Everything You Need To Know About Writing Argumentative Essay

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  • Aug 30, 2020

Argumentative essays are popular types of essays using which you can defend your opinion on an issue through arguments. These types of essays are often assigned to the school and college-level students. As these essays are a perfect combination of fact-based research and persuasive arguments, it can be used as a powerful tool for convincing someone with your point of view.

If you need help with writing argumentative essays, then this is the right place you have come. Here you will get an overview of what argumentative essay is, how to write it perfectly, some topics related to it, and other important information.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a genre of writing that uses facts and evidence to support the claim that the writer is making. To write an argumentative essay, the topic is investigated, sufficient information is collected, arguments are formed, supporting evidence is evaluated and then wrapped up together in a concise form.

Moreover, it’s a kind of research paper that establishes a position on a controversial issue and provides evidence in favor of that. Here you just can’t state your opinions; you need relevant facts and proven evidence to back up your point of view. Unlike expository essays, these essays are lengthy and require detailed research work.

Writing argumentative essay assignments often need extensive research of any previously published material or literature, or empirical research that is based upon surveys, interviews, and observations.

Three Models of Arguments Used in Structuring an Argumentative Essay

Generally, there are three models of arguments that can be used in constructing a good argumentative essay. These are as follows:

  • Classical: This is the most popularly used strategy for making an argument because of its simplicity. Here you need to propose your main argument, express your opinion, and then try your best to persuade the reader as to why your opinion is right. This model is also termed as Aristotelian and is most effective when your target audience does not have a strong opinion on the topic. This is because here the facts are concisely and clearly outlined.
  • Rogerian: Here you introduce the main argument, acknowledge the contrasting side of the argument state your claim, and then discuss to prove how it is better to the readers. This type of argument serves as the middle ground as it presents before the audience both sides of the argument. Moreover, it is best for polarizing topics.
  • Toulmin: In this type of argument, you propose your claim before the audience, present supporting evidence to back up your claim, and at last justify your grounds. This is also effective for writing polarized topics, but the only difference lies is that here you have to present only one side of the argument.

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Key Elements of an Argumentative Essay

While writing effective argumentative essay writing, these essential elements must be present:

  • Position: It is that side of the argument that the writer will be supporting in his/her essay.
  • Justification: A position is baseless until it is justified by proper reasoning and specified facts. So make sure to validate your point with proper justification.
  • Evidence: It serves as an opportunity for the writers to prove their position or claim by providing relevant facts and evidence using different resources. Also, here the writers need to prove that whatever evidence they are providing that is factual, otherwise, their evidence will not be considered. For that reason, they have to provide references and citations.
  • Counterarguments: Stating counterarguments is one of the significant elements of an effective argumentative essay. Once you state the counterarguments, you should prove it with evidence as to why it is ineffective or false.

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How to Write an Effective Argumentative Essay?

Writing an argumentative essay is not that tough as here you need to state your reasoning, point of view, and evidence clearly. But these follow a straightforward essay format so you need to maintain that. You can check out the steps given below to construct a good argumentative essay.

  • Review All Your Reading Materials: You Can Start with Reading All Your Research materials on the topic provided and highlight important points or take down notes.
  • Separate Your Arguments: After you have collected all important information, you can divide your arguments into two parts- one with those for your issue and the second with one against it.
  • Form an Outline: Create an outline that seems logical as well as convincing. It must focus upon your main idea that supports your position and one or two contradicting arguments.
  • Write the Introduction Part: In the essay introduction, you can provide some background information. Make sure to include the main points and also state your opposition view.
  • Write a Strong Thesis Statement: Proceed with writing a thesis statement that will identify both the issue and your position. Draw an essay map that will outline its main points that are in support of the thesis.
  • Start Writing Your Body Draft: The essay body should be written based on the outline that you have constructed. While writing, don’t forget to use transitions in between and within paragraphs. Ensure that the contradictory arguments at refuted often to make the readers realize that you are not supporting it.
  • Write the Conclusion Part: It should restate your thesis statement and a concise summarization of all the arguments made in the body paragraphs. The essay conclusion should be written in such a way that it appeals to the emotion of the readers. Sometimes, in the conclusion part, writers use a personal anecdote to explain how they personally get affected by the topic.

Some Argumentative Essay Topics that You Can Choose to Write

Argumentative essays have become a common piece of writing for school and college students nowadays. Argumentative essay topics can be related to any issues pertaining to politics, technology, science, health care, religion, academics, etc. But the best one can recommend choosing a topic is to select the one which you are passionate about. This will not only make your research work easier but at the same time, you will find interest in writing about it too. So, overall, it will help you in crafting a winning argument.

For your convenience, some argumentative essay topics suggestions have provided by our research experts of EduHelpHub. You can practice your skills using these topics.

  • Does professional wrestling promote violence?
  • Advantages of eating organic foods
  • Should prisoners have the right to vote? Ideas for and against it
  • Social media: A mode of destruction or social interaction?
  • Gay Marriage: Ideas for and against it
  • Death Penalty: Ideas for and against it
  • Does online video game promote violence?

Apart from these, also you can go through some argumentative essay examples to get a better idea.

Best Tips to Craft a Good Argumentative Essay

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to write an essay, then this section will help you a lot. Before you begin to write an argumentative essay, make sure to follow three important tips presented here. This will help in crafting a good argumentative essay.

Craft Your Thesis Clearly

The thesis is the key element of an argumentative essay, so make it crystal clear enough because if the readers could not find it or if it isn’t clear to them, then your essay will be considered as a failure. Therefore, it is recommended to place the thesis in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. If in any case, it does not seem to fit in there, then at least put it in the first sentence of the next paragraph so that the readers get a clear idea of your argument. Keep in mind that the rest of the essay depends upon how clear your thesis statement is.

Persuade the Readers with Your Point of View

While writing the argumentative essay what really tears apart is when you just focus upon proving your point of view and ignoring the other side of the argument. Never do this. Before writing, do proper research work and mention each of the strongest points of both sides of the argument and use supporting evidence to prove why your viewpoint is correct and the other one is weak or incorrect. This will make your essay look more effective.

Support your Side Using Evidence

When it’s an argumentative essay, you just cannot rely upon your own opinions, you need to back up your arguments with relevant evidence. You can collect your facts and evidence from a survey including a large group of people, previous studies were done on the topic, etc. Remember what makes your argumentative essay stronger is that when your arguments are supported by relevant evidence.

Questions that will Improve your Argumentative Essay

Once you finish writing your argumentative essay, you must give it a critical look to identify what improvements you can make in your writings to prove your point to the readers. Here we have presented you with 5 questions that will help you in determining whether your essay needs any sort of improvements or it does not need any at all.

  • Are the topic sentences and arguments in your essay outline clear enough?
  • Have you chosen the appropriate structure and words for your essay?
  • Does your flow of writing seem easy for the readers or confusing?
  • How likely the readers can be convinced from your point of view?
  • Have you provided enough evidence to support your argument in an essay?

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