work and that’s the reason why he/she feels both intimidating as well as excited. But the most significant thing is to feel confident, use feedback to make improvements in the later essay, and keep in mind the lessons you learnt from your experience.

Typical Structure of Expository Essay Writing

Similar to other essays, the essay structure of expository writings follows a five-paragraph format. Here the introductory paragraph consists of the main idea or thesis, followed by the next three paragraphs as the body of the essay where details have been provided in favor of the thesis. Last but not least, there is a conclusion that restates the thesis statement and binds the major part of the essay altogether.

Consider the suggestions provided below to write a good Expository essay:

  • Start the introduction with a topic sentence that states the thesis of the essay. It is the most important sentence and thus should be clearly stated without taking a position. A well-defined thesis statement should be subsequently addressed in five essay paragraphs.
  • The body paragraph should possess the points stated in the thesis and must be interconnected to each other. All three paragraphs in the body section cover individual points that help in developing the thesis of the essay. In each paragraph, supporting evidence and examples should be presented that will support the topic of the paragraph.
  • The essay conclusion should be written in such a way that it restates the thesis and main supporting ideas. It is advised not to introduce any new element in the concluding part.

This is the basic structure of an expository essay, but it can be modified as per the requirements or under specific guidelines provided by the instructor.

An Outstanding Expository Essay Example

If you follow the above-stated instructions, then it will help you in easing your process of how to write an essay. But learning through examples is one of the best ways to get a detailed idea about a structure or the pattern of writing an essay. So, to help you in getting started, here our pool of experts at EduHelpHub has provided an excellent expository essay example.

Let’s take an example and try to explore an essay associated with social issues. If you were asked to discuss the social precursors to addiction, then you can start writing a thesis statement that may exemplify like this:

“A significant number of social forerunners to illicit drug use start at home. This doesn’t state that each one who is addicted had a terrible childhood. Addiction dives into steady and flimsy homes in the same way. What starts as a bolster can transform into lifelong confinement, and no one is invulnerable. This paper will audit three instances of addiction examined in a program held last week.”

Some Unique Expository Essay Topics

When you think of choosing an expository essay topic, make sure to select the one that meets the requirements of your instructor as well as attracts your audience. Though you have the option to choose topics from different spheres like movies, politics, social media, education, law, health, etc., it is advised not to choose too general topics.

It is recommended to be specific while choosing any expository essay topic and you should narrow down your research sphere. To help you with some practicing topics, our EduHelpHub team has provided you with some unique topics listed below:

  • Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget
  • The Influence of computer games on kids
  • How to stop bullying in educational institutions?
  • How not to become a shopping addicted person?
  • Tips and Tricks to manage your valuable time
  • Impact of the internet on modern communications
  • The book that has changed my perception of looking at the world
  • Why not everyone can become a great leader?
  • How emotions help us in overcoming difficulties?

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