100+ Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

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  • Sep 17, 2020

Argumentative essays are usually assigned by colleges and educational institutions to check the critical thinking ability of the student. Through these essays, the students learn how to present their views through arguments and also learn to conduct in-depth research work for finding arguments in favor of or against a specific topic with their supporting evidence. In simple words to say, here a discussion on a debatable topic is presented in a written form.

While writing an argumentative essay, all you need to do is choose an interesting topic on which you can write the essay, investigate the topic, collect all the valuable information on it and categorize them into separate arguments and evidence groups. Finally, present it before the readers.

Criteria to Follow While Choosing a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Before you are planning to write an argumentative essay, all you need to do is pick a good essay topic, which is not that easy. But here, we are providing some key tips that will help you in choosing the best argumentative essay topic for you.

Well, sometimes the professor/instructor provides the topic, but in case, you have the option to choose the topic then make the best use of it. Speaking from the theoretical point of view, while choosing a topic, the sky is the limit. However, there are certain guidelines following which it will be easier to decide the topic.

  • It should be Debatable : The most important thing that you should consider while choosing a topic is that it should be debatable. So that you can perform necessary research work and find out the different arguments to the topic. Also, the topic must be interesting for you as well as the readers. This is because if you find the topic boring, you will not be able to write about it. Thus, choose a niche in which you can excel.

  • Avoid Using Exact Facts : Being an argumentative essay, you should use facts and evidence to support your arguments in the essay outline but keep in mind that your essay should be controversial. The main purpose of writing will be to express an opinion, so don’t rely on exact facts. Of course, you should do research work properly to come with appropriate arguments and do some brainstorm to include relevant evidence in your essay.

  • It Should not be Biased : Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing a topic is that your arguments should not be biased. Keep in mind not to choose such a subject that is too sensitive for you, especially on a personal level. The purpose of your writing should not be exactly to persuade the readers with your opinions but to pick up the right subject and present arguments with evidence so that the audience can decide themselves. So present both sides of the arguments before the readers.

  • The Topic Should Not be Too Wide : Which choosing a controversial topic for your argumentative essay, make sure to choose the subject that is not too broad in the discussion, as this can be problematic. If you choose a very broad topic, then you as well as the audience might get confused in dealing with it.

  • Use Relevant Evidence : Always prove your viewpoint or arguments valid by backing it up with adequate pieces of evidence. So, spent your time doing enough research work and finding reliable information to support your arguments. This is because the audience will never believe in your opinion if it is not supported by evidence.

Some Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics That You Can Choose to Write

Here we have presented before you a list of some winning topics for your argumentative essays that will not only help you in getting good grades but also help you in creating a true masterpiece. To ease your task, we have sub-divided it into several categories.

So, you just need to choose any one topic from the list and then prepare an essay with reasonable arguments and evidence.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

  • E-books vs Traditional Books: Benefits and Shortcomings
  • Should the contents on the Internet be made more restricted?
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence: Positive and Negative Consequences
  • Does the robot make human life easier or more difficult?
  • Should Cellphones and Tablet Computers be Used as Educational Tools?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Science

  • Are nuclear weapons helping or preventing in making the world safe?
  • Cloning: Is it ethical or unethical?
  • Should animals be used for testing new products?
  • Should our country invest in space travel?
  • Are the chemicals used in the packaging of food harmful to individual health?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

  • Should religious organizations pay taxes?
  • Do all religions have a right to exist?
  • Does religious movement cause war?
  • God- A well-elaborated myth or reality?
  • Is atheism a burning issue of the 21st century?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Our Privacy or National Security: Which is more important?
  • Does a person with native ability can only become a great politician?
  • Everywhere is politics and it is always a dirty game.
  • Should the government invest more funds in alternative energy research and development or nuclear energy?
  • Do the existing technologies prove more useful or harmful for human beings?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Media and Video Games

  • Music or Acting: Which Can Bring More Fame?
  • Does Modern Cinemas promote more Truth or Fiction?
  • Does playing Video games make people more violent in real life?
  • Does modern cinematograph is doing better for the people or harming them?
  • Is there any bias in various forms of media?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Teachers vs. Parents: Who plays a bigger role in shaping a child’s future?
  • Does there any difference between the Realities that the TV shows us and the Reality that we face in life?
  • Is the current academic grading system fair enough?
  • Should music be banned due to violent lyrics?
  • Should kids watch horror films?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Mental intelligence or Emotional Intelligence? Which is more needed?
  • Homosexual couples and their Influence on Public
  • Should the school offer healthier food options?
  • Should creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Studying in a highly competitive environment: Pros and Cons

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • Do the investments that you made in getting a college degree is worthy enough?
  • Students face greater social pressure nowadays than they used to face earlier
  • Photoshopping models should be banned for beauty magazines
  • Does gender play any role in military service?
  • Should environmental crimes be made punishable?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society

  • Should sexual maniacs be sentenced to death?
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism: Which would be more beneficial for society?
  • Do social minorities get equal rights compared to other citizens?
  • Should people be allowed to live together before marriage?
  • Should working mothers be provided some privileges?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Economy

  • Should the minimum wages of the workers be increased?
  • Unpaid Internships: Should it be banned?
  • Should countries adopt free-trade policies or protectionist?
  • An Economy oriented towards exporting commodities: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Is universal basic income a good idea?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts/Culture

  • Does the censorship level of a country influence the development of art?
  • Concept of Cultural Shock: Why it is so hard to accept other cultures?
  • Are beauty contents socially constructive or destructive?
  • Should the online sharing of music and art be allowed?
  • Should graffiti be considered as an art or vandalism?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Government/Politics

  • Should the voting age be raised or lowered?
  • Should the government charge more taxes to wealthier citizens?
  • Should the government provide more public schools free of cost?
  • Should all politicians have term limits?
  • Should social security be privatized?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  • Should the betting on sports be banned?
  • Do sports have any effect on the academic level of the students?
  • Does sports competition help in proving your competence?
  • Should professional sports have cheerleaders?
  • Do athletes possess a responsibility to be role models?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Is Social Media a Good Platform to Trade your E-books?
  • Is Social Media a Danger to your Privacy?
  • Should People Be Allowed to Conceal their Identities Online?
  • Does Virtual Relationships on Social Media have any future?
  • Should social media sites be considered as earning platforms?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Gender Issues

  • Equal Rights for Women and Men: How much it’s justified?
  • Do parents have different hopes and expectations from their sons and daughters?
  • Boys or Girls: Who Feel More Pressurized to have the ‘Perfect’ Body?
  • Men or Women: Who is better at Collaborating and Compromising?
  • Challenges that Women Face in the Workplace.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Environment

  • Should plastic bags and straws be banned worldwide?
  • Should recycling be made mandatory?
  • Should there be limits on the usage of water?
  • Should people start eating vegan for saving the environment?
  • Should tax amount be utilized for saving endangered species?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Laws/Policies

  • Should the drinking age be raised or lowered?
  • Is the consumption of marijuana legal?
  • Should gay marriage be encouraged?
  • Should abortion be made legal?
  • Are there any circumstances when breaking the law is acceptable?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Family

  • Are parents at all responsible for the crimes of their children?
  • Should children provide financial help to their elderly parents?
  • Do the same gender people have the right to adopt a child?
  • Influence of Child Stars on Common Boys and Girls: Pros and Cons
  • Are parents pushing their children to achieve something?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

  • Smoking: Should it be Legal or Illegal?
  • Pros and Cons of Being Vegan
  • Should unhealthy foods and beverages tax higher?
  • Physical Education: Should it be mandatory in every school?
  • Fast Foods: To Eat or Not to Eat?
  • Whether energy drinks should be banned or not?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  • Should sex education make compulsory for all students?
  • Should every school teach a foreign language?
  • Will it be fair enough to reduce the school and college fees?
  • Should homework be made compulsory for students or not?
  • Pros and Cons of Free College Education

Argumentative Essay Topics on Ethics

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Do the ends justify the means of any action?
  • Should drug possession be decriminalized?
  • Do moral rules enslave people?
  • Is it ethical to deny treatment to a patient who can’t afford it?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Foreign Policy

  • Does terrorism affect the foreign policies of Russia and the United States?
  • Does Great Britain justify leaving the European Union?
  • North and South Korea: Should they unify or remain as separate countries?
  • Should the United States engage in rapprochement with Russia?
  • NATO and EU to expand in Eastern Europe: Is it a good policy?

Hope that with so many categories, you will be able to choose any of them for writing a winning argumentative essay for your college/school/university. Each of these topics has a wide scope of research, so you just need to invest some time and dedicate some efforts to write a successful argumentative essay. If you still face issues, then come in contact with our professionals at EduHelpHub for reliable college essay writer.