3 Compelling Definition Essay Examples Along with Analysis

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  • Sep 08, 2020

Writing a definition essay can be deceivingly difficult as here you need to define a term an idea or concept comprehensively. The main objective of writing these essays is to define a particular term as per the dictionary explanation as well as in a bit extended form. This is what makes this writing complex. In this blog, we will explain what a definition essay is and also provide some definition essay examples to make your idea clear upon this topic. So, keep reading!

What is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is a type of expository essay where the writer not only defines the exact meaning of a term but also provides a comprehensive explanation of it. In simpler words, a definition essay not only defines the concept or an idea literally but also connotatively. It provides specific, crisp, and clear information about the term and also presents some examples associated with the term to clarify it. While doing so, it follows a typical, standard essay format which includes both the definition of the term as well as a proper analysis of the term.

Pro Tips to Follow Before Writing a Definition Essay:

Before you focus on the examples of definition essay, check out these practical tips and tricks suggested by our professionals at EduHelpHub to figure out the overall process of writing a definition essay.

  • Pick the Right Term for Your Essay: When you are writing a great definition essay, it is important for you to focus on the right term or topic. Make sure that the term that you are choosing for your definition essay is disputable; possess complex meaning and means differently to different people.

  • Create A Catchy Hook: Writing about some abstract terms in your essay can often be boring. So, for taking your essay to the next level, you need to grab the reader’s attention and create a catchy hook. The hook should be interesting, creative, and relevant to the topic. Moreover, it should be present in the first line of the essay introduction, well connects with the introduction, and corresponding to the style of the essay.

  • Write A Strong Thesis Statement : The thesis statement should be clear and concise enough to reflect the main idea of the essay as well as your viewpoint to the readers. It should be logically present in a sentence within the introduction of your essay and serves as a guideline for the whole essay.

  • Should Present Arguments and Conflicts: Choose terms for your definition essay that causes a conflict of opinions and that is negotiable. Always try to present two or more than two points of view (they can be contrasting). If possible, provide examples that highlight your point of view and offer a better understanding of the term.

  • Conclude the Essay and Proofread It : Never underestimate the significance of writing essay conclusions. In conclusion, not only you should summarize the key points but also restate your thesis statement.

Once you have completed writing your essay, now you need to proofread it and check for grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. Also, make sure that you have properly followed the essay structure.

Now that you have become aware of the pro tips, you can easily proceed to the definition essay examples to see all of them in action.

Some Interesting and Extended Definition Essay Examples and Their In-Depth Analysis

Basically, there are two types of definition essays- the one that defines concrete concepts, while the other defines the abstract concept. By the term itself, you must have got an idea of what these essays could deal with.

Below our pool of research experts at EduHelpHub have provided some examples which will provide you a better understanding of how to write a definition essay. You can go through these examples before writing a definition essay.

Definition Essay Example 1

What is Considered as a Happy Life?

Happiness plays a vital role in our lives as it has a huge impact on the way we all live our lives. Though it is just a feeling yet it’s different for different people. Even researchers delve into this mystery to find out what actually it is and why it matters so much to us.

Earlier, it was believed that the word ‘happy’ comes from the word ‘lucky’, according to Etymology Online. So, perhaps our ancestors have considered happiness as a by-product of luck. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘happiness’ is being defined as ‘the state of being happy.’ Well, this is the simplest definition, but if you dive a little deeper, then you will find a bit detailed definition which suggests it as a “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.”

From this definition, we can come to the conclusion that happiness is just a state that is changeable. It is neither long-lasting nor permanent. It can be either an internal feeling or an external experience or can be both at the same time. In positive psychology research, happiness is also known as subjective well-being or SWB.

Some researchers like Ed Diener and Chu Kim-Prieto tried to define happiness scientifically. According to them, happiness is an aggregation of various emotional reactions at a time, a global assessment of life, or simply a recollection of past emotional experiences.

Even in psychology, there are different theories that conceptualize happiness, such as, Hedonic happiness (experiencing more pleasure and less pain) and Eudaimonia happiness (based on reaching one’s full potential).

Thus, it can be concluded that happiness is a sensory-based feeling that is characterized by satisfaction and feelings of contentment with one’s own life.


In this definition essay, various viewpoints of happiness have been presented before us. The essay introduces happiness and its value to the readers and then proceeds towards the explanation of different definitions of it. At last, it concludes with a generalized conceptualization of happiness that is based upon relevant facts and examples mentioned in the overall essay outline.

The best thing about this essay is that here different forms of happiness are described, starting from the etymological and literary definition to the psychological theories of it. Also, the arguments that are being presented here are taken from credible sources.

Definition Essay Example 2

What Freedom Actually Means?

Freedom actually refers to a state of independence where you can do what you want without any restrictions. Moreover, it is a state of mind where you feel the right from within to do what you like. In short, it can be said that freedom is a ‘zone of non-interference.’ It is the ability to act upon one’s will and to achieve your goals.

Different persons have different opinions on freedom and this is what makes it a vast topic to discuss. For instance, for a prisoner, freedom is a life out of prison; for a worker, it is the absence of pressure to work and enforcement from his supervisor and so on.

If we look from the political viewpoint, then freedom is considered as justice and fairness. It is defined as ‘liberalization from oppression’, that means, freedom from discrimination, freedom from racism, from the opposition, and many others. However, freedom never means to disregard or violate other rights. In modern society, freedom means accessibility to various needs, which includes access to food, money, and various services like healthcare, sanitization, etc.

If we consider freedom from the viewpoint of society, then freedom available to every individual is restricted. An individual is free to do such things that social customs and laws do not forbid him/her to do. Thus, a free society is distinguishable from other societies in terms of the level of restrictions that are being imposed upon freedom.

Therefore, we can say that freedom is not actually what we think of it. Moreover, it is an overall psychological concept upon which different persons have different views. In a broader sense, freedom is linked to happiness.


This analysis deals with another abstract concept, i.e., freedom. In the introduction part, the terminology is being generally defined, but as it proceeds the definition of freedom is defined through different points of view of different persons. Like, what is freedom for workers, for prisoners, what is it from the political point of view, what freedom is to society and what its meaning is in modern society?

Finally, the essay concludes by describing it as a psychological concept. Though the essay can a bit lengthier, this concise form also includes every piece of information in a well-organized manner. In a nutshell, here the term ‘freedom’ is defined on a broader outlook.

Definition Essay Example 3

What do Success Mean to us?

Success is one of the most desired things that we all want to experience in pursuit of our goals. It is so powerful that some of us want to conquer it, while others want to run behind it. But what is success? Is it the acquisition of money or fame? Well, it means differently to different peoples. Overall, it is the status of accomplishment of any objective or aim.

According to the Oxford dictionary, success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” But this is just the theoretical definition of success, in reality, or practically, it differs based upon an individual’s interest and objective. The concept of success is decided by analyzing what makes us happy what motivates us or rather provides us contentment.

Many people confuse ‘accomplishment’ with ‘success’, but they both differ in meaning. Accomplishment is actually the process to become successful, while success is the positive outcome or consequence of an achieved accomplishment. Success is a prime concern for every one of us, whether it’s in the academic field, personal or professional field.

Success, in its truest terms, refers to the understanding of our dreams and making those dreams come true by working joyfully. There are various ways to achieve success but the best way to nail success is by having a strong affirmative thought that we are already successful. One can easily follow success by following three factors- building confidence, following your passion, and discipline. No one can stop a person from achieving success if he/she sticks to these factors.

To conclude, success defines the sheer happiness and the peace of mind that a person achieves during their lifetime. It is to be kept in mind that only perseverance can lead a person towards a successful life.


This is another definition essay example dealing with an abstract concept, i.e., success. The introduction part of the essay seems so interesting and catchy that it can easily succeed in grabbing the attention of the readers. The body paragraph opens with a literary definition of ‘success’ and then it has been discussed that how success is different from that of accomplishment. Following this, there has been discussed various ways to achieve success and then the essay sums up with a generalized definition of what actually it is and what can lead a person towards a successful life.

These definition essay examples and their analysis are of great help. But if you are short on time and cannot follow these examples, then opt for our assignment help services. Here you will get customized assignments without wasting any time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Definition Essay

When you are attempting to write a definition essay, ensure not to make these common and silly mistakes.

  • Defining a term whose scope is too broad for the essay
  • Choosing quite well-known terms for your writing and that does not possess any conflicting interpretations
  • Neglecting to emphasize on the term that you are defining in your essay. This often makes the readers confused about what the essay is all about?
  • Trying to copy the definitions word by word. Never try to do this, as an alternative; you can try to reinterpret the meaning of the term. Create a new and unique definition by using your own thoughts.
  • Ignoring the importance of examples. No matter how clear your definition is, the readers might find it difficult to understand without any detailed examples.

Summing Up

Hope that after going through this write-up, you must have got enough ideas on how you can create and structure a great definition essay. The definition essay examples come as an answer to clarify all your queries and doubts.

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