3 Compelling Compare and Contrast Essay Examples + Analysis

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In comparison writing, elements that are discussed are usually similar; while in contrast writing, the elements that are discussed are different. Thus, in a compare and contrast essay, two subjects are analyzed either through comparing or though contrasting or both of them.

These types of essays are very common among university and college students. While writing these essays, the students need to pay close attention to the subjects that they are going to explore and also use their comparative as well as analytical skills. A good compare and contrast essay focus on the central theme of the paper, analyze the implications being made, and explain its importance.

Therefore, in short, a compare and contrast essay discusses both the similarities as well as dissimilarities of two or more concepts, ideas, places, or items. If you are writing a compare and contrast essay for the first time, then you are going to appreciate this detailed guide on compare and contrast essay examples as it will help you to deal with the assignment.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

You can follow this step-by-step guide suggested by our pool of professionals at EduHelpHub to draft a great compare and contrast essay.

  • Choose Your Subject of Comparison: In order to create a meaningful compare and contrast essay, remember to choose two subjects that are indifferent to each other but have some points of similarity between them.
  • Brainstorm Similarities and Dissimilarities: On a blank sheet of paper, jot down two lists, one of the similarities and another of differences. You can also facilitate this process using the Venn diagram. This will help you in constructing a good argument.
  • Focus on Your Main Argument: Make a striking as well as a meaningful statement. The main argument of the essay will describe both the similarities and dissimilarities about the topic.
  • Decide Your Essay Structure: While deciding how you will organize your essay structure, you must keep in mind that select a structure, either point-to-point or block structure that makes sense for your argument.
  • Create an Outline: Make sure that you craft an essay outline that well fits the structure of the essay that you have chosen. Remember to include that many body paragraphs where you can balance two of your subjects.
  • Back It Up with Supporting Evidence: While writing your essay, make sure that the assertions that you make are backed up with evidence from reading, researching, or persona experience. Whatever information that you will be including in your essay must be taken from credible sources and it should matter in the context of the main argument.
  • Craft Your Essay with Strong Transitional Words: The different paragraphs in your essay must be interlinked with one another using transitional words like similarly, likewise, etc. This will offer your essay a nice flow, moving from one statement to another.
  • Proofread and Revise Your Essay Carefully: Revise your essay several times to check that there is no punctuation, spelling, or grammatical mistakes.

If you follow these steps while writing the outline for compare and contrast essay, it will never fail to impress your readers.

A Detailed Analysis of Some Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Now as you are aware of what is compare and contrast essay and how to write it, let’s take a glance at some examples that will help you to understand better.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 1

Compare and Contrast between the Traditional and Online Learning Environment

With the increasing use of internet resources, online classes have gained immense popularity. Now, more and more students are shifting towards online learning rather than a traditional classroom. Both these types of learning require specified instructions from teachers and both of them have their own methods of assessments. But they both differ from each other in terms of communication, learning process, and scheduling.

Whether it’s an online learning environment or face-to-face traditional learning, both have their point of similarities between them. Both these learning environments require a huge amount of effort and giving as well as receiving feedback is equally important in both cases. Moreover, for both the environments, students need to manage their time wisely and the challenges that they face or the rewards that they get are the same. Also, for both learning, assignments play a vital role. According to the American Sociology Association, it has been found that students studying online are slightly excelling than those studying in traditional classrooms.

Now, let’s take a look at their differences. Unlike traditional learning environments, there is no face-to-face interaction in online learning which makes every student equal and is quite advantageous for vocal students. The social, as well as networking interactions, varies to a great extent between these two learning environments. Apart from these, the online learning environment requires more discipline and self-direction; it includes both synchronous as well as asynchronous learning.

Keeping aside the similarities as well as dissimilarities between these learning environments, it depends upon the students and their choice of learning. Like, if a student is more familiar with different forms of technology, then he would be comfortable in an online learning environment.


This compare and contrast essay follows the point-to-point structure. The essay begins very well by introducing both learning environments. From the very introduction, we come to know that both are different in terms of their learning process, communication, and methods of assessments.

In the next body paragraphs, it has been explained clearly how they both are similar and indifferent to each other. Evidence from a credible source is also mentioned here. At last, the essay concludes with a generic point of view that it depends upon the students that which learning environment they are comfortable in.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 2

Similarities and Differences between the American and British English

The English language has a variety of dialects, particularly consists of three major segments, and there is a slight difference in the way each of them is spoken or written. Here we will be comparing the two of the most popular segments- American and British English. Though these languages are quite similar to each other, yet there is a noticeable difference between the way it is being pronounced and spelled.

British English is a formal form of English language, while American English is the informal form. There is a slight variation in the accents as well as the spelling of the same words in both these English language forms. For instance, in the UK, we spell words like favourite and colour, while the Americans spell these words as favorite and color. Thus, in British or formal English, the words are pronounced with generally a ‘u’ syllables, while we find the absence of this in the American English, as they tried to simplify some traditionally spelled words.

Apart from this, there are differences in the meaning of the words between these two varieties of English languages. Like, the word ‘Football’ in British English indicates what we call soccer, while in American English, the word “Football’ refers to a common sport where teams play a football match. Similarly, there are controversial differences between other terms also like fag, etc. in British English, the word ‘fag’ is quite common and is meant as a cigarette, while in American English, this word is used as an offensive or slang word.

Thus, it can be concluded that though we find lots of similarities between British and American English, they are quite indifferent forms of English language. In fact, there is a lot of difference between the dialects of these two versions of the language.


The point-to-point essay structure is followed by this compare and contrast essay. Here the thesis and the central theme of the essay are very clearly explained in the introduction part. Proceeding towards the body part of the essay, the contrasting factors between the British and American English are well-explained with proper evidence and examples to provide you a better understanding of the differences.

Now, moving to the improvement part- the essay can be expanded to a certain length so that the readers get a more clarified idea on the topic. Some more points should be included in the essay to make it an informative source of information. The conclusion is vague somehow, so make sure that your essay conclusion should be strong enough to validate your point.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example 3

Reading Books or Watching Movies: Which One is Better?

Watching movies or reading books have lots of similarities as they both narrate a story and give information about it through incidents. Doing any of these can make a person feel emotional or gloomy, as they both generate emotions in an individual being. But one thing is for sure that for completing a book, people need to be focused as well as determined. Alternatively, watching a movie saves a lot of time and is quite easy.

While both reading books and watching movies are tactile experiences, it largely depends upon the personality of the people and their choice of preference. Though the purpose of both is the same, yet reasons for choosing one over the other might be different. Some are die-hard fans of books and they don’t want to miss any details out of the story, for them, reading books will always be a top choice.

On the other hand, there are some people who want imagination served on a platter, for them, nothing is better than that of watching a quick film. Both activities are indifferent in a way that one involves strenuous work and a lot of mind space while the other one is for lazy or busy persons who don’t have that much time to invest.

To many, reading an interesting and enthralling book, no matter how long it takes, seems to be an invigorating experience and it always captivates the imagination. However, to some, it’s a wasting of valuable time. A movie can only introduce you to the gist of the story but the scenery and the characters that it describes will be more of the director’s imagination than of yours.

Furthermore, watching movies only provides you entertainment, while reading books not only enhances your creativity and vocabulary, but it also enriches your writing and reading skills. Thus, both books and movies have their own importance and both provide you an insight into the events, either related to a story or any historical, through visual as well as intellectual learning.


The choice of the topic of this compare and contrast essay is quite interesting. The very essay introduction clearly states the fact that both reading books and watching movies have comparing and contrasting elements in it, that are being further explained in the body paragraphs. The author put more focus on contrasting factors. The thesis statement appears late in the essay but holds a significant position and value.

The essay is concluded with a strong point that both of these hold its individual importance. These compare and contrast essay follows a point-to-point essay format and is well divided into five paragraphs.

Once you check out this excellent compare and contrast essay examples for college, you will feel motivated and inspired to write your own essay assignment. Feeling confused about which topic to choose? Well, then you can follow the suggestions stated below or if you want a customized essay assignment, then look for our assignment help at EduHelpHub.

Some Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Write About

While choosing the topic for compare and contrast essay, you must be careful enough to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Never choose topics that seem uninspiring or dull; otherwise, it might boredom your process of writing. Always choose subjects that possess similarities and that are not drastically different. You can find two different categories, some random surprising facts, any movies or books to compare and contrast.

For your sake of convenience, our research experts at EduHelpHub have suggested some topics that you can look into for writing a compare and contrast essay.

List of Exclusive Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Eastern and Western Religious Ideas: Similarities and Differences
  • Is Living in a House is Better than Living in an Apartment?
  • Compare and Contrast between the 19th and 20th century American Literature
  • Point out the Similarities and Differences between Roman and Greek Philosophers
  • Compare and Contrast between Personal and Argumentative Essays
  • Compare and Contrast between Writing a Research Paper and Writing an Internship Report
  • Similarities and Differences between the UK and US Education Systems
  • Similarities and Differences between Attending Regular College Course and Distance-based Learning.

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