Controversial Topics for Essays: 100 Prompts and Writing Strategy

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  • Jun 24, 2023

Whether it is a debate or a speech, controversial topics can always spark discussions. It is pretty evident that “Why are drag queens and kings so over the top in recent years?” is one of the keen topics in the current date. There may surely be different outlooks to support or oppose this type of concept. In short, issues like this allow the speakers or writers to talk about their perspectives on sensitive matters. If presented with a strong thesis on controversial topics, it can raise emotions, opinions, and arguments that has the potential to draw the attention of the audience much quicker as compared to other topics. Addressing such topics requires a delicate balance between initiating a discourse and stimulating an unwinnable conflict.

As simple as is the approach process, deciding on a topic can be as confusing. However, this article from essay writing service experts can walk you through the relevant details.

What is a Controversial Issue?

A topic is said to be controversial if it creates contrasting opinions. Some examples of this category are abortion, artificial intelligence, sex and sexuality, freedom of speech, politics, etc. The explanation of such a thesis may cause insecurity and discomforting responses. There may not be a definitive approach to proving points on debatable topics but finding supporting evidence for your arguments are available across the internet and other writing pieces. This shows how much people are curious to discuss and learn controversial topics.

You have to keep in mind that writing about such issues can lead to strong disagreement. Therefore, the motive is to strategize a speech topic that sells. This way, you will be able to induce the readers to stick to your explanation. It is only possible if you are comfortable with the chosen topic which will help decode your point of view in a more enthusiastic way. If writing an essay on such a topic proves challenging, feel free to directly ask us – ‘write my essay for me‘ or hire a writer from our online writing services for invaluable aid in your academic writing endeavors

What Makes a Topic Controversial?

  • It can be deduced from the upper sections that controversial topics must contain an enigma. There should not be any universal viewpoint on such topics because it should hold the chance of leading to an unacceptable theory. This ambiguity triggers divergent viewpoints that enable the writers to hook the readers till the end to understand how well you can justify your point.
  • Controversial topics usually have a societal impact, such as religion, gender, politics, race, or other sensitive issues. One should be confident enough to talk about exposing hidden truths that can affect the emotions and lives of people. You should keep in mind that writing on a controversial topic can have real-life consequences when discussing about the society.
  • Another characteristic is that it should have moral or ethical aspects that include personal independence, social justice, human rights, etc. It may persuade in clashing beliefs leading to thought-provoking closures.

How to Choose Controversial Topics for Essay, Speech, or Debate

How to write a strong essay, speech, or debate on a controversial topic? There are multiple aspects to underpin this question and one such essential is to find a topic that is based on a recent or current cause. It will be best if that particular topic is pertinent to your course in college or industry. You have to present your thoughts without any offensive dissensions, but by maintaining an objective approach. Read on to learn some more such tips and strategies.

  • Know the purpose first. Is it a written assignment? Are you about to participate in a debate competition at a college event? Are you supposed to present a speech? Or is it to encourage a group discussion? If the motive is clarified, it will be lucid on what type of concerned tactics to use, i.e., funny, thoughtful, entertaining, or some other style.
  • How will it seem if you teach what is book report to healthcare students? It’s totally inappropriate, isn’t it? This is why you should be aware of your audience and depending on that you must acknowledge their field of interest as a whole.
  • Select controversial topics by narrowing down an issue. Suppose, take an instance of sexuality or gender neutrality. In that context, you can cut it short to a much more specific area like discussing about cross-dressing culture or other related issues. Remember, that whatever you are writing about must have a professional approach with ample evidence. Any type of emotionally attached topic should always have an unbiased exploration.
  • It becomes much easier to express when you write in something that you have good knowledge of. Not necessarily the controversial topics should have a critical side. The main thing is that as a researcher and writer, do you feel interested and comfortable talking about such an arguable topic?
  • The chosen controversial topics should avail enough credible sources to clarify your thesis statement. If it is about writing an essay or scholarly journal, then take into account that it might inspire more similar studies. Therefore, you must take reference only from authentic sources which will in return demonstrate that you are fully prepared and well-knowledgeable about the research rules and the quality of the details provided.

Post these steps is the writing process. Always begin with your take on the issue followed by what like-minded people have already said on a similar matter. Write about its moral grounds or respective threats whichever backs your statement the best. Last but not least, include an overview of the issue assessing both the angles of verification and denial of the concept.

100 Argumentative Essay Topics on Controversy

Our experts have prepared a list of argumentative essay topics that can boost the engagement of the readers. The following topics are a mix of both timeless issues, as well as specific to 2023. This will ease you to choose a topic that befits your criteria.

Controversial Topics on Science and Technology

  1. Why is human cloning unethical?
  2. Are modern technologies disrupting the quality of education?
  3. Is an animal-tested product effective on human skin?
  4. The upbringing of a non-biological child can influence existing genes
  5. The harmful effects of nuclear testing
  6. The scientific significance of a superstition
  7. Are inaccurate GPT detectors ruining the quality and efficiency of student skills?
  8. Should the internet restrict its censorship more in academia?
  9. Electronic news is the root of misinformation
  10. Companies should hire employees only through online interviews

Controversial Topics on Healthcare

  1. Is eating non-vegetarian dishes a type of animal cruelty?
  2. If fasting is healthy, will it also benefit children?
  3. Should minors have the right to take medical decisions in certain circumstances?
  4. Which is better and more effective? Homeopathy or allopathic treatments?
  5. The advertising ethics of tobacco and alcohol
  6. Should magic mushrooms be legalized across the US for their medicinal properties?
  7. Should the government provide free medical care to its citizens?
  8. State how academic pressure leads to suicidal tendencies
  9. Pros and cons of testing drugs on humans
  10. Can the change in the prison environment bring positive changes in the behaviors of the prisoners?

Controversial Topics on Education

  1. Should there be monetary benefits at the end of each academic year for students who show improved performance?
  2. Should US schools mandate wearing uniforms daily?
  3. Why is co-education preferred more than single-gendered schools?
  4. Why teaching sex education ineffective without teaching self-defense in schools?
  5. Should there be more armed security on college premises to protect students?
  6. Vocation education is more important than academic courses in present times. Justify
  7. Should surveillance be made compulsive schools and colleges for more safety?
  8. Homeschooling restricts the development of social and creative skills. Justify
  9. Which should be emphasized more – physical education or foreign language?
  10. How are schools responsible for the poor grades of their students?

Controversial Topics on Ethics

  1. Should being extremely rich be considered unethical?
  2. Does education influence the ethical behavior of a person?
  3. Is hunting as bad as poaching?
  4. Should the concept of zoos be prohibited?
  5. Can the use of VPNs be declared ethical?
  6. Why sensitive movies must not be banned by the censor board?
  7. Should selective artworks of artists be censored by the government?
  8. Should brain-dead individuals be kept alive? How long can be considered moral?
  9. Has religion anything to do with business ethics?
  10. Can it be said that the ethics of each hierarchy in management differ from one another?

Controversial Topics on Religion

  1. Is God’s existence a matter of faith or a matter of evidence?
  2. Is there a role of religion in policymaking?
  3. Should religious books be a part of the syllabus in schools and colleges?
  4. Can having faith in prayers show miracles in incurable diseases?
  5. Can religion be considered the leading cause of political clashes?
  6. Has Christianity shown more acceptance to LGBTQ+ community than other religions?
  7. Does Islam have more unity than Hinduism?
  8. Can reading the Bhagavad Gita, a religious book of Hindus, help in focus quality and spiritual growth?
  9. Do religions promote diversity or division?
  10. Should religious symbols in public places be restricted?

Controversial Topics on Psychology

  1. Should schools and colleges conduct IQ tests for their students more often?
  2. How can we conclude that homosexuality is just a mere psychological condition?
  3. Why are there more music and lyrics dedicated to women?
  4. Can sleep less really cause body weight gain?
  5. Can the choice of food influence behavior?
  6. Does knowing the academic history of students help teachers in evaluating them better?
  7. Does birth control affect the personality of the children?
  8. Can lesser working hours lead to employees’ productivity?
  9. Is there a difference in attitude between employees who wear formal attire and employees who wear casual outfits?
  10. Is online shopping increasing the spending of individuals?

Controversial Topics on LGBTQ

  1. Should workplaces be more welcoming to the LGBTQ community?
  2. There is lesser domestic violence in the LGBTQ community – Justify
  3. Should the LGBTQ community have the privilege of equal rights or more rights?
  4. Should homosexual marriage be legalized across the globe?
  5. Should LGBTQ minorities be added to higher education?
  6. There has been progressed in accepting LGBTQ in families – Justify
  7. Gay marriages tend to be happier and last longer than opposite-sex marriages – Justify
  8. Should there be separate public restrooms for LGBT individuals?
  9. Should there be more transgender rights for transgenders in the military?
  10. What is the reason behind the popularity of drag queens over drag kings?

Entertaining Controversial Topics

  1. Have movies made clowns scarier? How is the appeal affecting the circus business?
  2. Are there more fans of Harry Potter than The Lord of The Rings?
  3. Is the popularity of K-pop overrated?
  4. Is The Voice better than American Idol?
  5. Is evergreen music considered only the one that is dated to the late 90s and beyond?
  6. Should prom nights be banned in college?
  7. Should an introduction to commerce studies be introduced in middle schools?
  8. Should there be extra credits for handwriting in college exams?
  9. Can playing video games help children be more social?
  10. Should children be taught about the hidden meanings of nursery rhymes?

Best Controversial Topics for 2023

  1. Why is the gender pay gap still a thing?
  2. Why management studies are not essential for a sales job?
  3. How ethical is it to “treat” homosexuality?
  4. Are explicit lyrics a matter of threat to society?
  5. Why is modern art being preferred more than classical art in recent times?
  6. Is there a beneficial side of immigration in the US?
  7. Can water be considered a human right?
  8. Should the government make education more affordable?
  9. Should there be felons too in the jury?
  10. Should schools add religious perspectives to their curriculum?
  11. Can Buddhism be considered more enlightening than all religions?
  12. Should voting rights be the same in all countries?
  13. Is technology the main cause of teenage suicides?
  14. Why should teens have access to contraception?
  15. Should the right to die be as important as the right to live?
  16. Do professional female athletes deserve more facilities than professional male athletes?
  17. What can be considered a real sport more – bodybuilding or video gaming?
  18. Should Spain’s bull-running be banned?
  19. Can ADHD be considered a mere state of mind?
  20. Is social media hooking Generation X more than Gen Z?

Academic Benefits of Writing on Controversial Topics

Choosing these types of topics holds some much-appreciated academic value. Writing on controversial topics is not much different from a critical essay. Besides similar writing formats, both require critical thinking and academic freedom. As discussed earlier, controversial topics involve more sensitive matters, hence students here have the freedom to express their thoughts without bothering about the administration. You learn to research more accurately and write maintaining unbiased sentiments. Selecting such delicate topics are also a reason for piqued curiosity among the readers. The more interesting the content, the much better will be your grades. Lastly, controversial topics help in fostering diversified points of view among students and researchers which promotes inclusion.

You can now conclude how advantageous it could be if you are given the freedom to choose a topic of your own. For any controversial debate you pick, make sure to stick to your argument. It would be better if you go through some sample works before getting started. We would be glad to help you out.