Introducing the Basic Components of An Essay Introduction

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  • Aug 23, 2020

The very first thought that comes to your mind upon thinking about a particular subject or topic should largely make up the Introduction to your essay. Much alike any book, an essay should contain an introductory ‘foreword’ in lieu of rendering the topic more accessible to the common crowd. This is where the element of preparing a good essay Introduction comes into action!

How to Introduce an Essay Introduction?

Wondering how to write an essay Introduction? Well wonder no more! The Introduction or the first line of the essay Introduction should be a quirky, attention-grabbing line that hooks the readers to follow through and take interest in what is about to unfold through the pages of your essay or research paper.

This attention-grabbing line is often termed as a ‘hook’ as it tries to hook the readers to your essay. While coming up with the very first sentence of your Introduction, i.e. while introducing the Introduction to your essay, it is imperative to put concerned effort behind it and consult the tenets of how to start an Introduction. It is not mandatory to come up with the world’s best joke or the funniest thing someone has ever printed on an academic paper, but be mindful that it is, after all, the USP of engagement and public interaction with your essay. Thus, it is advisable not to throw in dictionary definitions or broad statements like ‘Since the beginning of time…’ as an essay introduction starter. You may use short, catchy lines that makes the readers focus their attention to whatever is about to follow.

Expert Tips on Framing an Attention-Grabbing Hook

  1. Use strange facts or shocking statistics about the subject of your essay to rope the readers in.
  2. You may include rhetorical questions that might interest your readers to know more.
  3. Intriguing quotations, by individuals of significance, on the subject matter of your essay.
  4. A personal anecdote related to the core idea/subject of your essay always works as a relatable factor for the readers.

Core Elements of an Essay Introduction

The Introduction to your essay should clarify the subject matter that is being dealt with and also provide background information on the main topic. The structure of the Introduction, irrespective of the type of essay you are writing, should be of an Inverted Pyramid shape, which we will come back to shortly. 

Quick Points To Elucidate In The Essay Introduction Section

  • Background and Context : The readers should be aware of the core components that make up your central idea, the concepts to be implied in the course of the essay and basic information about the elements of the argument and central idea should be clear to the readers for an effortless comprehensive experience.
  • Scope : This consists of the- who, what, where, why and how of the essay. Detailed information need not be explained in the Introduction itself, but the readers should be provided a glimpse of the core components that is to follow and its corresponding contexts.
  • Thesis Statement : The thesis statement of an essay or the contention statement is the answer to the essay question or the essay problem that has been advocated by the faculty. The Thesis Statement is instrumental in preparing the whole structure of the essay and placing the correct arguments in support of it. The thesis statement should be precise and objective and should represent an idea, not an event or situation. The clarity and profundity of the thesis statement dictates the rhythm and pace of the whole essay and how the arguments are organized and to what effect.

Structure of the Essay Introduction

As touched upon earlier, the structure of the Introduction should ideally be one of an Inverted Pyramid.

  • Broad at the top : The base of the pyramid should be broad, that is, the essay Introduction should start with a hook to reel your readers in followed by a broad statement or issue. This issue should be discussed upon in an abridged version, because we do not want to give any extra specifications away in the Introduction itself.
  • Tapered at the bottom :  This should be followed by a less expansive essay question that would describe the main theme and concern of the essay, that is, the purpose of the essay, this should be answered objectively by the thesis statement
  • Distinguished ending to the Essay Introduction :  The last portion of your Introduction should be the Thesis Statement of your essay, also known as the contention statement and establishes a perspective in answering the essay question. Stating your position on the topic is the most significant detail of the Introduction to your essay.  
essay Introduction Pyramid concept
Here is a diagrammatic representation of an essay Introduction example that simplifies the Inverted Pyramid concept

Outline the Significant Landmarks in Your Essay Introduction

An essay Introduction could be concluded with an overview of the chapters that are to follow the Introduction section. You can roughly mark the essay Introduction outline by significant points that are to unfold as the reader traverses through the body content. Providing a glimpse of the chapters is crucial for imposing an idea of the essence of your essay.

Introduction of An Essay in A Nutshell

In inference, let us re-iterate the essentials of writing an Introduction for your essay in some simple steps:

  • An Essay Introduction is the foremost interaction a reader makes with your paper
  • Irrespective of how long is an essay, the Introduction should clarify the subject matter and familiarize the readers to its core components
  • The Introduction of your essay should provide profound context and background information to the central ideas to create a convincing initiation for your essay
  • The Introduction should define any special terms or concepts before proceeding with explaining the ideas
  • The essay format template should be followed for all its sections
  • The essay Introduction starter should be a hook that attracts the attention of your audience
  • Irrespective of the format of the essay, the Introduction should follow an Inverted Pyramid strategy to organize the essential points, such as the Thesis statement and essay question. 
  • The Introduction should contain a glimpse of the chapters that are to follow for proper clarity and comprehensive experience.
  • The essay Introduction should be concise, objective and not include any expansive digression
  • An essential correspondent to the essay introduction paragraph, for example, the essay conclusion paragraph also bears distinct similarities between the two.

At last! You are finally all set to pen down the Introduction to your essay, once you gain momentum, the other parts will follow smoothly! Learning how to write an essay introduction was that easy!

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