Methodology : Calculating The GavelGap

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Nov 25, 2021

A thorough survey was being done by the essay writer online and then effective data was collected by us for each and every judge from the various state trial courts and state appellate courts of general jurisdiction till December 2020. The entire dataset has been constructed upon reliable and credible sources of information like telephonic interviews with lawyers and judges, judicial directories, campaign websites of the judges, state’s printed directories; press release and government web pages, newspapers, academic journals, university publications and professional association.

This article is all about the various minorities and the women’s position in the judicial system in the states of the US. also it is to be noted that all the figures given are approximate figures only. The characteristics of these judges of the state courts are not being analysed by us directly and all the information is being taken up from the secondary sources only. Also going through the available data, we were still unable to gain knowledge about the ethnicity and race of almost 5% of the state court judges. The gender for each of them was easily identified by each of them. All the estimations have been done on the basis of the available data. In this dataset, we have considered the judges who have been serving in the various courts till december 2021.

The gavel gap is mainly calculated with the composition of women and minority people in the judicial bench and the composition of these groups of people among the general population. You can also take the help of a brilliant essay writer service to do this. The gavel gap is done by dividing the number of women and minority people in the judicial bench and women and minority in the general population by the proportionary number of women and minority in the general population. So if half of the population sitting on the bench are women and minorities and also if half of the total population is women and minorities, then the gavel gap will turn out to be Zero. If 10% of the population sitting on the bench are women and minorities and half of the total population is women and minorities, then the gavel gap would be: (.10 – .50) / .50) = 0.80. This indicates that the state has got 80% less women and minorities and has got only 20% of the women and minorities representation in the state. This is how the difference is easily being calculated.

The Representative Score, on the other hand, denotes the success of a state in lessening down the gavel gap and providing a fair justice and law system. When the population sitting on the bench are women and minorities and the total population of women and minorities becomes equal, it indicates a higher grade for the state.

  • A if the state has got 90% score and has parity
  • B is used to represent the states with 80% to 89%
  • C is used to represent the states with 70% to 79%
  • D is used to represent the states with 60% to 69%
  • E is used for the states with below 60%
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The GavelGap in the US: A Serious Concern

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Nov 25, 2021

As per the essay writer, diversity has long been a significant part of the judicial system of the US. Here you will get the details of demographics as well as the methodology on the diversity in the courts of the US. Upon judging them, troubling differences were found in the composition related to the gender and the race of the people in there. This particular disparity is known as the GavelGap.

  • Women in the US take up about 46% of the total population but only 37% of women form the state judges. #Gavelgap needs to be stopped.
  • People of color form 33% of the total population but only 28% of the state judges. Stop the  #GavelGap
  • This diversity comes into play as more than 90% of the cases are first tried in the various state courts

Download The GavelGap Data and The Entire Reports to Know More

In order to get the immediate resolve for various matters related to justice and law, people approach the state courts at the first level. But hardly a lot is known about the state court judges bereft of their powerful and central role. You can get these data from any good essay writing services, who will provide you with various literature on this topic. Unlike the federal court judges, most of the information that is relevant is non-public and also not being collected, in many states, in a systematic manner. The significance of this lack of information is that there exists important implications about the background of the judges regarding their conduct in the court and the decisions they make in a case.


This is a serious concern that needs to be understood properly by all and sundry and to ease this out we have made a report on the diversity in the American courts. Separate judicial biographies on each of the states have been created and piled up in one dataset. This dataset includes the details about 10,000 presently sitting state judges, having the jurisdiction over all the 50 states. This data is mostly being used to examine the ethic composition, racial composition and the gender of the state court and then it being compared with the entire population in each of the states. The thing that was remarkably observed after this dataset was observed well is that the courts do not act as the representatives of the population they serve. This disparity is called the GavelGap. To know more you can get the expert essay help to get the proper details about the subject and draft a good report on this.

Download the Data
Download the Report

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Everything You Need to Know About the Process Analysis Essay

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Oct 03, 2020

Writing a process analysis essay seems to be a complicated task, but actually, it’s not. The main objective of writing these essays is to describe the process of how to do something clearly. In these essays, the writer usually presents before the audience the complete procedure of doing something in a step-by-step process.

To learn how to write an effective process analysis essay that will help you get good marks in your assignment, go through this post. But before that, let’s take a look at what a process analysis essay is.

What is a Process Analysis Essay?

A process analysis essay is a type of expository essay that answers questions like “how to” and “what.” In simplified terms, it answers what a particular task or thing is and how it is to be done. The aim of writing these essays is to inform the reader about the overall steps of the process that too in sequential order.

The process should be explained in such manners that even the most difficult-to-seem task is easily performed and understandable. Suppose you are writing the process analysis essay regarding a recipe, then you must state all the necessary steps to perform including the ingredients to add in it. You must write the steps following a logical order so that it is easier for the readers to follow.

A process analysis essay can be written for a wide scope of topics, from simple topics like organizing your closet to complex technical processes.

Format of a Process Analysis Essay

Before you start writing a process analysis essay, it is recommended to follow a defined essay structure. Like other types of essays, the process analysis essay format also comprises of three parts- introduction, body, and conclusion.

The only difference lies in the body paragraph which consists of elements different from that of others. There is no need of proving your claim and viewpoint with relevant evidence.


The essay introduction opens with a remarkable piece of information to gain the attention of the readers.

  • Introduce the main topic in short
  • Explain the process in brief why it is worth learning
  • State the purpose of writing the process
  • Mention the desired outcome if the steps are being followed logically and correctly, also discuss the side effects or risks associated with it.


  • Segregate the complete process into various steps
  • Each step is to be discussed in a separate paragraph
  • Smoothly move from one paragraph to another using transitional words and phrases
  • The essay outline should be written following a descriptive writing style


The essay conclusion is a summarization of the overall steps of the process.

  • Avoid repetition of the instructions
  • Try to highlight the main stages. If needed, provide some pointers or notes
  • Provide an explanation of the results.

A Complete Overview of the Process Analysis Essay Outline

Here we have presented a complete overview of the process analysis essay in detail. Just go through it to get an idea on how to write an essay outline:

  • The introduction part is quite necessary so here you should not provide any unnecessary information, like the history, origin, or background. Here you should directly inform the audience about the issue and provide only the essential information.
  • The next paragraph should include all the tools, resources, and pieces of equipment that are essential for the process. Like, the reader should be informed about the side effects or potential risks associated with the process. Also, it is to be mentioned what to do for avoiding potential mistakes related to the process.
  • Your essay outline should be presented in sequential order. Every step of the sequence should be stated and explained clearly to avoid confusion. If the process seems complicated to you, then subdivide it into various steps. Also, make use of transitional words such as ‘then’, ‘next’, ‘after’ to ensure that the essay does not seem repetitive.
  • The conclusion or the final part should present before the readers an overall review of the whole process so that the writers can reinforce the main points without any details succinctly.

One should keep these points in mind before starting to write a process analysis essay.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Process Analysis Essay?

Many university professors or high school teachers ask their students to find the essay topic for them. If ever you have been provided with the liberty to select your own topic for process analysis essay, then keep these important points in mind while choosing the topic:

  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with
  • Choose a theme that engages the readers
  • Always keep the interest of the readers in mind
  • The topic should be relevant to your subject
  • You must narrow down your focus
  • Ensure that the topic has practical worth and is helpful
  • Try to use words instead of pictures to explain the pictures

Some Interesting and Informative Process Analysis Essay Topics

Below we have covered up some of the informative process analysis topics. You can choose any of them and proceed with writing.

  • How to become a millionaire by the age of 30?
  • How to apply for college abroad?
  • Explain the role of semantic memory in psychoanalysis
  • How to become a better writer?
  • How to make a short film?
  • How to start a YouTube Channel?
  • How to grow organic vegetables?
  • How to stop being an introvert?
  • How to prepare for a college admission interview?
  • How to conduct research work at the college level?

If you need help with writing any of these topics, then get in touch with our reliable team of experts at EduHelpHub for assignment help.

A Sample of Process Analysis Essay Examples

If you want to learn how to write an essay, then the best way is to go through some of its samples written by other experts. It will not only provide you a better understanding of the topic but also provide you with an insight into the correct writing style.

To make you more familiar with this genre of writing and to improve your knowledge on this, here our team of experts at EduHelpHub has provided you with a sample of process analysis essays examples. You can go through this to expose your knowledge to this type of writings.

How to Lose Weight?

These days, obesity is one of the main causes of death in the world. Individuals battling with their weight are obsessed with losing their undesirable fats in a moment. With the significant expense risk of going under the blade, it is secure and modest to get more fit in a regular way. There are five simple to-do and proficient methods on how to shed pounds.

Others’ eating regimen is the initial step. However, someone else’s eating routine might not be beneficial for you as it is for others. It is because of the straightforward fact that your body is not quite the same as others; it is special in its own specific way. The genes are responsible for causing variations in our bodies. Along these lines, it is recommended to strictly utilize others’ weight control diets.

The second important step is to work out — it exercises your body, tightens up your muscles, and keeps your body dynamic. Exercise likewise manages the body processes and alters the needs of your calories. It additionally gives vitality during the day.

Metabolism is the third step — it is characterized as the rate at which the body processes and expends what we consume. Therefore, it is advised to eat more meals daily, however less in your quantity. Additionally, remember that individuals’ digestion is influenced by age, genes, and gender.

The following stage is to practice good eating habits. So eat foods that are low in fat, carb, and calories and high in proteins and vitamins. Also, it is advised to drink eight glasses of water at least a day. Try abstaining from eating unhealthy snacks, desserts, or fast foods; avoiding drinking alcoholic beverages and sugary refreshments. Rather, replace them with healthier product options that are more advantageous, like fruits, etc.

Living healthy is the last and final step. You must attempt to get at least eight to ten hours of rest and sleep. Try avoiding going out late at night. Rather than riding any other means of transportation, try to walk normally or ride a bicycle. Take a long way out; it might be difficult for you but then it will help in shedding the pounds in a simpler way.

Taking everything into account, one should truly commit themselves in doing and following the means that I have expressed in this essay to lose weight. It is a known fact to all of us that losing weight is not that easy. Shedding pounds naturally encourages us in living a healthy lifestyle. Being sound and fit encourages us in boosting our confidence and carry on with a sound way of life.

Proceeding to live like this encourages us delays our lives. However, in working out, one must recall rationalization and moderation. One must not propel themselves excessively hard. It requires some time and constancy so as to accomplish desired outcomes.

Essential Writing Tips for your Process Analysis Essay

There are many types of expository essays and each of them has its specific tone and purpose. So, be careful while choosing the topic of your essay and while writing it. You must not provide only simple instructions; you should essentially structure the instructions in such a way that it fulfills all the criteria of an essay. Thus, while choosing the tone of your essay paper, be neutral and clear.

  • Make Appropriate Use of Language and Vocabulary: For any assignment, it is important to make good use of language and appropriate vocabulary. This might make or break your essay assignment. Both of these deeply influence the degree of depth and clarity for the readers. This is because if the readers are reading the instructions and performing the steps, it should be to the point and simple.
  • Provide the Reader with a Sense of Direction: Try to keep the steps clear and concise; make sure that you are not over-complicating the steps. You can customize your essay that is tailored to give a specific sense of direction by using phrases like “wait until”, “once it’s done”, etc.
  • Describe in Chronological Progression: Whatever instructions you will be providing, make sure that the steps are written following a sequential order. Suppose, if you are writing an essay on the preparation of a recipe, then make sure to start with writing the ingredients to include in it, also include its quantity like how much is to be added to it. After that, the overall preparation procedure should be discussed in detail. At last, you can include some additional information like cooking techniques, if necessary.

Need Professional Assistance for your Essay? Reach Us

Hope that this advice from our experts and altogether information has proved helpful in writing your process analysis essay. But still, if you get stuck at any particular area of writing or need some professional assistance for your essay, then without any second thought, lend a helping hand from our professionals at EduHelpHub. They provide excellent college essay writing services at an affordable range. Get in touch with us immediately to get a perfectly crafted essay without any hassle.

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Commemorative Speeches Examples: Follow to Make Your Speech Unique

  • Eduhelphub,
  • Oct 02, 2020

A commemorative speech is actually a ceremonial address of celebration and honor of a group, event, person, idea, institution, or subject. Generally, it focuses on the past, present, and future of society. For instance, wisdom, dignity, success, tradition, kindness, loyalty, disappointment, etc. are some of the good commemorative speech topics. It is something more than that of just a tribute to verbal testimonial which celebrates accomplishments as well as achievements.

A commemorative speech not only heightens the admiration for the people, event, or idea being praised, but it also gives the audience hope for the future. Further, it also helps in arousing sentiments, expressing feelings but also uplifts the emotions and feelings of the listeners.

If you want to write a commemorative speech, then the best way is to follow some commemorative speeches examples. By going through this, you will get an idea of how to pay tribute to a person, an idea, or an event.

How to Write a Good Commemorative Speech?

Well, though you can follow the example of a commemorative speech for knowing how to write one, but before that, take a look below to know the step-by-step procedure.

1. Begin with a critical and important part of your subject to commemorate: There should be no technicalities; however, an action that is worth that can stir our feelings and inspire us.

This commemorative idea is intended to accomplish sentiments of acknowledgment and grab the attention of the readers directly toward the beginning of your commemorative speech. A few thoughts for recognition are as follows:

  • An individual – Describe how the individual you respected consistently deals with the pets in your neighborhood
  • A place or spot – Describe the miracle that the world commemorates, and how it enthusiasts a large number of people to ensure the protection of nature in their neighborhood.
  • An occasion – Describe how the Superbowl joins numerous fans, what occurs on the big day, what it intends to them.
  • A group – Describe that the team of baseball being respected became champion in view of their co-activity.

All in all, what important part of your subject symbolizes or represents a significant value in our own lives? Possibly, it will help when you ask yourself the essential who, when, what where, why, and how inquiries concerning your subject to make sense of it. That is likewise a fine method to build up the other recommended topics of commemorative speech underneath.

2. Clarify why you are the speaker and what is the reason for which you need to offer recognition. Mention the causes and the character of the event in your commemorative speech.

  • For what reason does your subject have the right to receive the honor?
  • Why this sort of recognition?
  • Why as of now, why at this event?

3. Allude to the specific contributions, accomplishments, or benefits. Give concrete examples, for instance, what has been accomplished, and how?

4. Work in commemorative speech topics depicting why the impressions, accomplishments, and efforts are such a triumph.

  • Who or what will profit?
  • For what reason is like this of reasoning or acting important to us?

5. Connect your instances to the profound quality, taste, convictions, conclusions, and estimations of your audience. These speech themes are the core of your commemorative address.

  • What explicit qualities would we be able to occupy and which ones are responsible for the effect?
  • In what way one can likewise implement the values?
  • For what reason do we have to apply them as well?

Portray the qualities so that every participant can re-experience and identify these emotions. If you find that the recognized subject is an individual, at that point approach yourself for instance: what would we be able to learn of the subjects’ method of moving toward things in his own life or professional life?

Celebrate the individual’s unique way. Like, for example, if the subject is a war monument, at that point ask yourself, what esteem does this monument rely on? What are we recollecting at this spot and why we are doing so?

6. Now, proceed to make a summing up transition:

  • Connect the past commemorative speech topics of the significant qualities to the regular sentiments and feelings that the audience as well as you share.
  • Show them with an anecdote, a short story, realities, or a declaration of a symbolic experience of individual involvement in the subject.

7. Finish up with a paramount synopsis of the commemorative speech topics that you have been discussing. You must help the individual audience to recollect the main message that you are trying to convey.

Particularly emphasize the qualities that are being praised in your talk. Utilize an eye-catching oneliner that catches the entire thought.

In case, you fail to follow these instructions or facing difficulties while going through them, then come in contact with our pool of experts at EduHelpHub. Not only can they offer you all sorts of assignment help but also provide some commemorative speeches for better clarification, if you need it.

A Commemorative Speech Example that Leaves your Audience Feel Satisfied

By going through these commemorative speech examples, you get a thorough idea of how to commemorate an event or a person. Apart from this, it also helps in describing the style of writing and includes the facts that surprise the audience and helps in making your speech stand out from the rest.

Here our EduHelpHub experts have provided a sample of commemorative speech outline on “The Alamo.”


This commemorative speech explains to the audience the historical backdrop of, and the explanation of the expression, “Remember the Alamo.”

Commemorative Speech Example

There are some moments in the season of unfathomable boldness and courage. There are crossroads in history when a couple of valiant people rise up to be counted. Here they take a stand and state that they will stand and fight in a battle. Their stand might be little in contrast with the incredible fights in which thousands die. However, maybe they accomplish much more through their soul, fearlessness, and assurance. At the point, when standards hold fast against gigantic and overpowering chances regardless of what the result, triumph is theirs. The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas on the sixth March 1836, was one such second in time.

The Alamo battle was a frantic battle that likely just kept going a couple of brief hours and no more. Each second probably appeared to be a lifetime for those inside the ambushed stronghold. Here, under 200 people held out against overpowering chances and capability for as long as could reasonably be expected. In the end, each battling man was murdered. Their dauntlessness and valor have suffered right up till today.

The Alamo itself was initially a Spanish mission named Mission San Antonio de Valero. For a long time, it had been home to ministers and Indian proselytes. In 1821 Mexico accomplished autonomy from Spain, building up a republic. Inside a couple of years, the government provided a solicitation to US residents through liberal land awards, to energize the settling of the region. They likewise trusted the pioneers would put a buffer zone among themselves and the inconvenient Comanche.

At that time, the settlers poured in the thousands; the military despot despised the influx of settlers and they rose against their Mexican rulers in San Anna. Thus, Santa Anna swore revenge.

The battle between Mexican troops and Santa Anna was horrible and hand to hand. In excess of a thousand Mexicans died and each battling man inside the fortress was killed. Bowie himself supposedly shot his guns from his debilitated bed before he was bayoneted. Santa Clause Anna indicated little kindness in his triumph. As a last affront to the ‘Tejano’ safeguards and Texan dissidents, he accumulated their bodies and burned them on fire.

Right up till today the Alamo and the individuals who died battling have become cherished ever. Their names are inseparable from genuine legends that made a definitive stand and sacrifice their lives. Their fearlessness and fortitude prepared for a Texas that stood tall, glad, and free. Santa Clause Anna himself was crushed with his powers in the Battle of San Jaento on April 21, 1836. The penance of the Alamo’s legends, at last, included a million square miles of the region to the American Nation. Their position against oppression and their fortitude will never be overlooked.

Hope that after going through this commemorative speech example and knowing the writing pattern of this speech, you will be able to write a commemorative speech on your own.

But in case, you don’t have enough time to go through this post and need a readymade speech urgently, then ask experienced professionals at EduHelpHub. They have earned a huge reputation in providing its clients various kinds of assignment writing services, that too within the specified deadline. No matter whether you need help with dissertation writing or any kind of speech writing, they are proficient enough to assist you with quality writings.  

So, don’t waste your valuable time wondering here and there. Reach us at our website and chat with our customer support executives via an online chat facility to resolve all your queries and placing your order.

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