An Informative Guide on Compare and Contrast Essay

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  • Sep 20, 2020

Every writing assignment has its own requirements and one such common assignment is the compare and contrast essay. While writing these essays, basically the focus is on how two things or ideas are similar to each other or different from one another. This essay not only develops the critical thinking skills of an individual but also helps them in forming interesting analysis and making connections between ideas or texts.

While comparing when you focus upon the similarities as well as the differences, you get to know the relationship between those items and gain a better understanding of them. This makes it more interesting than other types of essays. To know more about how to write it, its structure, and making the right choice for its topic, follows this write up till the end.


A Brief Idea on Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a type of expository essay where you need to analyze and point out the similarities and differences between two things, ideas, or concepts. Here, by comparing, you examine how things are similar to each other while by contrast, you get to know how things differ from each other. The key to writing these essays is to connect two things or subjects in a meaningful way.

The purpose of these compare and contrast essays is to increase the reader’s understanding of the category by focusing upon the comparison between two unrelated topics and drawing distinctions between two similar topics. A good compare and contrast essay focus upon the main idea and thereby explains the consequences and significance of the analysis being made.

These types of essays exercise analysis and observance and help in establishing a frame of reference by paying close attention to the subjects of the comparisons and making meaningful arguments related to it.

Structure of a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay depends upon a factual analysis. There are two principal methods using which you can outline your essay structure– through block method or point-by-point method. You can choose any of these methods to write your compare and contrast essay.

  • Block Method: When you are using this method, then all the information regarding the first subject, whether its characteristics or specific details, are to be presented in the first block. While the second block again follows the same approach but for the second subject. You can also find this block method is structuring essays like problem-solution essays and cause and effect essays.

  • Point-by-Point Method: When you are structuring your essay outline using this method, their similarity, as well as difference, lies side by side. For instance, if you are discussing a specific characteristic of any one subject, then it should be followed by either similarity or difference of the other subject in that particular paragraph only. Thus, both lie simultaneously.

Both of these essay structures have their pros and cons. On the one hand, the block method is quite easier to write as you present every piece of information regarding the subjects in different paragraphs. On the other hand, the point-by-point method makes the essay more explicit to the readers as here the writers present both similarities and dissimilarities by analyzing the points themselves. Thus, the latter method is easier for readers to understand.

Practical Explanation of Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

Here is a detailed explanation of what type of information you can include in the different parts of your compare and contrast essay following different formats.

  • Block Structure: Here the introduction should state the thesis statement and then it must be followed by the body paragraphs. The first body paragraph should discuss the first subject matter and its aspects whereas the second body paragraph should discuss e everything related to the second subject matter. After you have discussed two different subjects separately, now you need to analyze them in a single paragraph. In these essays, the generalization of the thesis statement is presented in the conclusion part.

When you write a compare and contrast essay following block structure, then it looks like:

  • Point-by-Point Structure: In these essays, the thesis statement should be included in the introduction part of the essay. Here the first body paragraph of the essay deals with the similarities between the two subjects/topics, whereas the next body paragraph should deal with the difference between them. Similarly, in the third body paragraph, you can discuss both similarities and dissimilarities. At last, the thesis statement should be restated in the conclusion part and it should also reaffirm your thesis statement.

While writing a compare and contrast essay following point-by-point structure, it may look like:

How to Write a Strong Compare and Contrast Essay?

Check out this step-by-step procedure to write a strong compare and contrast essay:

  • Brainstorm Your Topic: When you are choosing a topic, brainstorm to select subjects that have similarities. This will help you in structuring a better essay. This is because if you choose two completely unrelated subjects then you will not be able to do justification with its basic format.

  • Research on The Topics: Do proper research works on the topics and make a note of similarities as well as dissimilarities between them. This will help you while writing your essay outline.
  • Choose an Appropriate Format for Your Essay: Generally, there are two types of essay formats using which you can structure your compare and contrast essay. These are Block format and Point-by-Point format. You can choose any of them depending upon the topics and your essay requirements.

  • Organize Your Thesis: After analyzing the topic, make sure to come up with a good thesis statement. It must summarize the overall content of your essay in a concise manner.

  • Create an Essay Outline: Now you need to write your essay outline by following the format you have chosen before. You need to jot down the main points that you cannot miss out to include in your essay. 

  • Proceed to Write an Essay: Doing this requires time so make sure to give yourself enough time to write the essay properly by following its appropriate structure and using relevant information from credible resources. Make sure to keep a track of the flow in your essay and pay heed to the introduction and conclusion of your essay.

  • Proofread and Edit: Don’t skip to proofread your essay and make the necessary changes as required. This is because the presentation of your essay is equally important.

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Some of the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

While you are choosing a topic for compare and contrast essay, make sure to select the one about which you are passionate to write. But remember to choose subjects that are not drastically different from one another. This is because then there will be no points of similarities to compare. Some interesting compare and contrast essay topics are as follows:

  • The Educational Systems in the US and UK
  • A Regular Course vs. Distance Course
  • American English vs. Canadian English
  • A Master’s Degree vs. Post-Graduate Diploma Course
  • Studying at home vs. Studying at the library
  • Academic Courses vs. Professional Courses
  • Internship vs. Hands-on Experience
  • The behavior between married couples and unmarried couples
  • Indian Culture vs. Western Culture
  • Reading a book vs. Watching a movie 

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Take a Look at Some Popular Compare and Contrast Examples

Undoubtedly, if you follow examples, then you get a better idea of how to write an essay. So, for your convenience, our experts at EduHelpHub provide you with some popular compare and contrast essay examples. You must take a look at them before attempting to write an essay yourself.

  • “Friending, Ancient or Otherwise” by Alex Wright
  • “Comparing and Contrasting London and Washington DC” by Scott McLean
  • Compare and Contrast the methods of communication used today with those which were used in the past.
  • Explain the differences between the Parthian Empire and the Achaemenid Empire
  • Explain how the China economy is similar to that of the economy of Spain
  • Compare and contrast the ideas of gravity proposed by Newton with those proposed by Einstein.

Useful Tips to Remember While Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

When you are writing a compare and contrast essay, keep in mind to write it in an interesting way to engage the readers actively. To ease your task, our experts at EduHelpHub have provided some helpful tips that you can use to polish your essay writing.

  • One should properly analyze both the subjects either through comparing and contrasting.
  • Comparing and contrasting requires powerful transition words and phrases. So, try to learn more about these words.
  • Make sure to explain even lesser-known facts in your essay; don’t assume that the readers already know everything. Always try to clarify the concepts that you have introduced in your essay.
  • The main objective behind writing this essay could be illustrating unexpected similarities and subtle differences between the two subjects, so you must not state the obvious.
  • Always proofread your essay before submission. Because often small grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in high quantity might lead to a low-grade essay.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the information stated above provides you an in-depth understanding of a compare and contrast essay, its elements, and helpful tips on writing it. We are pretty much sure that by following the useful tips and suggestions provided by us, you will be able to write a high-quality compare and contrast essay. Need help with your academic essay writing? Consult with our writing experts. Our pool of research and writing experts at EduHelpHub are committed to providing you class-apart college essay writing service within the specified deadline. They have gained experience in offering reliable services for years, so you can rely upon us. Just visit our website, chat with our executives via online facility, and specify your requirements, then leave it to us!