120+ Captivating Essays Topics for Your Essay Writing

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  • Sep 21, 2020

An essay is a piece of writing that is written basically from the perception of an author or a writer. Essays are quite similar to that of a pamphlet, story, thesis, etc. The best part of the essay is that you can write essays using any type of language, be it formal or informal. Also, it can be either autobiography or a biography of someone.

But it has been found that high school and college students often face difficulties while coming up with good essays topics. If you are also one of them, then follow this article to the end. Here we have provided a large collection of essay topics for all levels of students, ranging from kids to college students. Also, we have listed out essays topics from different categories, like argumentative essays, cause and effect essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays, and so on. So, keep reading.

List of Popular Essay Topics from Different Categories

One needs to spend hours writing a good essay which is difficult and boring, but brainstorming excellent essay topic ideas can be even more confusing. To help you in getting started with writing essays, here our team of experts at EduHelpHub has categorized a list of different types of essays. You can go through these essays topics and choose the best or most suitable for you to write essays.

Expository Essay Topics

In an expository essay, you need to clarify your topics in the best way possible so that the readers get a clear idea about what you want to explain. To help you with this essay, we have prepared an extensive list of expository essay topics.

  • Some unconventional ways of relieving stress
  • Consequences of consuming alcoholic drinks within the school campus
  • Explain how the advancement in science and technology has improved the quality of human life
  • How does the use of drugs affect the relationship?
  • Why the youth and teenagers are committing suicide?
  • Why do people want to pursue their desired career?
  • The impact of music on the youth
  • Do global warming causes skin cancer?
  • The influence of pets on your life
  • Discuss some major stress factors that affect a teenager’s life

Persuasive Essay Topics

In a persuasive essay, the writer needs to convince the readers of their point of view. For your convenience, we have provided a list of good persuasive essay topics.

  • Isn’t Vlogging a good profession to count on?
  • Should schools reduce the workload on students?
  • Is it okay for the employers to go through the social media profiles of the candidates?
  • Is LinkedIn helpful enough for finding a job?
  • Is social media platform is playing a big role in increasing business opportunities?
  • Should teachers also pass a professional exam like students?
  • Should gambling be banned in the United States?
  • Should sex education be mandatory in high schools?
  • Abortions should be banned worldwide
  • Should energy drinks be banned in schools and colleges?

Argumentative Essay Topics

While writing an argumentative essay, you need to research the topics in greater detail. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best essay topics argumentative.

  • Should the government make more improvements in the facility provided for people with physical disabilities?
  • Should rape victims abort their unborn child?
  • Should individuals who have failed at parenting be punished?
  • Does technology has its impact on making people feel more isolated?
  • Should social media platform owners monitor and block comments that contain obscene languages?
  • Should school students be allowed to curate their high school curriculum?
  • Should girls be motivated to take part in sports?
  • The death sentence should be implemented globally
  • Is it possible that a time will arrive when there will be no further technological advancements?
  • Should fathers get equal paternity leave?

Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is all about sharing your personal experiences through the medium of a story. Some common narrative essay topics are stated hereunder.

  • A week without the use of any technology and internet
  • Impact of rejection on your life
  • Discuss an achievement that is beyond your academic life
  • An experience of that has left you helpless
  • An act of kindness that seems unforgettable to you
  • The influence of technology on your life and hobbies
  • A day when you rebelled against your parents
  • The contribution of the teachers in making the person that you are today
  • Discuss the school lesson that has had the biggest influence on your life
  • An experience when you realized that looks can be deceiving

Descriptive Essay Topics

In a descriptive essay, you need to use sensory information for describing a thing and engaging your readers. Here are some great descriptive essays topics that you can take look into.

  • A popular book series that you don’t find interesting enough and has disappointed you
  • Describe a place that has its existence only in your imagination
  • Describe the most amazing piece of art that you have ever seen
  • Describe an experience that has changed your life forever
  • An experience of your first trip abroad
  • Describe how you feel meeting a famous personality whom you always wished to meet
  • Describe your experience of falling in love
  • Describe how life will be in 2050
  • Discuss the most important event in American History
  • Describe the person who is responsible for making a huge difference in your life

Controversial Essay Topics

Check out this captivating list of controversial and debatable topics for essays, quite common in colleges and universities.

  • What are the practices and policies that affect students?
  • Pros and Cons of Monarchy
  • Should the third world war be prevented by the US and Russian governments?
  • Should anyone be considered above the law?
  • Is gun control effective in reducing crimes?
  • Is society over-regulated?
  • Same-sex marriage and constitutional law
  • What are the most corrupt countries in the world?
  • Are men afraid of making commitments?
  • Rules on Political Activities by Federal Employees

Research Essay Topics

In a research essay, you should choose a broad topic so that you can easily compose it. Some of the selected research essay topics are provided below.

  • How has the divorce rate changed in the past decade and why?
  • Do children who attend pre-school perform better in academics?
  • How the studies of children get affected by technology and gadgets?
  • Do students learn better in a same-sex school?
  • Are universities nowadays becoming business driven?
  • Analyze the relationship between North Korea and the United States of America
  • The universities should provide accommodations to the disabled students
  • Should schools allow students to use smartphones in class?
  • Discuss the events that are causing an increase in terrorism
  • The effects of violent cartoons on children

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

While writing a compare and contrast essay, you should properly evaluate the similarities as well as the dissimilarities between the two subjects taken into consideration. Some of the remarkable topics for compare and contrast essay are as follows:

  • Which one is worse: Consequences of tsunami or earthquake?
  • Education vs. Profession: Which one is more difficult?
  • Spending your time daydreaming vs. Living a real life
  • Studying for a higher degree or Doing part-time work: Which has more value in today’s life?
  • Fashion today vs. Fashion twenty years ago
  • Getting married at a young age vs. at an old age
  • How the argumentative essay is different from that of a persuasive essay?
  • Causes of first world war vs. Causes of second world war
  • How the life of unemployed students are different from that of students with a part-time job
  • Compare and contrast between TOEFL and SAT

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

If you are seeking some funny argumentative essay topics, then you can choose any of the topics provided in the list below.

  • Do women pretend that they enjoy sports?
  • What are the things that prevent you from completing your homework in time
  • Discuss the funny things that you might have noticed in wedding ceremonies
  • Why people like watching funny videos?
  • Are school dropouts the best in our society?
  • What is the better way of getting things done on time?
  • What are the things that guys do that girls hate?
  • How to make fun of someone and annoy them
  • Why spam mails should be your favorite mails in the mailbox?
  • How to prevent yourself from shopping online?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

A cause and effect essay is a type of expository essay that explains why something happens and the consequences of those happenings. Here are a few well-suited cause and effect essay that you can refer to.

  • Cause and effect of depression in the workplace
  • What causes suicidal thoughts in youngsters and their consequences?
  • Discuss the effects of Feminism Movement
  • Effects of homeschooling on children
  • Discuss the causes of eating disorders and their effects
  • How children are affected by divorce?
  • Effect of social media on youth
  • Effects of global warming and climate change
  • How social media has affected relationships among families?
  • Causes of sibling rivalry and its consequences

In case, you need help for writing any of the above-mentioned academic essays, then you can contact our team of professionals at EduHelpHub for reliable college essay help.

Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Processed foods should not be made a part of school meal
  • Every student must have some chores at home
  • Students should read newspapers and use them as a research tool
  • Everyone should spend a year doing community service
  • How students should spend their summer vacation?
  • Violence against women in India
  • How spontaneity and discipline can improve your life?
  • How kindness is the most valuable personal trait?
  • Who is more responsible for the bribe: Giver or Taker?
  • Should students get limited access to the Internet?

Essay Topics for High School

  • How being organized helps you in improving your life and make you more efficient?
  • Should joining the armed forces be an individual’s decision or choice?
  • Discuss how listening to music increases work efficiency
  • Do embarrassing moments help in boosting your confidence?
  • Being honest has more disadvantages than advantages
  • Should the use of mobile phones and iPods be restricted?
  • Organ trafficking should be banned
  • Discuss the advancements in the Medical Technology
  • Discuss the role of media in communicating information
  • How to deal with the overpopulation issue in the world?

Essay Topics for College Students

  • The taxation system should be amended around the globe for increasing its effectiveness
  • Children should not be the target audience in advertisements
  • Pros and Cons of virtual online classes
  • Is there any need to reform the education system in the colleges?
  • Persons with a history of mental illness should not be allowed to purchase firearms.
  • Do feminists play a major role in improving the workforce for women effectively?
  • The use of assault weapons should not be legal
  • Eco-friendly living and Sustainable Development
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of the citizens of the country?
  • How e-commerce has influenced the traditional market?

Hopefully, after going through this exclusive list of essays topics, you must have selected the best topic for your essay.

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